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Pakistan best limited-overs side - Afridi

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March 13, 2014

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Shahid Afridi tries a big heave, Pakistan v South Africa, 1st T20I, Dubai, November 13, 2013
Shahid Afridi on his strain: "I am recovering well. I am sure I will play at least one warm-up match" © AFP
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Shahid Afridi has rated Pakistan as the best limited-overs outfit in the world, but wanted his side to improve their fielding. Afridi is currently undergoing a week-long rehabilitation after suffering a strain during the Asia Cup, but was confident of recovering in time for the World T20 starting next week.

"I can't see a better [limited-overs] combination in the world than Pakistan because our bowling is good, batting is good but the only mistake we are doing that's in fielding and fielding is the most essential thing in limited-overs cricket," Afridi said at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

Pakistan's team is set to leave for the World T20 in Bangladesh on Thursday, but Afridi is expected to join them early next week. "I am recovering well. I am sure I will play at least one warm-up match."

Pakistan's warm-up matches are on next Monday and Wednesday, after which they open their campaign in a high-profile match against India. "We will do our best, all will join in that effort in the India match. We won the last match against India and I think that will give us benefit."

Afridi was at his explosive best in the Asia Cup, starring in victories over India and Bangladesh, and was looking at a floating position in the batting order at the World T20. "I think one should be flexible, if there are five-six overs left then I can go up the order but it will depend on situation and overs."

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Posted by   on (March 17, 2014, 19:05 GMT)

is he will be the next pakistan one day captain plz anyone can tell me com firmly

Posted by alipk52 on (March 16, 2014, 6:13 GMT)

@Ramu Yadav I agree with you mate, this is how Pakistan play their game, despite all the Indian fans thinks Pakistan is mediocre team, still feels the heat when their team is playing against Pakistan, just because of that unpredictability you mentioned, you really can't say what they'll pull out on a particular day from their pocket, they can either win from losing position, orlose from wining position, this is coz of fielding, they really never backed their bowlers, for India we all see Indian batting struggled in absence of dhoni, that's why I said that, just like our weaknesses, their is number of your weaknesses present as well, can you imagine what going to happen if Dhoni retires? only Jadeja has the potential to finish innings, but he's also unpredictable like Afridi. logical isn't? I agree with Afridi on fielding matter only. it really need to come to the party, except Anwar, Fawad & Shehzad, there was no decent fielder in the team. serious coaching issue.

Posted by alipk52 on (March 16, 2014, 6:01 GMT)

@dmqi lol you must have serious lack of game sense mate, Afridi didn't came to bat in a 20th to 30th over against India, it was Hafeez and and Maqsood who set it up for him to flourish in the last 5, and he is our important player at that position despite him being inconsistent, you don't know that and this why I said you don't seem to have a good cricketing sense, well I tell you, whenever he arrives to bat, I everytime see the opposition bowler starts feeling the heat, this is a impact Afridi has in everyone's mind, I hope you have seen the expression on Ashwin's face after Junaid khan took a single to give Afridi strike. so similarly I must say without dhoni, Indian batsman are nothing, he saved the face of indian batting in the past with numerous good finishes, I can see a bright future of Indian best batting line after dhoni's retirement!

Posted by rickyvoncanterbury on (March 15, 2014, 21:48 GMT)

As an Australian fan I have no idea who is the best T20 team, to me it seems whoever performs on the day is the best, but I am glad NZ and SL are in another group.

Posted by   on (March 15, 2014, 17:06 GMT)

@Ubair19 & alipk52, PAK & WI are most unpredictable and dangerous teams

Afridi is the most unpredictable player in PAK

AUS, RSA and India are the consistent performers, even though India lost at RSA, NZ and Asia cup, you have to agree they are very close matches

India, batting is their strength.. Funny, you say that INDIA depend on 1 or 2 players...

Even Ireland, Bangladesh and Afg can beat WI and Pak. However, PAK and WI can beat any team on the world on their day....

Only the good thing for Asian teams in coming world cup is "Spin"

Posted by   on (March 15, 2014, 15:58 GMT)

Ind, Sri lanka, Ausi and WI are the teams to going to be in semi. its going to be any body game after that!.

Posted by   on (March 15, 2014, 10:26 GMT)

haha ,,, predicting something which is not possible . T20 is unpredictable any team can win this game with the show of 1 player only ....

Posted by dmqi on (March 15, 2014, 7:26 GMT)

This is the problem of the Pak cricket." We have the best bowling attack. We have the best batting line etc". You hear this type of statement very often after some good performance. But here is the truth: They got very lucky against India and against Bangladesh, only because of 1 player's uncommon play. How many times Afridi can do that? Once in every 10 matches? What is the wining rate against the top team? How can you be the best limited over team when your win-loss figure says the opposite? Pak is one of the most inconsistent team, very high in one day and very low the next day. That is the truth.

Posted by UbairKash on (March 15, 2014, 5:42 GMT)

For the one who has written "Afridi is tailender like zaheer and Steyn who can hit sixes" I would like to say plz dont be jealous coz in reality your top batsman cant hit sixes like Afridi. Afridi is a kind of Allrounder who can change the game on his own in any situation. So stop saying that which really dont make the sense. Whatever Afridi said that is for his team not for others. I M SURE INDIA WILL NOT COME CLOSE THIS TIME BECAUSE YOU CANT WIN MATCHES WITH ONLY ONE OR TWO BATSMEN PERFORMING THAT TOO AT HOME.....HAHAHAHA

Posted by   on (March 15, 2014, 4:34 GMT)

A well balanced tournament. It's hard to say who will come out on top. Australia look a pretty good outfit. Expect fabulous entertainment!

Posted by alipk52 on (March 15, 2014, 4:06 GMT)

@ Ramu Yadav Yeah you're right mate, Pakistan shine only when Ajmal is on, beaware of Zulfiqar babar, I am sure he'll be a surprise package at least for India in 1st game, and with Australia and England, we know their problems with spin, so keep dreaming over the players you mentioned, specially Kohli is always failed against Pakistan except that 183, he averages 11 against Pakistan in over 10 games, with including his 183, he still averages below par 33 against Pakistan, I hope he'll learn by the start of World t20 how to bat against Pakistani bowlers! only dhoni is a threat, all other Indian batsman are mediocre, we see them falter whenever they face class but flourish in flat tracks against a mediocre bowling lineups in the world, if India want to give themselves any chance in near future, they must accept this fact, and try to improve it, and Afridi is right, I agree with him, if Pakistan fielding improves, they'll be strong contenders to win the world cup.

Posted by Slough327 on (March 14, 2014, 22:06 GMT)

1. Ahmed. 2. Kamran. 3. Hafeez. 4. Akmal. 5. Afridi. 6. Malik. 7. Fawad. 8. Gul. 9. Ajmal. 10. Junaid. 11. Babar. This team will not be easy to beat

Posted by zaink_5 on (March 14, 2014, 20:16 GMT)

i hope Afghanistan wins the t20 world cup!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 19:22 GMT)

Pakistan,srilanka and Australia are the favorites for the t20 world cup i must have included south Africa aswell but they are chokers and they can never win a big event but if Pakistan's batting clicks specially the middle order like maqsood and umar akmal than nothing can stop us from winning the t20 world cup

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 18:26 GMT)

@Guru Abhilash, what you say doesn't work on Asian pitches

RSA and NZ cannot sustain Spin attack...

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 18:13 GMT)

NZ , AUS, RSA wil be the fav indian bowlers not up to the mark so in this worldcup india winning chances are very less comapare to any other big teams.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 18:11 GMT)

Pakistan and WI Teams are unpredictable.

WI Team with full of Power Hitters is far better than any other team when it comes to T20 format

Pakistan excels only if Ajmal shine.

India, Aus and WI teams are the Favorites...

Key Players : Dhawan, Kohli, Gayle, Samuels, Simmons, Sammy, Narine, Ajmal, Hodge, ABD, Morgan, Buttler....

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 17:52 GMT)

I am hoping to see all Asian matter in the final ... may be Pak V/s Srilanka .... India will not reach to semi finals for sure ...... Yuvi and Raina will take sometime to settle in the team after coming back ....

Posted by shakeena on (March 14, 2014, 17:45 GMT)

My prayers are for a final between Sri lanka vs Pakistan and a Sri Lankan win.. BUT PAKISTAN MUST FIND WICKET KEEPER WHO CAN KEEP WICKETS !!!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 17:37 GMT)

Am I the only one who feels Pakistan is hard done by even in the preparation matches... They play both matches against South Africa who have no quality spinners.... And come the big match, it's against spinners... So virtually, they won't have any prep against the real threat... On the other side, India gets matches with Sri Lanka to tone them up against spinners.... Totally absurd

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 17:29 GMT)

We will at least be reaching the final or the semi finals.. Bcz that has been the trend so far, Pakistan featuring in each of the semi finals of worldt20 editions..Despite being over rated in the bowling department, in my opinion this is the weakest link in Pakistan team as of now, and I don't see it getting improved for next 3 4 years. Our batting has the charm, the new guns are performing well. Would like to see Ahmed shezad as the top scorer. Best of luck team pakistan

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 17:27 GMT)

Pakistani team always perform in crunch situations.... Good Luck Team Green...

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 17:09 GMT)

Absurd!! Best team, but needs to improve batting and bowling.. How does that make sense now.

Posted by SandipManjrekar on (March 14, 2014, 16:43 GMT)

@ George D'souza

Exactly my views. Australia or South Africa most favorites. Anything can happen but either of these two teams deserve the most. Next 2 teams would be Nzl & WI. Even English side is much better than recent performances in down under. These 5 teams are most balanced teams among 10 countries.

Posted by thozar on (March 14, 2014, 16:31 GMT)

Afridi can think whatever he wants but the team that won the world cup and the champions trophy ought to be the best you would think. Back to back defeats against RSA and NZL has affected our rankings but if you look at our performances in the last few years before the South Africa series, we have been exceptional. Oz beat a poor England side and became #1. There is some flaw in the rankings system. I know we lost the Asia cup too but we were pushed down to #2 after the NZL series.

