World T20, 11th Match, First Round Group B: United Arab Emirates v Zimbabwe at Sylhet, Mar 21, 2014
World T20 - 11th match, First Round Group B
Zimbabwe won by 5 wickets (with 38 balls remaining)
Played at Sylhet Stadium (neutral venue)
21 March 2014 (20-over match)

11.25 am The national anthems are in full swing to be followed by the other custom that's invaded cricket. Zimbabwe huddle up with Taylor leading the team talk. The umpires are already in the middle The UAE openers, Faizan Asif and Shaiman Anwar, are not too far behind. Prosper Utseya's offspin to start us off. No slips

Masud: "Want to see UAE win today and congratulate Khurram Khan personally when I fly with him next. "

Mohan: "Would really love to see ZIM win and go through to super-10. They really deserve it considering the problems back home..."

raj: "No matter whatever be the result of this match, if Ireland wins the next match they go through to the Super 10 ! with Bangladesh. I still wonder why a T20 match at this time of day is being played !!"

11.10 am On a side note, as evidenced by the stunning lack of feedback, why is there a T20 scheduled at 11 in the morning?! The pitch report says it's quite dry and very very hard. Not much movement for seamers and not much turn either. Might be better for the captain winning the toss to bowl first. Which we know has already happened

Ashley raises a vital concern: "Hope UAE and IRE win that we don't have confusion between ENG VS ZIM on 31st ...both have same color of t shirt"

And Andrew the enthusiast chimes in: "Possibly 9 hours of T20 cricket today! Should be a cracking day."

"Really? Lack of feedback? So I do have a chance of finally getting my longest standing wish fulfilled? Do it cricinfo, pls!! Atleast, I will be able to boast about it in front of my wife!!!" Enjoy your bragging rights, Samrat. But next time send in something a little... well, more

11.00 am Zimbabwe have won the toss and elect to field Chasing would suit their needs today. Brendan Taylor says they've been sloppy sometimes and they want to look into that and play well in all three departments. They feel they'd like to know what to chase and hopefully restrict them to something decent and chase it down quickly and see what happens. Hopefully the pitch holds up for the spinners. Will be the same XI as the last game

Khurram Khan says this is the highest level of cricket, it's a new, young team and the experience will be very good. Fitness is an issue. They are getting the starts but not moving on. It's important one of the top four guys take the team home. A good 60 or 70. It looks little dry compared to the others. Could be a 140-ish pitch. Two changes, Shadeep Silva and Manjula Guruge return to the XI

"Whose brain was behind creating this tournament's format? T20 is cricket's best chance to spread as well as best opportunity for associates to win causing upsets. Why cant cricket admins act smartly like in footbal - cant they play 12 or more nations in groups of 4 or 6? it's a real shame..." Shubham starts the Cricket v Football debate...

10.55 am UAE are sitting with a monkey wrench, but they haven't quite honed the art of sticking it to the machine. They have one last chance at a fairytale ending today. Could be a lovely little chapter in the life of Khurram Khan, the 42-year old part-time captain and full-time Airline purser.

10.45 am Bring out those amulets and make sure your witch doctors are clocking overtime and get ready to do so much math than you ever did in school. Zimbabwe are hunting a minuscule chance of qualification into the main draw and the first on their check list is a thumping of UAE. And then frantic prayers for a favourable result in the following Ireland v Netherlands game. That is not going to be a calm dressing room today. If you don't believe me, here's Firdose Moonda with a bit more detail.


Utseya to Shaiman Anwar, no run, flights just outside off and he comes forward to block


Utseya to Shaiman Anwar, 1 run, shortish with a hint of room outside off and he punches off the back foot. Goes straight to cover, but he fumbles it. Taylor's not going to be pleased. He's made himself clear about wanting to field a lot better than they've been doing


Utseya to Faizan Asif, 1 run, round the wicket to the left-hander and this length ball is tucked to short fine leg


Utseya to Shaiman Anwar, FOUR, flight on offer and Anwar appreciates it as he lunges forward and slams it to the long-off boundary.


