India v Sri Lanka, World T20, final April 6, 2014

Angry Kohli, cheeky Mahela

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The desperate dash

Last-ball run-outs in the first innings of limited-overs games hardly register, but this one had significance for India. They were just about managing to scrape together singles at that stage, so when Virat Kohli squeezed Lasith Malinga's yorker off the last ball of the India innings, they went for a what-the-hell-let's-chance-it second run. But the direct hit from Sachithra Senanayake at deep square-leg caught Kohli short by a few inches, and ended India's innings on 130 for 4 rather than 131 for 3.

The frustration

At the start of the 18th over, Virat Kohli swished his bat in anger at the bowler's end as Yuvraj Singh played and missed at yet another delivery. This was the first sign of frustration from Kohli, who had been cut off from the strike for quite some time as Yuvraj kept struggling to connect properly. In all, Kohli, who was on 70 after the 16th over, faced only eight balls in the last four overs.

The help-the-opposition catch

When Yuvraj did finally get out, caught at long-off by Thisara Perera off a full-toss from Nuwan Kulasekara, there was a feeling it would have been better for Sri Lanka had the catch been dropped, since it would have left the struggling batsman in the middle. It would have certainly made Kohli madder. In the end, it was far too late in the innings to help India, as even MS Dhoni could not reverse the tide.

The drop

Virat Kohli does not need a second chance but Sri Lanka captain Lasith Malinga gave him a reprieve 16 balls into his innings, when he was on 11. Rangana Herath was the bowler who had dropped it slightly short, short enough for Kohli to try and pull. It was a regulation catch for this level of cricket, but it burst through Malinga's hands.

The ramp

Facing Mohit Sharma at the start of the fourth over, Mahela Jayawardene manufactured an audaciously unconventional shot. Mohit dropped short and the delivery was climbing past Jayawardene's eyes when he rolled his wrists round and upwards, flicking the ball delicately at the top of the bounce straight over the head of Dhoni and past the rope behind him.

The late dab

Jayawardene once again showcased his alert mind and nimble hands with a cheeky deflection off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Dhoni came up to the stumps, keeping Jayawardene in his crease - so Jayawardene went right back, turned the bat to face point and gently glided the ball wide of the keeper for four. We may not see the like again.

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  • Vinod on April 8, 2014, 13:23 GMT

    the only issue with virat kohli is that he is very expressive on the field. at the same time, this very attitude of his is assisting him a long way in winning matches. his failing in the death overs has a lot to do with losing the momentum thanks to his new RCB mate :-) regarding Mahela, yes whatever shots he has manufactured in his career have invited attention of the world. he existed so far as a different batsman in the shorter format. the thought that we wont be able to see him again brings tears :-( Mahela, is rightly the best batsman in all 3 formats of the game so far. and a lovely character too!! i personally cherish his style of batting.

  • aravind on April 8, 2014, 11:53 GMT

    kholi=sachin(class)+Dravid(technique)+Gangully(agression)+VVS(strokeplay) keep going the unstoppable "THE NEW RUN MACHINE"the srl bowl @death with some needed scoops behind the wicket,imp stats if we compare wagon wheel of both teams,ind nothing square or behind the wicket,expected when class act like kholi bats for long,@ the moment he has to take a note to score behind the stumps also, nothing much one can do when the slinging action hits the crease 10/10,ashwin OR Raina would have been better bet,yuvi confd going get worst & remembered for sometime but Ind had best chance to make it 2t20wc,but dhoni does give the backing for players of this kind, remb jadeja as batsmen now turned into regular bowler atleast in shorter format,

  • udendra on April 8, 2014, 7:15 GMT

    "Jayawardene the craftsman"

  • Tahir on April 8, 2014, 4:15 GMT

    It is being used too much of an excuse that SL plans only comprised of darting off side yorkers. It is a general funda to bowl on one side of the wicket. Not all the balls were so wide rather it was dhoni trying to hit everything to the legside boundary. Kohli timed okay but dhoni couldnot. Dhoni was too much preoccupied by his halicopter shot and was totally oriented for that while malinga spotted him shrewdly.

  • Vishwa on April 8, 2014, 4:06 GMT

    This is simple. at last 4 overs, Kohli[@ 70,], YUVI[..?], Dhoni[greatest finisher or something like that] then Kholi - 7 frm 8 YUVI - 4 frm 9 Dhoni - 4 frm 7 its only about the greatest death bowling ever see. if it's not happen then anyone didnt talk about those don't it take away from this. well done schi, kule and mali...

  • Ashok on April 7, 2014, 18:18 GMT

    @Adam787: Kohli's anger with Yuvraj was understandable. He had hit Kula for 6,4,2 & then hoped Yuvraj will run the second run of the 4th ball. Instead Yuvraj wanted to take it easy!. That was in 16th over when they had to go at every run & hit every ball. Had the second run been taken Kohli might have hit another 4 & a Six to finish the over 10 more runs ahead. You also need to realize Yuvraj was not hitting the ball for 4's & 6's. He was scoring a single every 3 balls whilst Kohli at the non strikers end was losing his temper with such brainless approach by Yuvraj. It is amazing Kohloi put up with YUVI's defence that long. Finally Yuvi was out in 19th over to a full toss which should have gone for a Six over the mid wicket. Even Patience has limits & I am surprised Kohli did not give a piece of his Mind to Yuvraj right on the field! I am even more surprised at Dhoni for not sending a message to Yuvi to "hit out or get Out", in 15th over, as Most Captains would have done!

  • Dummy4 on April 7, 2014, 16:14 GMT

    Worldbestteampakistan, don't say that India came in final by luck. I am a pakistani supporter but we should respect all the cricket teams and players. India have shown character as a team. No one was expecting their bowlers to do the job for them but they set up the wins for them in all group matches. In Semi final, it were the batsmen who did that job as always expected. In the Final, SL bowlers did the job for them specially in death overs and thats the bottom line. Hats off and congrats to both teams. As for Pakistan, we always want them to win but sadly they didn't do the job when it matters most (against WI). Better luck next time for my time.

  • Jagan on April 7, 2014, 16:00 GMT

    @adam787...Stop talking about Kohli's attitude. He has great attitude and talent. Opponents may not like it and we hope you don't.

  • Jagan on April 7, 2014, 15:56 GMT

    @cric.1965.... you clearly lack cricket knowledge....By your logic the batsmen who comes in during the last 2 overs of the T20 match has same goal/responsibility as the guy who opens the innings...!!!

  • MAHENDRA on April 7, 2014, 14:31 GMT

    Kohli also failed in death overs. In last 8 balls he face he could score only 7 runs. Is that enough for a caliber of champion batsman who already face 50 balls by the time. Dhoni scored 4 runs in his 7 balls. Yuvi, Dhoni, Kohli all three are responsible for low score. Can any one escape.

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