Posted by Mudassardiwan on (March 14, 2014, 15:49 GMT)

Some one should advise LALA that for being number 1 Team, Team should perfom consistently. An inconsistent Team cannot be number 1.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 15:26 GMT)

Don't under estimate Pakistan Cricket Team

Posted by TharakaNilupul on (March 14, 2014, 15:14 GMT)

As a Sri Lankan fan, I wish good luck to pakistan team as well as Sri Lankan team.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 14:44 GMT)

let wait and see... I invites all ppl who are commenting here to read their comments again and feel the difference when this tournament is over. Afridi just show his opinion as does the peoples here .so wait and see

Posted by AVIRAL_Ashok on (March 14, 2014, 14:12 GMT)

Don't understand why there is so much hype over this!!! What Afridi said wasn't bad !!!! He did it to boost up his team's morale!! So it's good!!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 13:54 GMT)

Sri lanka have just won the Asia Cup, but still they have not made any comments like the won Afridi made....its better to be silent and conquer than to brag and get beaten.

Posted by spinkingKK on (March 14, 2014, 13:36 GMT)

I think West Indies, New Zealand and Australia are the teams to beat. Pakistan are only equal to India in the second tier and Sri Lanka and South Africa slightly behind. Bangladesh seems to be the dark horses in the tourney, because they are playing home and T20 suits their bowlers in those pitches. If I have to predict the final, I have to say it will be New Zealand winning over the West Indies. West Indies v/s Sri Lanka and Australia vs NZ in the semis.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 13:14 GMT)

WI is the most balanced side, 1) chris gayle best t20 batsman, 2) naraine best t20 bowler , 3) badree the most economiccal, 4) bravo and sammy two big hitters and allrounders, 5) samules the man of the match in last word cup final, 6) dwyn smith who can be as dangures as gayle,7) rampaul a good t20 bowler

Posted by casimpk on (March 14, 2014, 13:11 GMT)

i'm bemused by some of the comments! Test, ODI & T20 - all are played with different tactics, so please stop analysing teams based on one format, analyse teams on the basis of their t20 record! we're talking about T20 here & Pakistan is the only team to have played in all semifinals of T20 world cups, which proves the fact they're a force to reckon in this format & that they'll most likely be in semis again in this WC! As for India, well they're more interested in IPL i guess, that is why they've been out of semifinal spot ever since they won the inaugural T20 WC final. Pak, SA, NZ & SL - these are the teams to be in the semifinals as far as my prediction goes.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 13:11 GMT)

Afridi is indeed one of the most dangerous allrounders considering one day and T-20 format. He can turn the game on its head at any point of time. But one has to remember that his recent match winning performances in Bangladesh does not make him the best batsman which he can never be. He knows his limitations like Sehwag and performs as per his best ability. Pakistan has undoubtly produced great allrounders in the recent past and no one can forget names of Azhar Mahmood and Abdul Razzak. Afridi also falls in the same category although I still think he has to prove himself on the grounds where the boundries are slightly longer.

Posted by Tbilisi on (March 14, 2014, 12:53 GMT)

@aby_97 Please dont Miss the WorldT20.....

Posted by ramz30380 on (March 14, 2014, 12:40 GMT)

@ Aly Haider Waqar - He shudnt have used the words 'balanced side' - coz a balanced side is good in all departments - I dont think Pak is! Ur right in saying that any team can beat any other team on its given day in T20 cricket - so there can be no predictions made! Which ever team plays with the momentum can win - moreover in Bang dew becomes a decisive factor - so toss can also play a part!

Afridi's own words - "I can't see a better [limited-overs] combination in the world than Pakistan because our bowling is good, batting is good but the only mistake we are doing that's in fielding and fielding is the most essential thing in limited-overs cricket," - Well in T20 fielding can save or give away 20 runs!

With such a pathetic fielding combination - I cant imagine how he calls Pak a balanced side!!!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 12:39 GMT)

Aussies n Windies are strong contenders for worldcup t20.. While the former has extraordinary t20 hitters n the latter is the most balanced t20 team with perfect mix of t20 hitters, economic spinners n proven all rounders.. Beating one of them n making semis berth would be a nightmare for India, as they all play in the same group.. Though we have extraordinary IPL talents, in my opinion we haven't got the right mix for this format n also lack of t20 international matches is a major disadvantage. That's y we were unable to make semis for the last 3 years..

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 12:32 GMT)

Can't Understand some of the comments in the other Article that Australia/SouthAfrica can't do well in the slow pitches of Bangladesh. Either these people are Dumb or don't watch Cricket.Pitch conditions only matter in a Test series, where conditions are made to suit the Home team in a 5 day encounter.t20 or 50 over games have more sporty pitches suited to entertain crowds.In T20, it's the matter of 3 overs which can decide the fate of a match.Yes, Climatic conditions & Home support advantage will definitely be with the Asian teams in Bangladesh.If that was the case to be seen,India has won the only T20 title in the inaugural edition of 2007 in SouthAfrica with conditions exactly opposite to it's liking.T20 cricket is more about Power hitting & good Restrictive bowling in Death overs. West Indies in my opinion have the players suited for this version of the Game, they start as favorites, but Aus & SA have good Death bowlers like Faulkner,Parnell,etc. No predictions at all in T20!

Posted by aby_97 on (March 14, 2014, 11:57 GMT)

No Way.. No Doubt Australia is the most balanced team.. 1)A genuine allrounder who bats at No.3 2)An opener in Warner who is in the form of his life. 3)An inspirational captain in Bailey and after the way he performed in India he is a great hitter as well. 4)A athletic fielder and hitter in maxwell who can throw in two good overs 5)An experienced WKB in Haddin. 6)Most lethal opening bowler in Johnson who is in the form of his life. 7)A explosive batsman and a good death bowler in James Faulkner at no.8 8)The two old horses Hodge and Hogg, one is an specialist in finishing games and the later who is a miser with his bowling variations. I can't see a better BALANCED Team than THIS....

Posted by Iceman29 on (March 14, 2014, 11:57 GMT)

@ getsetgopk: Against the so called "high quality" bowling attack BD scored 326 in Asia cup against Pak and with this high quality bowling attack Pak was not even able to defend 260 against SL team in fnal..on the other with a mediocre bowling attack we almost defended below 250 scores and if it wasn't for Afridi's blows we would have won that go figure...and pls dont over exaggerate by including Pak with Aus and SA, they are class apart from Pak, Ind and SL...Pak Bowling is like Ind Batting and Ind bowling is like Pak Batting....

Posted by solankibhavesh on (March 14, 2014, 11:30 GMT)

As per Asia Cup performance pak was good but in T20 other team also did well in past than Pak so it will possible pak team do well in T20 WC

Posted by dhoni_sachin_fan on (March 14, 2014, 11:06 GMT)

West Indies and Australia look the best sides at the moment to win the T20 WC...Pakistan don't even come close....I predict WI, Aus, NZ, SL in the semis

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 11:02 GMT)

last time i remember afridi said something before entering the world cup he made it true. he said we will definitely will reach semi final of world cup and we did. and he was highest wicket taker in the world cup. He is also the guy who single-handedly win us the T20 world cup. so if he is pumped thats bad news for oppositions

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 10:38 GMT)

Well, firstly, he didnt say they are the best batting side, or the best bowling side. He said they are well balanced and that on their day they can beat any side. As for the comment that said Afridi is a tail-ender like Zak,, I've never seen captains of other teams saying zaheer khan or dale steyn are a major batting threat to their bowlers, so your argument is completely invalid. As for criticizing the fact that we didnt beat india in a "major" icc tournament, i think you've forgotten the way bhajji celebrated when india beat pakistan in 2010, he definitely looked like he beat pakistan in a "major icc event, and the asia cup, as a matter of fact, a "major icc event". I would like any criticizers to imagine their team at a point where both their strike fast bowlers and one of their consistent openers are banned for 5 years, their legends retire, and there's no international cricket at home for 5 years. Would any team be able to be where pakistan is today if that had happened to them ?

Posted by keptalittlelow on (March 14, 2014, 10:27 GMT)

I am afraid this kind of talk would be no help to Pakistan who are a very volatile team. Just look at the last World T20 championship, Pakistan were nowhere to be found, actions speak louder than words Mr. Afridi.

Posted by Ahmedpakistan6 on (March 14, 2014, 10:24 GMT)

People who are criticizing Afridi for saying that he doesn't need a coach, either those people can't understand English or are to stupid to understand. Afridi was asked, Who is your batting coach? Meaning, Who taught you to hit these gigantic sixes? Afridi smiled and replied No one. It doesn't mean he was saying I am too good and no one can teach me. It meant no one taught him to hit those sixes and he was correct beacuse hitting sixes is something that is natural. No one can teach you to hit sixes. It is your natural ability, power and timing that is god gifted.

Posted by SSS86 on (March 14, 2014, 10:07 GMT)

Hahahaha! I'm a Pakistani but one with my eyes and brain working perfectly, unlike Afridi. Anybody who sees a world class batsman or all rounder (unless Afridi thinks he qualifies for that position) in our team must be blind. Hafeez is good but not consistent. There is one batsman in our team who is very good, very consistent and no matter what anyone says the best one in our team, but he is not world class.Our top three batsmen are back in pavilion inside 20 overs every time we play, we sank to 18-3 in the Asia Cup final, yet we are the best limited overs side? If only people would think before producing such ridiculous statements.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 9:56 GMT)

If Sachin's stats speak for themselves then here is one stat for my Indian fans, Pakistan has a W/L Ave of 2.13 since 2011 whereas NO TEAM has more than 1.21(Srilanka) and your great Indian side hasn't crossed average of 1 in away ODIs and if you include home as well even then Srilanka and Aussies have better winning averages and yes Pakistan obviously tops that too. So come back with a response that makes some sense. Lala may not have put it like this but stats do speak for themselves

Posted by Awesome_Abid on (March 14, 2014, 9:37 GMT)

Why people don't understand the fact that Pakistan played 2 finals and 2 semi finals. While India after winning 2007 t20 WC, never even get to the semi finals.

Afridi is right. Pakistan team can do brilliant performances.

Pakistan is much better than India in t20. India with the bowlers of club level cannot win matches for them.