Utseya to Shaiman Anwar, 1 run, held it back just a touch, but there was still enough air to that to draw the batsman forward and guide it towards point


Utseya to Faizan Asif, no run, tossed up, but it's directed on the pads. Wants to flick to short fine again, but doesn't succeed

End of over 1 (7 runs) United Arab Emirates 7/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • Faizan Asif 1 (2b)
    • Shaiman Anwar 6 (4b 1x4)
    • P Utseya 1-0-7-0

Tendai Chatara from the other end


Chatara to Shaiman Anwar, no run, this short of a length delivery straightens outside off. Open face of the bat finds point


Chatara to Shaiman Anwar, OUT, delicious wicket that! Moves away, bounces more and snares the outside edge! He looked rather ominous on the front foot, but the Anwar experiment hasn't worked too well. This is back of a length and angled into him which makes him push from the crease. The shape away and the extra bounce are too much for him to handle and Taylor pockets an easy take

Shaiman Anwar c †Taylor b Chatara 6 (4m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Here's the high-flyin, rootin-tootin Khurram Khan


Chatara to Khurram Khan, 1 run, short of a good length, but it's the left-hander so this time he's a little too straight. Nudged behind square off his pads


Chatara to Faizan Asif, OUT, fullish on off stump, comes forward to defend on the off side but there's hesitation! And yep, it costs Asif. They set off, but both of them stalled after a couple of steps and stared at each other. That was enough for Sikandar Raza to run in from mid-off and underarm a direct hit at the bowlers'

Faizan Asif run out 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33


Chatara to Khurram Khan, no run, full, but down the leg side. Requires Taylor to dive full-length to his right to save the deflection off the pads


Chatara to Khurram Khan, no run, almost a yorker on off stump, dug out

End of over 2 (1 run) United Arab Emirates 8/2 (RR: 4.00)

    • Khurram Khan 1 (3b)
    • SP Patil 0 (0b)
    • TL Chatara 1-0-1-1
    • P Utseya 1-0-7-0

ashley: "out of 10 matches played in qualifier..7 won by team batting 2nd..winning the toss and fielding first have become a trend in t20" It's not such a revelation, really


Utseya to Patil, 1 run, short enough to go back and punch through the covers.


Utseya to Khurram Khan, 1 run, picked away off his pads to deep square leg. Length ball provides release

Eng. M I M Riya: "I want Zimbabwe to win this Match by a small margin and Ireland to Lost today by a small margin. then the NRR will be very Interesting."


Utseya to Patil, no run, tossed up on off stump, defends down the pitch


Utseya to Patil, no run, pushed back to the bowler as he stays back to negotiate this good length ball outside off


Utseya to Patil, 1 run, darted in on middle and leg and he sweeps it down to deep square leg


Utseya to Khurram Khan, no run, full and flat, but Khurram preferred to wait on the back foot. Ended up doing too much of that as he is hurried into playing a shot. Gets an inside edge to the right of the keeper

End of over 3 (3 runs) United Arab Emirates 11/2 (RR: 3.66)

    • Khurram Khan 2 (5b)
    • SP Patil 2 (4b)
    • P Utseya 2-0-10-0
    • TL Chatara 1-0-1-1

Tinashe Panyangara marks his run-up and he has a slip to assist him as well


Panyangara to Patil, FOUR, terrible line to start with. Length ball angled down the leg side and he whips it away. Too far to the left of deep square leg. Neatly done


Panyangara to Patil, 1 run, just short of a good length as he covers the line and dabs towards midwicket. Played soft enough to take a quick single. Repetitive and loud calls of "yeah" for that


Panyangara to Khurram Khan, no run, touch of inswing there as he goes full on off stump. Khurram has to adjust and blocks


Panyangara to Khurram Khan, no run, dabs at a good length ball which probes the angle across the left-hander. Slip was in business there but he misses


Panyangara to Khurram Khan, no run, shortish and cramping him for room. Khurram seemed a little late with his flick and the ball lobs of him towards short cover


Panyangara to Khurram Khan, no run, guided to point as this was full with a lot of room

End of over 4 (5 runs) United Arab Emirates 16/2 (RR: 4.00)

    • Khurram Khan 2 (9b)
    • SP Patil 7 (6b 1x4)
    • T Panyangara 1-0-5-0
    • P Utseya 2-0-10-0

