Kenton Court Meadow
04:20, Tue May 22, 2018 (UTC +0100)


Sunbury Cricket Club is situated almost on the River Thames in leafy Lower Sunbury. Although the club was formed as Cedars CC in 1938, it moved to its present site in 1957 and the new pavilion was opened in 1959 by Sir Leonard Hutton. Sunbury quickly became one of the leading clubs in the Surrey Championship (despite being in Middlesex, as it is 50 yards north of the river) and in its time has produced some leading players, including Richard Johnson. The club hosted three Sunday League games in the early 1970s, two of which were televised by the BBC, but the width of the ground prevented it hosting any more games. The club's two pitches lie end-to-end. The facilities also are home to a hockey, squash and bowls club. In 1974 Sunbury won the Club Knockout at Lord's.


Tue May 22 (50 ovs)
Second Eleven Trophy
South Division - Middlesex 2nd XI v Surrey 2nd XI
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