Posted by SaaSDash on (March 14, 2014, 9:36 GMT)

Sri Lanka seems to be the best side to win the t20 world cup.All 3 departments of their game are well oiled.India,Pakistan,New Zealand and West Indies are the dark horses.India,Pakistan,West Indies have big hitters like "Kohli,Rohit,Shikhar Dhawan,Yuvraj,Raina,Dhoni" for India-"Afridi,Hafeez,Umar Akmal" for Pakistan-"Corey Anderson,Brendon McCullum" for NewZealand-"Darren Sammy,Dwayne and Darren Bravo" for West indies.All of them are naturally gifted strokemakers with ability to change the course of the game single handedly.Pakistan have bowlers like Saeed Ajmal.Sri Lanka have Ajantha Mendis,Lasith Malinga who are matchwinning bowlers.Difficult to put your money on a single side as the nature of the T20 game is such with so many talented players across various teams.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 9:32 GMT)

I don't quite agree with Afridi. The batting line-up is highly unreliable. Misbah is the only consistent performer. Guys like Hafeez, Shehzad and Umar Akmal can be very destructive on their day, but they don't perform well on a regular basis. The spin attack is excellent but I have my doubts on the current pacers. Gul is hugely out of form and Junaid hasn't been that good, of late. Irfan will be missed a lot during the World T20.

Posted by twistatwistaa on (March 14, 2014, 9:30 GMT)

afridi is a tail ender like zahir khan or dale steyn who could also hit six, its bcaz pakistan dont have any good batsman that he is promoted up the order, pakistan plays one days and t20s like a test match. they are so defensive trying to survive never on attack, only good batsman they have are akmal brothers

Posted by UbairKash on (March 14, 2014, 9:17 GMT)

Well said Afridi and for those who are criticising Afridi I am sure he will prove them wrong as he has done the same before. All the indians should correct their statistics as Pak has won more matches than Ind aginst India. Pakistan, WI nd SL are the favourites for World T20. Good Luck to my team which iz Pakistan.

Posted by PPL11 on (March 14, 2014, 8:59 GMT)

Yes agreed Pakistan is best limited overs side, Unbeatable - They have world class fielding side even SA, Or NZ can learn from this great fielding team, Pakistan have best bowling may be Mitch can take advise from Junaid, Also how can we forget batting all the batters are world class batsmen --- Ha Ha keep dreaming LA LA

Posted by SandeepChavanCKD on (March 14, 2014, 8:50 GMT)

Then to whom we have to call as God of cricket. First correct your figures, and then come to debate, what you know about sachin, He wont speak more, but his bat do so... I think the great Wasim, Waqur, Saqlain, Mustaq, Shoaib have you came to know this fact earlier now its your turn...

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 8:38 GMT)

Afridi, calm down a bit. firstly you said you don't need a coach, because you are so good by himself. Now you are saying you can't see a better side than Pakistan. I am pretty sure someone would ask Afridi after T20 world cup failure to shut up please.

Posted by gauravm5 on (March 14, 2014, 8:21 GMT)

Mr. Afridi, could ur batsmen play big shots against HIGH QUALITY FAST bowlers like Steyn, Johnson, Starc and Malinga.

Posted by t20superstars on (March 14, 2014, 8:19 GMT)

I bet that Afridi has compared his team's batting with the likes of minnows when he used the word 'good'. He finds it an honour to beat India's B team in the Asia Cup & come with big blunders of having a psychological advantage over the Indians. When did the Pakis last beat India in an ICC major tournament? O sorry u people haven't. Afridi is the liability in this team coz he doesn't win you matches when it really matters.The mark of a true champion is when he comes up fighting & that instinct is not to be seen in him.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 8:06 GMT)

only team not balanced is England, no fearful bowler or batsman, Steve Finn is the most attacking bowler in England, where is he? when lumb, Hales, butler and Morgan r running right there is the fear factor

Posted by getsetgopk on (March 14, 2014, 7:45 GMT)

Lala speaks the truth, Pak, SL and Auss have chance of winning. India on the other hand, with the kind of bowling 'attack' have a good chance of winning against Ethiopia, but they are not playing isn't it.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:43 GMT)

Shahid Afridi Seems to contradict himself..He says Pakistan is the best Limited Overs Team and then points out Pakistan is not doing well in fielding and Fielding is the most essential part of limited overs game..I wonder how then pakistan is 'The Best' Limited Overs Team presently!!Dont u Think So???

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:43 GMT)

Right now Pakistan is in a good position of winning this World cup... unity in the team is more important than other things, because success is about team work..Good Luck Pakistan :)

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:37 GMT)

I am a big fan of afridi, But i dont know why did he say that! Our Batting is week! Bowling is not clicking now adays. fielding is getting worse. But I have one thing to say. Pakistan team can do Impossible things Possible!

Posted by LionsofLanka on (March 14, 2014, 7:36 GMT)

All Pak fans,

My sincere request to you to check some facts about your own team against Sri Lanka before commenting on. I have checked on statsguru & I found we are pretty dominating against Pakistan in last 1 year, 2 years, 3, 4, 5 & 10 years in all 3 formats. What has surprised me about Test records even after 10 years & even of so much talks of world class bowling, we are ahead of your team. Whatever I predicated in my posts about PAK is on ground realities.

Look at the squads of other teams in your group. AUS are too much formidable & will be difficult to beat them by any of others(PAK zero possibility). WI with Simmon, Darren Bravo, Gayle & consistent Sammy as power hitters and Narine, Badri, Sammy's accuracy in bowling(Impossible for PAK). IND top 7 batsmen if any 2 of 7 fire, then God even can't save your team.

If you are overlooking others by making verbal folk dance, then it is likely to pack up scene. It isn't Habib Bank tourny or Quaid-E-Azam Trophy. It's W-T20

Posted by AyaazBhat on (March 14, 2014, 7:34 GMT)

He is absolutely correct! Just look at their bowling strength and also a really good fire-power batting line up!They surely can become the best if channelised correctly!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:34 GMT)

No comments :P Pakistan best limited-overs side - Afridi (Atleast best team in world can win Asia Cup :D)

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:31 GMT)

For god's sake how can you say that. are you blind or deaf. can't you see other teams.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:27 GMT)

@ramesh28: "Is he considering himself good finisher..? He..he..:-) He plays such a knock in 1 match out off 50." Its quite funny ramesh :P

But there something more funny for you that your so called "GOD" Tendulkar not even played a single match winning innings like this in his whole career of 463 ODIs and still you people call him greatest cricketer lolll :D :p

Posted by mzsabir on (March 14, 2014, 7:25 GMT)

why you people are not accepting Pakistan as worldclass team and Afridai as all-rounder? I think afridi hurt you alot in Asia Cup

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:24 GMT)

one great innings against Bangladesh and this guys talks as if he won a WORLD CUP and CMAPIONS TROPHY in last few years!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:23 GMT)

Putting everything aside, I will tell you at the end of the final match as to which is the best T20 team...

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:23 GMT)

I don't think he is too wrong. Though going by the squad, I would say Aus is strongest contender. Pak & SL will be in semis too. NZ are strong in short format but they become dumb once they land in BD. So 4th semifinalist could be WI or SA. We, India even if we win one match, I would say we are lucky.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:22 GMT)

I am a Pakistani Cricket fan and admire Afridi mostly when he bowels, rarely when he bats and never when he speaks. I hope most people will agree. BTW did not even bothered to read the statement... Peace!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:15 GMT)

No one can predict on the base of previous performances that who would be winner of T20 World Cup because T20 is not game but a combination of war against nerves and luck.

Posted by wapuser on (March 14, 2014, 7:14 GMT)

Afridi is a stunner... No doubt Pakistan is hot favorite for this tournament. Past proves that Asian grounds soute only to asians. In Asia cup Pakistan and srilanka shows their talent whwre India was totally flopped. I think Pakistan and Srilanka will play in semifinal, winner will lift the cup.

Posted by Momzy on (March 14, 2014, 7:10 GMT)

No team is fav every team has an equal chance of winning the title. Our bowling is not clicking as well how can you say Pak has the best side. I would say aus and sri has the best chance to win.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:03 GMT)

Can't stop laughing....Hehehehehehe........

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 7:01 GMT)

This Speech by Afridi can be awarded as the best joke of the year 2014 :P ....... The successive speech from Haffez, Misbah and now Afridi stating that they are the best revile that their confidence is decreasing... The World t20 cup winner is wide open and it could be anybody..... All teams we(cricket fans) don't want you to win all the matches but give us good Cricket :)

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 6:59 GMT)

not any team is favourite the team played better cricket on that day will win the match but my votes and prayers are always with pak

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 6:59 GMT)

Pakistan is the best T 20 side wait till the end

Posted by shayd on (March 14, 2014, 6:49 GMT)

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who believes his own hype. Enough already!

Posted by LongLiveTestCricket on (March 14, 2014, 6:46 GMT)

Think Aus look strong and NZ are also the dark horses with a very well balanced in form team. WI, EN, are far too inconsistent and SA may find it hard in subcontinent. IND's problem is their inflexibilty and a question mark over so many players such as Rohit,Yuvraj,Rahane,Raina,Ashwin and the pacers.SL's work ethic should see them through to the semis but it'll be difficult beyond that. Pak will miss services of top quality allrounders such as Mahmood, Razzaq and also the openers.Good spin bowling may see them through to the final or semis.

Posted by sssugat on (March 14, 2014, 6:45 GMT)

afridi!!! what about an associate nation winning the wc lol.

Posted by absartabish on (March 14, 2014, 6:37 GMT)

Pakistan is a good side , and when Afridi is in his good form he is the best batsman on that day , looking to Afridi form , I think he can turn any game into Pakistan favour , with the bat / ball / fielding .

Actually Pakistan has always performed well in World Cup T20 (Pakistan is the only team to qualify always for the semis.)

Posted by sergio11 on (March 14, 2014, 6:36 GMT)

is he dreaming???take a look at other teams and talk..SA for example have got 2 or 3 world class batters and bowlers..and fielding is just superb..they will say 20-30 runs in the feild...their batters have proven in all conditions in the likes of AB,Amla, does there bolwers..Steyn leading the attrack with Morkel...they got 5 or 6 feilder who can field at any positions..likewise AUS..PAK dont have single quality batter..dont say Misbha is a class act..all his runs came in Subcontinent..and terrible it is..both ground feildng and catching..there best fielder droped 12 catches and took 14 in last 1 year..Afridi when young was a good fielder,younis khan was good...i cannt remember a good fielder other than them...every forget on thing WC in AUS,most grounds are so big and run come by 1's and 2's even runs ground fielding will be tested..with balling alone how can they reach semi???