"Good start for Zimbabwe doing what theyre supposed to do," nods Azeem. I'd like to see them attack a bit more though. A little more energy in the field. Some yelling and geeing up. And as I lament, Chatara's changed ends


Chatara to Patil, no run, fullish and just outside off and he generates that little bit of away curl. Watchfully defended


Chatara to Patil, no run, back of a length and just outside off, dabbed straight to point


Chatara to Patil, no run, lazy shot outside the off stump. This was back of a length and perhaps straightened as well. Patil hangs his bat out and is duly beaten


Chatara to Patil, 1 run, fullish and this one is angled in on off stump. Nudged just wide of mid-on

No slip for Khurram


Chatara to Khurram Khan, no run, just short of a good length as he targets fifth stump, eased away to point with an open blade


Chatara to Khurram Khan, no run, bit more shorter that time, but still no room. Khurram presents a delicate dab, too much so because it goes one bounce to the keeper

End of over 5 (1 run) United Arab Emirates 17/2 (RR: 3.40)

    • Khurram Khan 2 (11b)
    • SP Patil 8 (10b 1x4)
    • TL Chatara 2-0-2-1
    • T Panyangara 1-0-5-0

Panyangara to Patil, FOUR, strays a little too full that time and Patil has launched that over mid-on. Not quite a half-volley as he goes scrambled seam, but it's the field was up and he took advantage


Panyangara to Patil, 1 run, low full toss angled on middle and leg, Patil whips it deep square leg


Panyangara to Khurram Khan, 1 run, goes around and this is shortish and just outside off. Khurram is on his back foot and steers to deep third man


Panyangara to Patil, FOUR, slower short ball, but it comes down with a bit too much width. Patil waits and cuts to the boundary. But that wasn't too far away from point. Dived full length to his left, but couldn't get a hand to it. Great effort


Panyangara to Patil, no run, answers with one targeting the batsman's feet. Good, full length keeps Patil honest


Panyangara to Patil, FOUR, this time it's a half-volley on off stump and Patil drills through extra cover. Terrific strike and he helped himself by moving leg side to enable a full swing of the arms

End of over 6 (14 runs) United Arab Emirates 31/2 (RR: 5.16)

    • SP Patil 21 (15b 4x4)
    • Khurram Khan 3 (12b)
    • T Panyangara 2-0-19-0
    • TL Chatara 2-0-2-1

Natsai Mushangwe (hope there wasn't a typo in that) into the attack. Long-on and long-off and deep square leg, I spot


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, FOUR, tossed up on the stumps, Khurram gets down on one-knee and sweeps dead square. Lovely placement


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, no run, flighted on middle, he comes forward and finds midwicket


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, 1 run, blazes down the track but the bowler's spotted him and pulled his length back and tucked him up for room as well. Khurram swings away and a thick inside edge squirts to deep square leg.


M'shangwe to Patil, 1 run, loopy legspinner, driven into the covers


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, 1 run, just a touch short and he rocks back and cuts to the sweeper


M'shangwe to Patil, no run, that's a ripper! He's found the perfect length with this, there was good flight, the ball was drifting in as well which meant the batsman had to play. But once it pitched, there was appreciable turn and it beat the outside edge by a big margin

End of over 7 (7 runs) United Arab Emirates 38/2 (RR: 5.42)

    • SP Patil 22 (17b 4x4)
    • Khurram Khan 9 (16b 1x4)
    • N M'shangwe 1-0-7-0
    • T Panyangara 2-0-19-0

More spin, here's Sean Williams


Williams to Khurram Khan, 1 leg bye, and more turn. Tossed up on off stump and he tickles it towards short fine leg.


Williams to Patil, no run, lovely flight on this one as he targets middle stump. Defended


Williams to Patil, 1 run, races down the track but he hasn't struck it as well as he would want to. Falls one-bounce to long-on.