Posted by binu.emiliya on (March 14, 2014, 6:29 GMT)

A low fulltose to the stumps will finish Afridi, If you have any doubt go and check numorous previous video,agianst India Kohli made big mistake by giving the last over to aswin,true that he finished Shami's Over by then , against BD he hit two sixes to Mahmadulla, Rahim did not give the ball to Al amin that was the turning point of that match

Posted by Arhan26 on (March 14, 2014, 6:28 GMT)

How funny indians are talking. Before pointing ur finger towards pak or the statement of afridi, just have a look at ur t20 records and ur overseas record. Pak migth have the fieling problems bt wht bout india's bowling. Thn hv come u underestimate pak n not india.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 6:23 GMT)

Best of Luck to Afridi, Pakistan Team.. (In sha ALLAH) Pakistan will won this t20 world cup by the grace of almighty God..

From a true Pakistani..

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 6:21 GMT)

Good joke afridi, a batsman who plays once in 50 matches. look at recently concluded Asia cup. against Afghanistan they were in doldrums, India and Bangladesh they some how managed to beat. srilanka they couldn't beat. final they were beaten comprehensively. don't know on what basis is he talking. his teams performance is definitely better than him for sure.

Posted by Ginnwill on (March 14, 2014, 6:14 GMT)

Pak isn't the only favourite team this time for Wt20. I would vote SL, SA, WI, IND rather . Pak's winning in Asia cup were almost in the last over and cannot be considered the best.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 6:14 GMT)

Well its a good mindset to enter a tournament like this but twenty 20 is a lottery any team is beatable. And also looking how unpredictable Pakistan can be Afridi is just trying to play an Australian drama. Well just wait and watch and we will know who will be No 1.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (March 14, 2014, 5:48 GMT)

lolz. I saw him commenting like this before every worldcup! But it is not enough to hide their inability. @Amer Ali. Paksitan is country with over 179.2 million people and yet to find a proper batsman! thats more funny!

Posted by vipinchirackal on (March 14, 2014, 5:48 GMT)

watson claimed australia will win the cup.afridi rectified it as shakib will say bengladesh will win the cup because they are the homeside.but the issue is that we have only one cup which cant be divided as icc rule

Posted by yuvi_gladiator on (March 14, 2014, 5:47 GMT)

Australia are the top contenders for world T20, pakistan very close as well. But oh my Afridi! when pakistan actually becomes the best side, you won't have to say it

Posted by Rameshvarrma on (March 14, 2014, 5:31 GMT)

Pakistan failed to register a win chasing a 250 plus total on 12 consecutive occasions prior to Asia Cup win over Bangladesh and all of a sudden the best team !!! Afridi, you should be kidding rather than making a serious comment.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 5:05 GMT)

LOL Afridi. Fielding to be improved yet you have rated it as no 1. How can you rate a side with this kind of bad fielding performances. :P Anyone can rate any team without a proper base. You gotta prove your point. Just LOL!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 4:49 GMT)

@gwakamoli: acc to ur own statc, it should be sa or srilanka who should be winning not pakistan.... well this is acc to ur stats not mine. to me as per the article srilanka is much stronger than paki. they shown recently and to me they are good enough to beat u in 20-20 aswell. as yes aus should be the team to watch out this time.... bt fav is always indiam. go ind go....

Posted by madhukrishna11 on (March 14, 2014, 4:40 GMT)

@ Muhammad Ali Faraz, If it's his opinion he has to keep it to himself, he should not make his opinion public. About your bad attempt at social science, the very important aspect of democracy is questioning things, discussing opinions and openly criticize opinions. Afridi has made his opinion public and he has to accept people's opinion on his statement. He has every right to express his views and so do we.

Posted by ramesh28 on (March 14, 2014, 4:34 GMT)

Is he considering himself good finisher..? He..he..:-) He plays such a knock in 1 match out off 50.

Posted by madhukrishna11 on (March 14, 2014, 4:25 GMT)

@ Muhammad Ali Faraz, If it's his opinion he has to keep it to himself, he should not make his opinion public. About your bad attempt at social science, the very important aspect of democracy is questioning things, discussing opinions and openly criticize opinions. Afridi has made his opinion public and he has to accept people's opinion on his statement. He has every right to express his views and so do we.

Posted by AbuUSA on (March 14, 2014, 4:19 GMT)

@Muhammad Ali Faraz. Take it easy man from "falling apart democracy". It's not necessary for him to brag about his team. What have they won recently. India has so much success and one win in many years - he thinks his team is on top of the world. :)

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 4:16 GMT)

Best of luck to Pakistan and Afridi. All the best.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 4:16 GMT)

Pakistan have serious fire power in the middle - but equally seriously lack that fire power in the beginning - Bowline line up is good but not great as the times of Waseem and Waqar - fielding has not improved at all from the good old days - so they probably wll lack the consistence and professionalism to win the tournament - As a Sri Lankan I wish we win but we also lack fire power except for Kusal and Thisara (who is inconsistent)any maybe Angelo and Nuwan to a lesser degree - but they are not in the same power hitting mould as Gayle. Plus we have some excess baggage (Chandimal) to carry Warner Watson devilliers etc. New Zealan has some awesome hitters but Aussie line up and West Indies (Even without Pollard) power hitting line up seem to be the most formidable, with South Africa / New Zealand to follow, though the proteas may not thrive on spin friendly pitches.

Posted by Practical_person on (March 14, 2014, 4:11 GMT)

Pakistan is certainly talented but if they are best limited overs team? Time till tell. I don't think there is anything wrong with Afridi's opinion. I think Sri Lanka are favourites to win this tournament and they came close in many tournaments, if they can handle pressure, they are going to win it. India is the same team it was 2-3 years ago and I don't think they will win this time. NZ, Aus and SA can create upsets. I guess at the end of the day, it depends on who performs on the day.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 4:00 GMT)

Pakistan will never be balanced, until they re-instate Adbul Razzaq back in this team..he is a proper allrounder... Pakistan dont bat deep enough for me....Add abdul Razzaq, and this team becomes devastating....I honestly cant fathom how he has been dropped for so long....he is fit, and he is able still...he can add stability to the lower order, and almost guarantee u 100 runs in the last 10 overs with his clean hitting.... what i cant fathom even more are his alternatives who have been continuously alternated...wahab riaz, bilawal bhatti, talha...alll meek and weak, and nowhere near the gifted ability of Razzaq

Posted by likeintcricket on (March 14, 2014, 3:38 GMT)

@LionsofLanka, Srilanka has lost to Zimbabwae seven times in ODI. Does it means they are #11 ranked team? They just got lucky this time. Pakistan batted too slow after loosing three quick wickets as they thought 260+ is enough for side like SL. Also the bowling wasn't that tight after Sanga got out and they let the pressure go away. But these are just excuses as a lost is a lost. I believe India is much stronger opposition and beating them is much sweeter than anyone. Pakistan has won 70+ matches against SL and they will retain this winning record and we all know that. But India-Pak matches has history like the ashes and no matter which game they play they always gives their full.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:37 GMT)

Haha just one win and AOs think they World Beaters....

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:32 GMT)

Yes, in your eyes the bowling is good, batting is good. But in the eyes of the world it is not so. Barring Ajmal bowling is ordinary while batting so so. may click or may not. Yes, agreed fielding needs to improve in leaps and bounds. I honestly do not see Pakistan winning the T 20 world cup. Good side but not a great side, like when Akram or Imran were there. You have no Abbas or Inzamam in your side. Sorry chum, I do not rate you as the number 1 side.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:31 GMT)

india a country with over a billion people that they say they live and die for cricket but cannot even produce a genuine fast bowler what a laugh

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:26 GMT)

very funny statement by all mighty afridi, if they are the best combination for ODI they would have won the Asia cup, why they lost twice to SL, first they didn't chase 291 secondly they failed to defend 260. funny Afridi......

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:21 GMT)

Let me try to understand he says Pakistan is the best team in the world because their batting looks good, bowling looks good but feilding is poor but feilding is the most important thing in limited overs cricket hence we are the best.

Posted by Mr.CricketJKNotHussey on (March 14, 2014, 3:16 GMT)

T20 wise, I think that Australia have the best chances. Pakistan does have a great bowling attack and the best spinners hands down. But their batting is far too mercurial and inconsistent. Australia on the other hand is filled with power hitters, and on a given day, at least two of them are going to fire. They have Hogg and Hodge, who are in the forms of their lives, giving immense experience. SA also have a good squad, except the spin department. Duminy is doing well, but they are in need of a proper spinner in Bangladesh. NZ could be the dark horses, but they too have the spin problem. So while Pakistan is probably 3rd best, they are not the best.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 3:07 GMT)

Great to read Afridi's opinion. No doubt Pakistan is a talented outfit. However the taste in the pudding is after eating it a Well known saying of yester year. T 20 is an unpredictable format with limited options in restoring a situation. The Pakistanis are awful in restoring a situation, they either blow hot or blow cold. They say a thief comes by night when in deep slumber, remember from my view point Sri Lanka could be the thief by night, whilst all of you state about Pakistan, India, Wes Indies and even Kiwis, the guys from the serendib Isle in the Indian ocean are very silent listeners, so watch out

Posted by Welikada_Wombats on (March 14, 2014, 2:37 GMT)

@Omarrz SL drawing the Test series in UAE 1-1, losing the ODI series 3-2 and drawing the T20 series 1-1 in UAE was a crushing? Really? btw the corresponding tour to SL by Pak in 2012 Pak lost the Test series 1-0, lost the ODI series 3-1 and drew the T20 series 1-1. So overall last couple of tours plus tournament matches in-between, SL leading Tests 2-1, leading ODIs 7-4 (including Asia cup) and leading in T20s 3-2 (including T20 WC).

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 2:08 GMT)

sorry Afridi, but lok at Australia.. and btw isn't this the same team who couldn't beat sl in two attempts in 2 weeks???

Posted by getsetgopk on (March 14, 2014, 2:05 GMT)

Well the all important thing here is that its going to be Afridi's second last stand. The final one will be WC15. The team has taken Afridi's weight through thick and thin and its about time he repays his debt to the team and country. A lot will depned on Afiridi in this WC as for Pak chances goes. He has done it time and again, he can be a one man destroyer, he just needs to put his mind to it. He needs to put things right here, shape his legacy, there is no better way to do it in these last two events of his cricketing career. Go Lala, rock them hard!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 1:46 GMT)

any pakistan team player if they perform well against india they will think they are the best in the world and they can perform against any other country, still they haven't come out of this mindset. not a good trend to continue

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 1:43 GMT)

i think imran nazir,Rana naved,A razzak should be in the team,,,,then they are one of the dangerous sides in the world cup....sarjeel khan should be replaced by nazir

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:59 GMT)

@Reggie are 100% correct in your assessment. Hit the nail on the head!!!

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:51 GMT)

Many Pakistan and Sri Lankan fans make an interesting bunch. They are close buddies, when there is a common cause; that is when they get a chance to needle India. But, soon after they play each other in a final (where one has to lose), they are at loggerheads. It is very entertaining.

Posted by wapuser on (March 14, 2014, 0:48 GMT)

This guy was the MOS in inaugural T20 WC and MOM in Semi final and final of 2009 WC. This show he could himself make Pak team a No. 1. If he does so and Pak win this tourney, how his basher would react??

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:45 GMT)

At least on paper, Australia is the strongest side. But, I know, Cricket is not played on paper. Considering that, there are MANY potential winners for the title this time. Perhaps more than on any of the earlier editions of World 20-20.... So, it will be a very exciting tournament.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:42 GMT)

I would 100%agree with him. In opinion any thing less than winning the cup is under achieving. Pak has No 1 batting , No 1 all time can they not win the cup?? Guys give credit where credit is due!! BTW he won two matches on his own......OMG

Posted by cricket_fan_1980 on (March 14, 2014, 0:42 GMT)

As a diehard Pakistan fan, I totally disagree with Afridi's comments. If we were so good, then a) we should've won the Asia Cup, b) not left the India game to around 10 off the last over, c) be higher ranked than 6 in the current ODI rankings, and d) have more batsmen among the top 20 ranked international batsmen. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly an Afridi fan, but he is by no means a "good cricketing brain". I am not sure how good a brain he is generally, but that doesn't really matter. He delivers some breath-taking and often awe-inspiring performances. The World T20 is wide open. Pakistan does stand a good chance, but I would tip Australia, West Indies, or Sri Lanka to be better contenders. Pakistan need Ahmed Shehzad, Hafeez, Ajmal, Umar Akmal, Junaid, maybe Gul and Afridi ofcourse to really step up their game.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:29 GMT)

LionsOfLanka: i dont know which thing is disturbing u...but one thing is there...... i dont know who is going to win but i know who is going to loss and it is Srlk .... mark my words

Posted by wapuser on (March 14, 2014, 0:20 GMT)

He is absolutely right...! The best team on paper. Unfortunately they dont understand which matters most.... Team work or individual acts......

Posted by   on (March 14, 2014, 0:06 GMT)

1. Wes t Indies/Aussies/Newzeland 2. India/SL/Pakistan

Posted by wapuser on (March 13, 2014, 23:49 GMT)

I think he is going to retire again when pakistan gets eliminated

Posted by Zamana on (March 13, 2014, 23:32 GMT)

Pakistan has great potential to win the T20 tournament. Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal and Afridi are in great form. Our Batting line up is ideal for 20 overs. There is only one intent- Boom Boom! No need to consolidate or graft. The others including Kamran Akmal, Hafeez, Shoaib Malik , Sohaib Maqsood and the all rounders can go ballistic. I would favor them to set the target, but they have shown great poise in chasing too!The experience for the bowlers in the Asia Cupshould be an eye opener. I am sure they will show greater resolve. I feel Zulfiqar Babar will be the key player. With the spin quartet of Ajmal, Hafeez, Boom Boom and Babar- a vise like grip will be exerted. The fast bowlers will need to improve. Remember the captaincy and fielding will be much more aggressive. I favor Pakistan to win the Championship and eliminate India along the way. Zaman

Posted by JohnSnider on (March 13, 2014, 23:19 GMT)

just for fun:

Pakistan is the best side of the world like all other sides. they drop catches, miss field, miss stumping opportunity, they don't even have an professional wicket keeper so he leeks etc and catches and he knows many time one run decide the match, Rehman gives 8 runs without even throwing single legal ball, missing run outs are routine, ball going to boundary no one like hustle to stop like all other teams, Omar Gullull cant get any wicket for a while and neither Bilawal or Anwar Ali would get any chance until Omar GUl gets to be 60 year old. Captain does not have a remotest idea that he could have sent Afridi at 41st against SL in final ibut almost whole world new that was the time Afridi would bat , except the Pakistani management. Jesus Christ and still Pakistan is number one team let us hope so everyone do worst than Pakistan as there is no chance Pakistan can improve so quickly. ..

Posted by andrew-schulz on (March 13, 2014, 23:12 GMT)

Omarrz, it is wrong for Afridi to make this claim after Pakistan have been heavily beaten by Sri Lanka in two games in the Asia cup, and certainly overwhelmed them in the final when it mattered. And to talk of the New year Test series as a crushing of Sri Lanka: are you kidding? An unimpressive effort by Pakistan to narrowly snatch a drawn series on their own soil.

Posted by spellbinder76 on (March 13, 2014, 23:06 GMT)

Pakistan chances of reaching the Semi-Finals are slim because of fielding and wicket-keeping. Pakistan has the worst fielding side among all 10 countries. Even Ireland, Bangladesh are better than Pakistan, only Pakistan is better then UAE. Compare Kamran and Umar Akmal to Dhoni, Sangakara, DeVillers etc. Only Afridi heroics and saeed Ajmal magic can win matches as they are exceptionally brilliant.

Posted by JohnSnider on (March 13, 2014, 23:05 GMT)

Lionof Lanka with due respect Pakistan gave away the first match to SL, no one loses 6 wickets for 50 SO IT WAS GIVEN AS GIFT. MOREOVER, IN THE fINAL AFRIDI WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BAT AGAINST YOU DESPITE THERE WAS A CHANCE IN 41ST OVER . He could have come and destroy you exactly as he crushed both Bangladesh and India. He is in form batsman despite he has with bad back. Remember he scored 36 ball century against you the minnows. That is a world record and since than the cricket has changed IN THE WORLD . Afridi is father of the modern Cricket. He is the greatest cricket entertainer ever born on earth. HE IS THE LIVING LEGEND AN ONLY LEGEND.

Posted by haq33 on (March 13, 2014, 23:02 GMT)

LionsofLanka is partly right.....Pakistan are actually NOT in form. Their bowling has been awful in recent matches. This is a severe problem as that is what we have relied on. We have been bailed out in 2 games by Afridi's bat, and we all know he will not succeed for 3 out of every 5 matches. So where does that leave us?? No Misbah, no bowlers, no afridi magic, facing India with Dhoni, WI with their hitters and red hot aus???? We will be lucky to win ONE match. WHO will actually take responsibility and win us a match when all the usual heroes will not? Hafeez???? Lol.

Posted by kc69 on (March 13, 2014, 22:28 GMT)

Well I think a bit different from Afridi and think SL, India and Pakistan have their biggest chances in this tournament because of subcontinental conditions.England, Aus and SA will have least chances.However WI and NZ could provide a few sparks.But ultimately Its the 3 south asian teams that might advance to semis.Best of luck to Pak players and fans from India.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 22:28 GMT)

As a SL Fan, This is the best combination of talent I have seen in a very long time for SL. Yes i am excited and I would bet that they will have a solid run this time.

Posted by xylo on (March 13, 2014, 22:19 GMT)

Afridi's batting form is good, but it would be stretching to call their team to be on top of everything. Their bowling form has gone awry. And their fielding is still where the other teams were in 1998.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 22:00 GMT)

just because they beat India in the Asia cup doesn't mean they are the best one day team wait till Dhoni is back

Posted by khurram1915 on (March 13, 2014, 21:59 GMT)

I am happy that the Fear of Gavaskar is coming true, Afridi played with the minds of cricketers as every team person tries to do before any contest, and all what we are having is the highlights of Ind-Pak match (Asia Cup 2014). Guys its just one opinion and Indians had started thinking abt that... so after Javed we got another Threat on them. India always had the same power from last three T20 world cup tournaments and did't even qualify for Semis...

Mean while its Cricket... hope the Best Team wins the deserving cup, it could be Even West indies seeing their performances against England. I Wish all the Teams Best of Luck and being Paksitani I Support Pakistan, Go Pakistan. Its been 5 years and we miss this moment since 2009....

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:56 GMT)

Anyone giving Westindies any top ranking must be drunk or something!!! when was the last time westindies beat any good side!!! Their bowling is mediocre batting is equal to afghanistans and or bangladeshis cze all they know is go and hit out of the park which cant win u all the tournament!!! i know they won the last t20 world cup but only cze they didnt have to play against pakistan or india!!! then i dont know how srilankans think they are better than pakistan and india.... remember pakistan just beat u in a recent series!!!! If we were were struggling against bangladesh then remember u guys were almost lost the game against bangladesh too!!! Nothing to say against Indians i think India with dhoni is far better than without him apart from his captaincy he is the one of the best finisher in the world!!!!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:46 GMT)

true lala

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:20 GMT)

@perl57: You're forgetting, Pakistan has already been number one in T/20s until the Incompetent Cricket Committee decided to refresh the rankings. Anything to keep Pakistan down I guess. Still, Pak are one time winners, runners-up & 2 semi-finals and the best win loss ratio amongst all teams in T/20s. ;-)

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:18 GMT)

Ha ha. This statement should be made by any no pakistani

Posted by indianzen on (March 13, 2014, 21:16 GMT)

Being an Indian, at the moment I rate Pak better than other Asian teams. However, over confidence and mindless swinging can bring the team down. I would say that the team would be better off Afridi...