Williams to Khurram Khan, 6 runs, shortened his length considerable there and Khurram pulls strongly to deep square leg. They jog along thinking it was a boundary, but have to motor for the second. Relay throw from the deep and had there been a direct hit, it might well have been out. Instead Raza gives away four overthrows


Williams to Khurram Khan, no run, flighted on middle and leg, defended


Williams to Khurram Khan, no run, tossed up and angled across him, Khurram prefers to stay back and dab to point

End of over 8 (8 runs) United Arab Emirates 46/2 (RR: 5.75)

    • Khurram Khan 15 (20b 1x4)
    • SP Patil 23 (19b 4x4)
    • SC Williams 1-0-7-0
    • N M'shangwe 1-0-7-0

M'shangwe to Patil, 1 run, whipped against the turn to long-on as this was looped up outside off


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, FOUR, takes it on the full and slaps it through extra cover. He ensures he has enough room to thump it through the vacant area


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, 1 wide, flighted outside leg as he goes the the sweep. Doesn't connect and the ump gets some exercise


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, no run, dances down to the pitch of a tossed up one on leg stump and drills to midwicket


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, 1 wide, another one that slips too far down leg. Khurram sweeps but can't put bat to it


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, FOUR, this is majestic! Same technique as the last four. Excellent footwork to reach the pitch and he kept himself leg side of the ball to cream it over the top of cover


M'shangwe to Khurram Khan, 1 run, immediately the bowler goes quick and flat, Khurram punches it to long-on for the fifty partnership

Abhijeet: "We are all forgetting the Dutch here though! if Zim win by a small margin and the Dutch smash Ireland then they will be through... Unlikely but not impossible!"


M'shangwe to Patil, FOUR, goes wide of the crease but it doesn't help. He only ends up offering a whole lot of room and Patil slaps it to the right of point. Too well hit for the sweeper as well

End of over 9 (16 runs) United Arab Emirates 62/2 (RR: 6.88)

    • SP Patil 28 (21b 5x4)
    • Khurram Khan 24 (24b 3x4)
    • N M'shangwe 2-0-23-0
    • SC Williams 1-0-7-0

Williams to Khurram Khan, 1 run, good length ball and it seemed to be getting big on him as he went down to sweep from outside off, but Khurram manages to keep it down and find deep square leg

oscar: "Mushangwe and Panyangara are costing zimbabwe hear, we had a good start before they came in."


Williams to Patil, 1 run, flighted outside off and he comes forward and milks a single to long-off


Williams to Khurram Khan, 1 run, well done by Williams. Spotted him advancing and pulled his length back. Khurram works towards midwicket and steals a single


Williams to Patil, 1 run, Patil comes at the bowler, but Williams is wise to him as well. Ensures he can't get under it and offers no room either. Leading edge goes into the off side


Williams to Khurram Khan, OUT, goes for the sweep and he's picked out the man in the deep! Hasn't quite got on top of the bounce as Williams flighted this outside off. Went through with the shot again but this time he gets more of a top edge and is snapped up by Chigumbura. Had to fetch that and that spells his end

Khurram Khan c Chigumbura b Williams 26 (31m 27b 3x4 0x6) SR: 96.29


Williams to Patil, no run, chips down and nudges towards long-on, but Williams runs to his right and dives to save the single

End of over 10 (4 runs) United Arab Emirates 66/3 (RR: 6.60)

    • SP Patil 30 (24b 5x4)
    • Rohan Mustafa 0 (0b)
    • SC Williams 2-0-11-1
    • N M'shangwe 2-0-23-0

Sikandar Raza is the new bowler. Military medium, I expect It's off spin


Sikandar Raza to Rohan Mustafa, no run, fullish and just outside off, pushed into the covers


Sikandar Raza to Rohan Mustafa, 1 run, push and run into the covers. The fielder pushes an underarm throw which doesn't have enough pace to find the batsman short


Sikandar Raza to Patil, no run, tossed up and angled on the pads, Patil looks for a fine sweep, doesn't connect


Sikandar Raza to Patil, OUT, he's gone! Patil was again looking to play too square on the leg side but this was a length ball outside off. Would've been far better off punching through to long-off as he misses the risky flick and seems to be in line with off stump.

SP Patil lbw b Sikandar Raza 30 (33m 26b 5x4 0x6) SR: 115.38

Amjad Ali is the new batsman


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Ali, no run, flighted on off stump, he comes forward to block


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Ali, 1 run, shortish and a bit outside off, cut away to the sweeper

End of over 11 (2 runs) United Arab Emirates 68/4 (RR: 6.18)

    • Amjad Ali 1 (2b)
    • Rohan Mustafa 1 (2b)
    • Sikandar Raza 1-0-2-1
    • SC Williams 2-0-11-1

Williams to Amjad Ali, no run, looped up outside off, Mustafa strides forward and pushes into the covers


Williams to Amjad Ali, OUT, another leg before and UAE are crumbling! Amjad stayed back and played all around it. This is plumb as well. Darted in on off stump and it turns a touch. He was looking for an easy single through the vacant midwicket, but he misses. This one was a lot quicker

Amjad Ali lbw b Williams 1 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00


Williams to Amjad Javed, 1 run, good length ball just outside off, slapped to long-off


Williams to Rohan Mustafa, no run, flighted much slower as he draws the batsman forward to block


Williams to Rohan Mustafa, 1 run, opens the face to slice this behind point for a quick single


Williams to Amjad Javed, no run, flighted on off stump and he gets a bit of turn. Javed is back behind it and blocks

End of over 12 (2 runs) United Arab Emirates 70/5 (RR: 5.83)

    • Amjad Javed 1 (2b)
    • Rohan Mustafa 2 (4b)
    • SC Williams 3-0-13-2
    • Sikandar Raza 1-0-2-1

Sikandar Raza to Rohan Mustafa, no run, nice and tight on off stump as this good length ball is pushed back to the bowler


Sikandar Raza to Rohan Mustafa, 1 run, hint of room and Mustafa goes deep in his crease and cuts hard to the sweeper


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Javed, 2 runs, fired in quick and down the leg side, Javed tickles it towards the fine leg boundary for a couple


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Javed, no run, stays rooted to the crease as he seeks to swing his arms freely. This good length ball pitches and turns into him forcing Javed's punch to go straight down the ground


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Javed, 1 run, tossed up and pushed to long-off


Sikandar Raza to Rohan Mustafa, 1 run, lunges forward towards the pitch and he nudges it with the turn towards square leg

End of over 13 (5 runs) United Arab Emirates 75/5 (RR: 5.76)

    • Rohan Mustafa 4 (7b)
    • Amjad Javed 4 (5b)
    • Sikandar Raza 2-0-7-1
    • SC Williams 3-0-13-2

Williams to Rohan Mustafa, OUT, big shout for leg before, but Zimbabwe have their man off a run-out, a second one. Good length ball turns off the pitch as Mustafa lunges forward and outside off. He was hit in line, but it would have missed leg. The appeal had made Mustafa forget this had gone straight to short fine leg

Rohan Mustafa run out 4 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Williams to Ahmed Raza, no run, flighted on middle and off, bit of turn and bounce gets the splice as he lunges forward to block


Williams to Ahmed Raza, no run


Williams to Ahmed Raza, no run, comes forward and defends the length ball tentatively


Williams to Ahmed Raza, OUT, there he goes! His defence was not inspiring any sense of confidence and so he goes after a tossed up delivery on off stump. The swing was just as tentative and he presents a simple skier to mid-off

Ahmed Raza c M'shangwe b Williams 0 (1m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Shadeep Silva in at No. 9


Williams to Amjad Javed, 2 runs, misfield at long-off. It's Mushangwe, the catcher from the previous ball. This was tossed up just outside off. Javed goes for it but the loft falls short of the rushing fielder and doesn't bounce as high as he expected

End of over 14 (2 runs) United Arab Emirates 77/7 (RR: 5.50)

    • Amjad Javed 6 (6b)
    • EHSN Silva 0 (0b)
    • SC Williams 4-0-15-3
    • Sikandar Raza 2-0-7-1

Utseya to Silva, no run, flighted on middle and off, he keeps it out


Utseya to Silva, 1 run, good length ball on the stumps, goes back and pushes to long-on


Utseya to Amjad Javed, 1 run, short and pushed down the leg side, Silva pulls to deep square leg