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:13 GMT)

@LionsofLunka Afridi didnt get to bat in the final, otherwise he would have shown you how LONG is his bat!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:12 GMT)

@Lions of Lanka mate don't worry about pakistan u need to worry about ur own team,wining 1 tournament doesn't mean dat u conquer the world u mark my words srilanka will not go in da semis n pakistan will at least qualify for da semis cricinfo plz publish

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 21:02 GMT)

That's great Afridi. Now prove it. How about you open the innings and show us how it's done ?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 20:54 GMT)

Lionsoflanka did u forget Pakistan is the only side which played all the 4 times in icc world t20 events Semi final so plz think first and then talk

Posted by wapuser on (March 13, 2014, 20:37 GMT)

Pakistan need to focus on their strength which is of course bowling. If three of their batsman work well they can make impossible possible. I hae been a fan of PAK team since I cam to know about cricket. This time I have two favourite team: Pak and Nepal. I want to see Nepal in super eihht. Best of luck both.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 20:28 GMT)

i second u omerzz, and may be LionsofLanka forgot t20 final where afridi won a world cup for pakistan against srilanka's best team with murlidharan, sangakara , malinga, mahela , dilshan.

Posted by ramtheruler on (March 13, 2014, 20:27 GMT)

@ Vkias... My friend, speaking to the media doesn't waste a Sportsmen energy, otherwise such feeling creatures shouldn't play sports atall and stay in bed.Aussies always talk big before the game, they doesn't seems to loose their energy do they?

The reason Indian captain isn't speaking to the media is not coz of planning or tactics but coz of avoiding the media coz of poor performance and Mtch fixing allegations!

Posted by Rahul_78 on (March 13, 2014, 20:26 GMT)

@LionsofLanka Good on you Sir, Ind should CRUSH Pak and then as per your wish Ind and Aus should bow out. So your Lanka Lions will have Associates to play against in Knock outs. Master Plan! On a serious note Favorites and Consistent are two tags that never seats well with Pak. Afridi will do well to just get on the busieness of blowing oppositions bowlers out of park and taking wickets. No need to talk things up.

Posted by ramtheruler on (March 13, 2014, 20:21 GMT)

@ Reggie Boss.

"its not good for our spirit if India looses to pak" Uma Bharti.

"We beat Pak, which is better than winning the cup" Azharuddin in 1992.

Things aren't differnt in India too!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 20:14 GMT)

Go Pakistan Go, cup will be ours this time IA

Posted by LankaGod on (March 13, 2014, 20:10 GMT)

Bold statement that from Afridi considering they were beaten in both matches in Asia cup by SL. I think all the subcontinent teams barring BD have a real chance at the cup with Aus in red hot form being a strong contender.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 20:07 GMT)

Pakistan is always a tough side to beat. Even when they are not playing India, I love watching their games as you never know when they will pull a rabbit out of the hat. If they can improve their fielding and catching, they would definitely be the top side in limited overs. Anyways, the days of dominance by one team are over with the all conquering Aussies of 90s and 00s. It will always be a game of musical chairs.

Posted by hamza893 on (March 13, 2014, 20:06 GMT)

As a Paksitani fan , I want Pak-Aus-WI-SA-NZ to come into the semis.Sri Lanka is the most bore team in world cricket right now.Well said we surely are best in this format by grace of Almighty.Infact win loss is the part of game but remember the nation that gave you such respect while playing the match.Play with your heart and bring the trophy back. Bleed Green

Posted by Omarrz on (March 13, 2014, 20:03 GMT)

Anukool Sathu - Rankings, huh? India lost to SA 2-0, 4-0 to NZ, lost to Srilanka and Pakistan. All these 4 teams are ranked lower than them. Still it didn't affect their ratings, pretty amazing, isn't it?

Posted by Omarrz on (March 13, 2014, 20:00 GMT)

LionsofLanka - Crushed? Srilanka did not win against Pak in the first game, it was Pakistan who lost it. Final yes, it was one sided. I think Crushed should be used for what happened to Srilanka in UAE just recently. Your comment just shows the pain of what Pakistan inflicted in the 3rd test.

Posted by Desihungama on (March 13, 2014, 19:55 GMT)

@LionsofLanka- If India and Aus bows out, it means Pak and WI moves ahead. So what are you on about here? Also, you have failed to recognize most Pak fans do not care for win all the time every time but rather want to see their team putting up competitive fight unlike other fans so there is a difference. In the end, there will only be one winner.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 19:54 GMT)

What i don.t get is how people can take someone's " OPINION" so seriously. If Afridi think that Pakistan is the best side then it is his opinion let him have it. In my opinion its usually people from the BIGGEST DEMOCRACY in the world who get so worked up by others opinion which is undemocratic.

In my opinion this is the best comment ever written.....let me have my opinion.

Posted by Farooq3 on (March 13, 2014, 19:48 GMT)

@Sharjeel Abbas - well done Sir!

Posted by Nadeemusman on (March 13, 2014, 19:39 GMT)

Good comments by shahid afridi. Yes fielding has to be improved. The statement has indeed lightened Indians. Thats what they do always talk talk. They love to hate us. lol and cheers

Posted by WeeBee on (March 13, 2014, 19:30 GMT)

well!... what Afridi said, any player of any team would say the same thing! so its not a different thing, it shows a good sign of moral though. And in real if we comment about Pakistan Team , they really have good batting and bowling squad with them. Even beaten by SL twice in Asia Cup, my vote is for Pakistan for any of the top 2.

Posted by perl57 on (March 13, 2014, 19:19 GMT)

Afridi was saying" We are bowling well, we are batting well, its just that we are dropping all catches and not stopping boundaries and are failing to win matches." ha ha ha. No way Pak can be #1.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 19:16 GMT)

If Pakistan batting line up come to party then it will be difficult for everyone not just India. It will be won by a team who will peak at right team. At the moment even newzeland can win it as they have the firepower. So the tournament is wide open. But Asian teams are slight favourites along with West Indies.

Posted by alipk52 on (March 13, 2014, 19:14 GMT)

@Gunja Maddy U Similarly if Pakistan improve their state of fielding, they'll be extremely hard to beat, and even in Asia cup, we lost the final due to fielding errors, everyone feels that "if" their particular team improve the weakness in weaker aspect of their game, they will be best side, but it doesn't goes like that, one shouldn't forget, current indian bowling lineup is the worst ever in their entire cricketing history, and that goes to us as well, we have the worst ever batting lineup in our history, but most often than not, we see in all games that some good day India's bowling clicks and similarly our batting clicks, this is how it goes in sport, so your comment is completely out of focus I guess.

Posted by LionsofLanka on (March 13, 2014, 19:11 GMT)

Pakistan's problem is if they win against IND, they think they have won the tournament. If they win 2 or 3 matches out of 5-6, they think that they are world champions. Remember Afridi, you have been crushed by us twice in one series. You had won narrowly against IND & Afghanistan. Mark my words, Pak will get heavy defeat against Ind & then on, they won't win a single game in the league phase. Those who are cheering & upholding Afridi's blunder here will come here heavily on him & their side asking dismissal for most of the player from the squad. As a Sri Lankan, I wish IND & AUS to bow out in league phase. But it is most unlikely.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 19:02 GMT)

well I guess no harm supporting own team saying some good words, everyone does the same, why some people have problem with it, he is not saying anything bad about any other team...chill guys...and grow up...and lets treat sport as sports not as war...and may the best team win...

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 19:02 GMT)

For all those who are saying that our bowling was bad in asia cup. come on ppl it was 50 overs game and its t 20,4 overs each,bangladesh pitches suit spinners and we have ajmal, afridi , hafeez , zulifqar babar and shoaib malik aswell. too many choices for captain hafeez,so for me yes its a balanced side for t-20 in batting u only need 2 good innings..fielding is the key in which pakistan is bad..over all pakistan is good and balanced to beat any team, and its a best combination on paper right now.. akmal - shahzad (opener) Hafeez ,Shoaib malik, sohaib maqsood, umer akmal (middle order) and then Afridi.. umer gul can hit sixes aswell.

for all those who are saying pakistani players talking to much,please dont bother if u dont care or if u dont like and for u guys afridi is not a big player he is just a fluke leave him alone.we love him,we will cheer for afridi if he gets out on 0 aswell..he only said "we have the best combination and we CAN beat anyone,no one will say "we r the worst"

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:55 GMT)

In those slow pitches , you can't really do a lot with ball.And batting side in as usual always weak.Unfortunately no chance for Pakistan to win t 20 title.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:49 GMT)

hahaha.. Pak is ranked 6th in ODI and 4th in T20. But by some obscure Afridi logic, they are the best.. Win 2 games in a row and then come and talk.. You are far from being the best, at best you are Average!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:46 GMT)

This is an innate strategy to boost confidence in a team, even before starting a match, which is a very good for Pakistan, but what Afridi is saying here is "we are gearing up so better be prepared for another round of home runs and to get hold of the balls behind the stadium"... This will definitely put a lot of pressure on the other teams. It will make them sweat, get on to their nerves, talk about the famous man even more - which helps him a great deal, to hit his missiles even further. That is what T20 cricket is about. To conclude, in life fear non but God, in T20 cricket, fear non but Afridi! Because he can make it or break it.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:42 GMT)

This statement of afridi will lighten up indians :P...

Posted by smkurian on (March 13, 2014, 18:42 GMT)

In other words, Afridi has predicted how they will crash out of the tournament. I hope they continue dropping sitters. Way to go Pak.

Posted by Reggie_Boss on (March 13, 2014, 18:32 GMT)

The issue with Pakistani fans, players and administrators is their bravado starts and ends with beating India, perhaps trying to compensate on the other aspects of the failed state. It's on every forum, from sport to economics to something as immigration timelines being faster for India but slow for them. Just play the game, anyone can be the best on their day

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:17 GMT)

pakistan is very good team as t 20 contest

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 18:08 GMT)

Wow, pretty big headed for a team which lost to Sri Lanka twice in the last week or two. Sri Lanka are also ranked 1 in T20. And then there is India...

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:59 GMT)

Afridi seems to be watching some different ODIs altogether. Somehow Pakistan can be rated as the no. 1 side but we fail to realise how.