Utseya to Silva, no run, length ball on middle, defended off the back foot


Utseya to Silva, 1 run, shortish and outside off, cut away quite nicely behind point


Utseya to Amjad Javed, no run, pushed through on middle and leg, he was making a bit of room for himself, but can't get it away

End of over 15 (3 runs) United Arab Emirates 80/7 (RR: 5.33)

    • Amjad Javed 7 (8b)
    • EHSN Silva 2 (4b)
    • P Utseya 3-0-13-0
    • SC Williams 4-0-15-3

Anurag: "From 66-2 to 77-7. Some collapse that! " Sikandar Raza's back


Sikandar Raza to Silva, 1 run, chipped to long-off. Silva's looking quite competent here. Came forward to the pitch of it and lofts it over the gap


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Javed, 1 run, positions himself way outside leg, easy enough to spot for Raza as he follows him with a quicker one. Pushed down to long-off


Sikandar Raza to Silva, FOUR, gorgeous stroke. Opens the face on impact and had no intention of keeping this down. Tossed up with a bit of turn, but that just helps him hit inside out over the covers


Sikandar Raza to Silva, 1 wide, pushed through down the leg side, tries to sweep and misses


Sikandar Raza to Silva, no run, defended back to the bowler


Sikandar Raza to Silva, 1 run, tossed up on off stump, confident push to long-off


Sikandar Raza to Amjad Javed, OUT, he has another! The extra ball works for Zimbabwe as Javed's moving around in the crease contributes to his dismissal. Follows him with a quicker and fuller ball which he flicks straight down the throat of deep square leg

Amjad Javed c Panyangara b Sikandar Raza 8 (16m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

End of over 16 (8 runs) United Arab Emirates 88/8 (RR: 5.50)

    • EHSN Silva 8 (8b 1x4)
    • Sikandar Raza 3-0-15-2
    • P Utseya 3-0-13-0

Roger: "During a fleeting moment of sheer insanity, I actually believed the UAE would make a game of this. However, their inexperience has taken over and is on full display, thereby ensuring there'll be no Nepal-esque or Hong Kong-esque upset today!"


Utseya to Silva, no run, good length ball just outside off, punches into the off side but finds Raza


Utseya to Silva, 1 run, flighted outside off, Silva leans into a cover drive that doesn't best the man in the deep


Utseya to Kamran Shazad, no run, slower with a bit more loop, so he gets a bit of spin as well. Defended


Utseya to Kamran Shazad, 1 wide, too munch angle on that as this fuller ball slides down leg


Utseya to Kamran Shazad, 1 run, flighted on middle, turned towards midwicket for a quick single. The fielder fails to pick up the ball. Raza again


Utseya to Silva, 1 run, touch short outside off and he dabs to point


Utseya to Kamran Shazad, 1 run, loads of flight on that, invites Shahzad forward for a drive to long-off

End of over 17 (5 runs) United Arab Emirates 93/8 (RR: 5.47)

    • Kamran Shazad 2 (3b)
    • EHSN Silva 10 (11b 1x4)
    • P Utseya 4-0-18-0
    • Sikandar Raza 3-0-15-2

Tim: "Where is Kyle Jarvis for this tournament. He is Zimbabwe's best bowler and if they want to progress in these tournaments he has to play. " He retired a while back, moved to UK to play county cricket. Here's Chatara


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, FOUR, pace works for UAE. This was full and pushed into the batsman who was making room outside leg. Shahzad manages to flick it over midwicket and to the boundary

deep midwicket goes back


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, no run, shortish and angled in at middle and off stump, he backs away to try and upper cut but doesn't connect. Third man is inside the circle


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, no run, another cut seeking the third man boundary, but he can't connect this time either


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, 1 run, slower ball on off stump deceives the batsman. Goes for a flick which lobs up. But there is no one close enough to catch it. Single to long-on


Chatara to Silva, no run, another offcutter has the left-hander fishing outside off. No dice


Chatara to Silva, 1 run, another slower ball, but this time the batsman is better prepared. Waits on it and half-flicks and half-pulls to deep square leg

End of over 18 (6 runs) United Arab Emirates 99/8 (RR: 5.50)

    • EHSN Silva 11 (13b 1x4)
    • Kamran Shazad 7 (7b 1x4)
    • TL Chatara 3-0-8-1
    • P Utseya 4-0-18-0

Eng. Riyas: "77/7, 88/8 Next one 99/9???" Tinashe Panyangara to see if that can happen


Panyangara to Silva, 1 run, low full toss outside off, tries to pick the gap between short third man and point. Hasn't timed it well enough. Chigumbura dives to his left to keep that to a single. Clutches his thumb after.


Panyangara to Kamran Shazad, no run, full and straight as Shahzad makes room and slices to extra cover. Goes one-bounce to the fielder


Panyangara to Kamran Shazad, no run, clears his front leg and carves the fuller ball on off stump to extra cover again


Panyangara to Kamran Shazad, 1 run, almost a yorker on off stump, dragged to deep midwicket

Vasim: "Where is ray price? he is very good bowler " Again, retired

Change of bat for Shahzad


Panyangara to Silva, 1 run, low full toss on off stump, Silva flays this through to deep point


Panyangara to Kamran Shazad, 1 run, makes room and swipes this full delivery on middle to long-on

Gaurav Jain: "a few minutes before:- score 88/8 after 88+8 balls Batsman out on 8 with a SR of 88-8 The other batsman was on 8 off 8 balls"

End of over 19 (4 runs) United Arab Emirates 103/8 (RR: 5.42)

    • Kamran Shazad 9 (11b 1x4)
    • EHSN Silva 13 (15b 1x4)
    • T Panyangara 3-0-23-0
    • TL Chatara 3-0-8-1

UAE have six balls left and I think Silva should take most of it


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, SIX, Shahzad disagrees, of course. It was a slower ball on length and that sat up for him. Cleared his front leg and swung away over deep midwicket


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, no run, follows up with another offcutter, but this was a little fuller. Shahzad swings again but doesn't connect. Misses off stump by just a bit too


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, SIX, these slower balls aren't really working. Shahzad set himself up and waited just a little longer than the last one and creams this over long-on. Another length ball dispatched


Chatara to Kamran Shazad, OUT, leg stump cartwheels! Shazad was looking for the leg side boundary, but this time Chatara went with his stock ball, angling into him. Wasn't as full as the situation merited but he has his revenge

Kamran Shazad b Chatara 21 (13m 15b 1x4 2x6) SR: 140.00

Tej: "@Gaurav jain: The same over yielded 8 runs... You missed it"

Guruge is in for the final two balls


Chatara to Guruge, 1 run, fullish and outside off, slogged to long-on


Chatara to Silva, no run, looks to be a bit too cheeky as he runs away to the off side and looks for the ramp over fine leg. Too difficult a ball to get under as Chatara goes for the blockhole. Dot to finish and that tells the story of the innings, really. Too many needless shots

12.50 pm The start was rather promising, with Swapnil Patil and Khurram Khan banding together a half-century stand. But the Zimbabwe spinners managed to string together regular breakthroughs and have limited UAE to a total that is at best modest. Zimbabwe would hope to knock this off as quick as possible to get a good enough net run rate and hope for a handy result in the next match. Join us in 10 for the chase

Sean Williams: First six overs would be crucial with Hamilton and Raza. In T20 anything can happen, and we've nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lets see what can be done. The pitch is slow, so you have to vary your pace. Enjoyed it very much. All of us have been working on our bowling hard and it's good to see everyone contributing. We've got ourselves here and we've gotta go out there and enjoy ourselves and win this game

Simgwat: "Zim should wrap this up and get out their orange t-shirts on!"

Gary MacLennan: "I have really enjoyed the tournament so far. Those of us who love the game delight in its spread. Also it is good to see so many talented cricketers from outside the usual range of nations. Of course I am Irish and hope to live to see the day Ireland play a test match. In the mean time this has been a genuine pleasure. Congrats to Bangla Desh. Gary"

End of over 20 (13 runs) United Arab Emirates 116/9

    • EHSN Silva 13 (16b 1x4)
    • AM Guruge 1 (1b)
    • TL Chatara 4-0-21-2
    • T Panyangara 3-0-23-0





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