Posted by Big3BOSS on (March 13, 2014, 17:59 GMT)

@Saad Yameen :Pak is the only team to play all semi finals in wc t20!! no matter we lose from India or other!! That's a great record . How many cups have you won since then? India has 1 and I guess Pakistan has 1. We are talking only T20 here. Well in the end its the cup in cupboard that matters right?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:55 GMT)

afridi says this says that we all know why he does so. the thing is if Indian bowling comes to the party then we all know how difficult it would be for other teams to beat india , and more over pakistan never bet India iat world stage so try to at least correct this mistake once in a life time .........

Posted by aki_khan on (March 13, 2014, 17:50 GMT)

It's really nice to see that so many of you are following Pakistani stars. And with all those mentioned weaknesses Pakistan is still able to maintain a much better record against india (in recent past and overall)

Posted by sk123 on (March 13, 2014, 17:49 GMT)

I would believe Afridi if he kept his eyes open while batting. You can only hit so many balls with your eyes closed ;) .. Afridi is a great batsman but his mind works a little slow, that's the reason he's a hit against slower bowlers and a bust against fast bowlers!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:45 GMT)

wow stats say that india have won 16 out of their last 19 matches in icc tournaments giving a meagre victory percent of 84.

Posted by vkumar_086 on (March 13, 2014, 17:44 GMT)

I like this attitude of Pak players.....simply they are wasting their energy in front of media rather showing it in the field.....see any other country players are talking this much.....every other players and captains are planning seriously about the matches.....but im not seeing it in Pak players....

Posted by FSL2013 on (March 13, 2014, 17:44 GMT)

the way i saw Pak team bowling in last two matches of Asia cup.... i doubt they will even make it to semi final.... leave alone the no 1. Afridi himself is not fully fit.

Posted by Sandasiri_Asitha on (March 13, 2014, 17:42 GMT)

Pakistanis, the most consistent T20 team when it comes to T20 WC, so I guess he is correct with the heat of T20. :)

Posted by KrikIndFan on (March 13, 2014, 17:41 GMT)

On his luckiest day, Afridi will kill any bowling, on any other day, he's just being Afridi, you know!

Posted by Nirvana-light on (March 13, 2014, 17:40 GMT)

Very nice comment by the beast. Always positive and encouraging his team and players. I just feel that some of you have to eat your words afteir the tournement. Do you guys remember the world t20 in England?

Posted by ArvindKejriwal_mfpatel810rediff on (March 13, 2014, 17:39 GMT)

Best limited overs outfit and can't win Asian championship?????? Win against arch rivals who had young inexperienced team with fresh captain in last over by last wkt?Interesting indded...

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:35 GMT)

I think afridi has made a valid point! pakistan has to improve their fielding but more consistency in batting as well ! pakistan have really good chances of winning this world t20 ! considering the squad n some experienced players back in the side ! pakistan has to put up a really good show n fight till the very last ball of every match !

Posted by Wacky_Cric_Lover on (March 13, 2014, 17:26 GMT)

Here we go again. it is just a statement or a personal opinion of a player. This is what he is feeling. Not necessarily has to be true. For instance, I as a Pakistani fan disagree with this because our bowling has been the weakest link in current asia cup whereas fielding and batting have never been our forte! So we are no way the no. 1 team in any format but we have the ability to win every match. I hope it makes sense now. This is just to create hype. We should ignore it at best.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:21 GMT)

Afridi can say what he feels like. Pakistan did not play the Asis cup looking anything like No1 did they. SL gave you all a thumping. SL, Pakistan, India, Australia, SA are all teams with good records and do stand a good chance. WI, England, Afganistan, Bangaladesh can produce good performances on and off.

Let the WC T20 progress and see who is the No.1 team. SL gave the game to WI. SL have been in more finals than most. They had a problem with finals? Like to know the reasons. Not Malinga alone?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 17:09 GMT)

According to Afridi,

Fielding is not important to become the best team in the world.

Cricket consists of only three aspects batting, fielding and bowling. Mental toughness, consistency, responsibility, good captaincy, respect for opponent's capabilities are irrelevant aspects in Cricket.

You can become the best team in the world through words alone, actions are over rated.

You dont need to win titles/cups or have high rankings to be the best team in the world.

Posted by Yousufahmed1 on (March 13, 2014, 17:04 GMT)

This has been Afridi's problem since his debut. He talks too much. That innings against India was't a brilliant display, it was edges which went for sixes, and granted that innings against Ban was breathtaking but it wasn't the first breathtaking innings ever.This innings happen regularly. Recently he was saying I am my on coach. I mean he is too anxious and excited when he plays 1 good innings. How can he even think pak is best. They have the worst batting unit and their bowling was also exposed in Asia cup. Going for 326 against BAN and then were beaten comprehensively by SL. But good luck to PAK.

Posted by PakPacer on (March 13, 2014, 17:00 GMT)

Lala is just giving this event some pre-tourney hype, you laugh if you are a Pakistani fan and you wonder if he is serious if you are not.

Posted by sunny1307 on (March 13, 2014, 16:58 GMT)

He forgot that there is a team known as Australia which will walk over their opponents as easily as they did in 2007 world cup.I predict Australia winning t20 wc and Kiwis winning the 2015 ODI WC.My OZ XI-1 Finch 2 Warner 3 Watson 4 Bailey 5 Maxwell 6 Hodge 7 Haddin 8 Johnson 9 Starc 10 Coulter Nile 11 Hogg. My Kiwi XI for 2015 WC- 1 Guptill 2 Ryder 3 Williamson 4 Taylor 5 BMac 6 Corey 7 NMac 8 Vettori 9 Southee 10 Milne/Mills 11 Mclenaghan

Posted by BigINDFan on (March 13, 2014, 16:57 GMT)

Pak has the edge over Ind but it depends on Rohit and Mishra on who will win the first match. If these two flop Pak will have it easy or if they click Pak will find it hard. Afridi of course is the wild card for Pak as he can take the game away from anyone. However Pak are not the best in limited overs, Aus is at this moment in all 3 formats. WI has a strong chance in T20s but of the asian teams Pak leads the pack.

Posted by vallavarayar on (March 13, 2014, 16:56 GMT)

It's so very difficult to get your enthusiasm up for this hit and giggle affair after the the odyssey of the Australia SA test series.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:51 GMT)

Pak is the only team to play all semi finals in wc t20!! no matter we lose from india or other!!

Posted by muftee on (March 13, 2014, 16:51 GMT)

Afridi no 1? No way, he is very inconsistent to do not put alot of hopes from him. He has disappointed many many times. I don't think Pakistan or India are favorites. Australia, Sri Lanka and W. Indies have good chances.

Posted by wapuser on (March 13, 2014, 16:49 GMT)

Afridi is right the combination in both departments bowling and batting and quality all rounders definitely better than all the teams go green shirts go afridi stunn the indians once again

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:46 GMT)

IS afridi out of his freaking mind their team is no where among top 5 they only got a good bowling line up which also not performing that well missing irfan for sure and where gul is not like the GULDOZER they got only one bowler ie Ajmal n what to say about their batting overconfident , yeah they got talent but have to b nurchured properly sharjell kahn is gud bid bt man he have to settle down maqsood is also a good player but again they not play acc to the merit of the bowl n what t say about their fieldin

love pakistan cricket but they still have long way to go

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:45 GMT)

well yes on paper they look complete package for t20. have good spinners and gul & junaid as fat bowlers. but issue is that will they fire when required and most importantly all firing at same time.

Paksitan's issue is inconsistency. They can sure beat any team on 1 day but may fell poorly very next day. some how they lack the mental strength to win consistently . they seems like drained and run out of gas after 2-3 tough games and a bad one comes in.

Anyway his statement is just afridi's statement like many in past. so nothing to think about today.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:45 GMT)

Pakistan has solid chance against any team if they bat second as they did win big games in Asia cup, but surely they will this time around not perform poorly but will not win the trophy. If they play honestly,they will reach the semis like in 2010.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:42 GMT)

pakistan fast bowling looks very weak with talha,tanvir are the worst and out of form both junaid and gul very poor selection for this big event.....

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (March 13, 2014, 16:37 GMT)

It seems the Pakistanis have decided to do all the talking before the tournament. Fair play to them that they beat India during the Asia Cup tie. However, it seems all this talk is bordering on underestimating the capability of Team India. That's not good because India always perform well at ICC events against Pakistan. Therefore, it's better to go out on the field and play well instead of giving all this speeches to the media. India will be tough opponent in this World T20 because I am sure they would have learned a lot from their Asia Cup experience. I expect India to be very competitive and give Pakistan a run for their money. Good luck to both teams.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:37 GMT)

@raxa abbas you are right bowling has become the weak point,dont see pakistan doing well,plus old guys cannot win t20 games,fielding is the most neglected part,getting sick of Ahmed Shehzad coming up limp after every dive.

Posted by LAKingsFan on (March 13, 2014, 16:31 GMT)

Sure, Pakistan is a great bowling talent among teams. No denying that. It's the mind (or lack of it) that wins(or loses) the games. Unfortunately Pakistan ranks at the bottom. Go figure.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:27 GMT)

cant exactly rate them the best of all. but of course they are one amongest the best.In limited overs luck maters and flukes work.Ultimately it is some bodys day on a particular have certainly a bright chance to make it. wish them good luck.

Posted by JoshFromJamRock on (March 13, 2014, 16:24 GMT)

Ah Shahid Afridi.....You never cease to amaze me.

Vs India - You might win if: 1) You bat first and score above 170 because the Indians love chasing or 2)Restrict them to under 160 and bat well with the assistance of dew because it will affect their death bowling.

Vs West Indies - You might win if: 1)You bat first and score 160 and dismiss the openers cheaply as WI lose most times when that happens or 2)Restrict them to under 130 and hope the dew troubles all of Badree, Narine and Santokie.

Vs Australia - You might win if: 1)You bat first and score over 170 and dismiss the top 4 cheaply and hope that clutch players (Hodge and Faulkner) don't go berserk or 2)Restrict them to under 150 and hope the dew affects the accuracy of Johnson, Starc and Hogg.

Vs Qualifier (Hope its Afghanistan) - 1)Bat first and score over 150 as their lineup could struggle a bit or 2)Restrict them to 140 as they have a good legspinner, offspiners (right&left) and very good Pace (left &right) attack.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:24 GMT)

afridi is right they have a very good t20 even number 1 but they have 1probelum they will play very good but suddenly if they will loŇ°e the wicket after that they will lose 2or3 wicket this is very bad for pakistan

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:20 GMT)

No doubt in it that Pakistan is best in limited over game because they managed to play semi final of every T20WC and finals two times and had won title. However, cricket is unpredictable particularly in the limited overs game. In this T20WC, the favourites are AUS n SL the both teams are hungry to get title and the have improved their cricket immensely whereas other teams still have got their own weakness and most likely AUS n SL will be playing the final of this T20WC. PAK and IND would hardly make to the semis. But, No matter what I support "Green Shirts". They are can produce thrillers and miracles. At the end, one who would play consistently in an organised take the chance to hold the trophy. Goodluck team Pakistan.

Posted by gwakamoli on (March 13, 2014, 16:20 GMT)

Some funny comments here! But looking at stats the teams in order with the highest win percentage in twenty20 internationals are;

South Africa Sri Lanka Pakistan Ireland Netherlands India Australia New Zealand Afghanistan England West Indies Kenya Scotland Bangladesh Canada Zimbabwe Bermuda

Which basically means Pakistan have won the third most highest percentage of their matches and they definately have played the most out of the teams above.

It may be a wild opinion but Mr Afridi but overall stats suggest he may be right

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:20 GMT)

Pakistan is very consistent in this format, and what Afridi said is true, however that should be witnessed on the big stage Inshallah. The lesser the overs, the more efficient our batsman will be, so I think it should boil down to our fielding and death fast bowling. Our spinners our majestic to say the least, but unfortunately Mohd. Akram has made a mockery of our fast bowlers. They are not improving, yet they are still pretty good as compared to other countries because bowling comes naturally to us. All the best for WT20. Bleed Green!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:19 GMT)

Winning two close games in Asia cup does not make Pakistan the best limited overs side in the world . Presently Australia and West Indies are daylight ahead of any other team.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:18 GMT)

Afridi Bhai should concentrate on the 2015 WC and should not anymore overburden himself, restore energy and strength and wait for 2015 WC and decide to retire immediately after WC 2015.

Posted by Anubhav-the-Experience on (March 13, 2014, 16:17 GMT)

In my view all teams of the world are mediocre at best...I mean how can you match the Aussies under waugh and Ponting...frankly they have skewed our view... I will give my Top 5 Ranks...can you also do that please.. Rank 1 Australia Rank 1 Sri Lanka Rank 3 West Indies Rank 4 South Africa Rank 5 Pakistan

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:15 GMT)

Afridi is on the crease match is in the Pakistan hand. Afridi is in the team the all indian is pressure . go afridi go steal the dream of india again. my best wishes with you :)

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:12 GMT)

It has become a laughable fashion that some members of teams come up with haughty statements such as Afridi as done recently. We all have been keen observers of the game and know very well most of the teams could do. Pakistan on its day could defeat any team, no doubt. But this is true of all the teams, is not it? Take the example of Afghanistan. It almost beat Pakistan ( had they taken the Akmal's catch, it would have been a sorry story for Pakistan). They beat Bangladesh. Sri Lanka beat Pakistan, hands down, twice. As a keen observer, I feel that there are at least four teams superior to Pakistan at this present state. We can see the proof in two weeks time. It is better to hold your tongue till then. This is not a boxing game, where the opponents are beaten out of the ring, most of the time. Cricket has much more than just brute power to it.

Posted by Desihungama on (March 13, 2014, 16:10 GMT)

This is the right attitude to back your self and your team entering in major tournament. If India played without Dhoni then Pakistan also played without Irfan so it was an even contest. Afridi is right to say in T20 format Pak team is most balanced conversing the conditions and pitches. Now it's up to Pak bowlers to ensure Afridi's claim isn't far fetched. Good luck to all teams.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 16:07 GMT)

Pak needs to play right combination.. Sharjeel, Shezad, kamran, hafeez, u. AKMAL, S. Malik, Afridi, bhatti, Gul, Z. Babar, Ajmal.

Posted by casimpk on (March 13, 2014, 16:03 GMT)

All those in denial that Afridi's statement isn't true - Pakistan is the only team to have played in all semifinals of T20 world cups! Enough said, come on Pakistan!

Posted by Sarthak1305 on (March 13, 2014, 16:00 GMT)

An Indian Team without Dhoni is handicapped while they did win the Asia cup match, when was the last time Pak beat India at any world cup match?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:58 GMT)

very funny comments from both side pak n indian fans... guys why you guys pointing each other.. its a game. no one is better and no one is worst. the day who will play good they will win..

and no compression bw india pak. 180 million and 1180 million.. come on guys..

when pakistan won in asia cup 2014... i didn't even talk next day with my indian colleagues....we have to respect each other.

Posted by jazzhyder on (March 13, 2014, 15:58 GMT)

Pakistan would be the onlu team who has the abiloty to chase down a mammoth of 300+ and a unique speciality to be bowled out under 100. Our batting is totally totally unpredictable, which has been the main problem. The most balanced and the favourites to win teh title would be Sri Lanka for me.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:57 GMT)

Our bowling is damn overrated without irfan our bowling is on par with Indian bowling :) though our batting have become good :)

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:57 GMT)

Shorter the format of the game , difficult it is to separate/ Rank the teams. No one is favorite , anything is possible.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:56 GMT)

Does Pakistan win all bragging rights for this T-20 world cup? I heard yesterday from Hafeez & now it's Afridi. What's going on there in Pak camp? Anything Serious??

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:49 GMT)

Gul and Junaid need to come back into form to be equivalents to Ajmal and Bhatti needs to work on his lengths and afridi needs to bowl more spin rather than fast

Posted by Pakasia1947 on (March 13, 2014, 15:47 GMT)

@kaustubh85, where are you bringing india in the equation. a team that lost most of the matches overseas and players do good only in ipl.

Posted by Farooq3 on (March 13, 2014, 15:46 GMT)

@Imran Nisar - I do agree with your analysis to a certain extent - however let's not forget that India played without Dhoni

Posted by siddhartha87 on (March 13, 2014, 15:41 GMT)

Pakistan's bowling is a bit over rated .Apart from Ajmal no one is world class to be honest.Batting is a disaster as well.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:38 GMT)

hahaha..only 2 innings he batted well,and considering his team as no.1,whaat a overconfidence!they narrowly escaped against afganistan,bangladesh n india...what a no.1 team

Posted by xtrafalgarx on (March 13, 2014, 15:29 GMT)

Afridi, if you're not a good fielding side, then you're not a good side full stop.

Posted by madhukrishna11 on (March 13, 2014, 15:29 GMT)

Definitely best balanced bowling side with bowling and batting-all rounders but batting is a joke. Bangladesh has a better batting side than Pakistan. Afridi has to accept reality.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:28 GMT)

Remind me? Who won the last T20 World Cup?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:23 GMT)

I think there's little to separate the top sides in asia right now which was borne out by the incredibly close results in the Asia Cup.

Globally, South Africa is probably the best but it isn't as superior to the others as West Indies or Australia were in their best years.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:22 GMT)

pakistan batting is the most weakest and unpredictable among the top 8 teams.if Pakistan could beat any team on their day they could be also defeated by any team when it's not their day.icc rankings shows clearly where they stand.

Posted by SandipManjrekar on (March 13, 2014, 15:22 GMT)

Yeah, I totally agree with you on "Pakistan are best limited-overs side"

Because they are top class batting side with Sarjeel khan who is world class batsman. They are best fielding side in the world & Umar Gul is the best fielder in the world as we have seen in recent Asia Cup.About their bowling side....what can I say....Ask any Pak fan...they will tell how good they are. Plus they perform any where in the world as they did high class performance in CT 2013 & Zim.

So ll Pak is the only contender for W-T20 2014. Others teams are mediocre. I agree with your excellent views.

Posted by Nuxxy on (March 13, 2014, 15:19 GMT)

That's why they won the Asia Cup comprehensively.

Posted by pipsonian on (March 13, 2014, 15:18 GMT)

I think he is correct. We have to understand that not always the best team wins the tournament. But he is right that on paper Pakistan is the most balanced outfit.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:18 GMT)

@Farooq3, based on recent form you are placing India in the top tier, can you please tell me which India are you watching, in a video game or the real team, which has lost in SA, NZ and in the Asia Cup.

Posted by kaustubh85 on (March 13, 2014, 15:13 GMT)

Probably Afridi has stopped watching matches of the other team. Laugh please - How can he consider Pakistan team above Australia, Srilanka, India and South Africa. The matter of fact is, even New Zealand seems to have a better team than Pakistan.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2014, 15:10 GMT)

i agree with Shahid that many teams have better combination for this shorter version but the Pakistan have best bowling and good bating side as can be seen by the all T20 world cups results and if they can improve there fielding they can be unmatched. good luck Pakistan.

Posted by Basamba on (March 13, 2014, 15:06 GMT)

As a Pak fan I dont think that Pakistan is the best LIMITED OVERS side in the world but I do agree we need to work on feilding. I think we are a good T20 side but Odis we are ranked 6th which isnt that good. I dont rate us no 1 by any strech of the imagantion. I dont like these comments from anyone regarding that they are no 1 because anybody could beat anyone on a given day. Yeah we have been doing well recently but not that good to be no 1. Hope you recover soon

Posted by Ninza1987 on (March 13, 2014, 15:05 GMT)

Pak will not even qualify for Semis this time.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (March 13, 2014, 14:59 GMT)

Lol.. is he serious? Best limited overs outfit and can't win Asian championship! Interesting....

Posted by Farooq3 on (March 13, 2014, 14:56 GMT)

Based on recent form and fitness:

Top Tier Teams: Australia - India - Sri Lanka.

2nd Tier Teams: Pakistan - South Africa - England

Third Tier Teams: West Indies - New Zealand - Bangladesh

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India won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
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Sri Lanka won by 27 runs (D/L method)
Pakistan v West Indies at Dhaka - Apr 1, 2014
West Indies won by 84 runs
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Australia won by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
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