World T20, 32nd Match, Group 2: Pakistan v West Indies at Dhaka, Apr 1, 2014
World T20 - 32nd match, Group 2
West Indies won by 84 runs
Played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur (neutral venue)
1 April 2014 - night match (20-over match)

Zulfiqar Babar to Sammy, no run, defends his first ball to the off side

West Indies 81/5   DJG Sammy 0* (1b)

Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, no run, length ball spinning in towards off, defended to the leg side


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, 1 run, turns in a long way, chopped in front of point


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, no run, spinning away, Sammy didn't pick it, beaten outside off


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, no run, that looked out, was there some bat involved, huge lbw appeal but it is turned down, a length delivery on middle, Sammy was looking to work the ball away towards the leg side, doesn't connect, replays showthat might have been sliding down

West Indies 84/5   DJG Sammy 1* (5b)

Zulfiqar Babar to Sammy, FOUR, Sammy gets the second boundary of the over, whacks this one between long-on and deep midwicket with immense power


Zulfiqar Babar to Sammy, 1 run, keeps strike by sending the last ball of the over to long-on

West Indies 95/5   DJG Sammy 6* (7b 1x4)

Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, 1 run, Ajmal from round the wicket, drops it short, slapped towards deep point


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, FOUR, not where Sammy intended, but he doesn't care, the top edge runs away past the keeper to the third-man boundary, Sammy was shaping to launch that towards long-on, West Indies' 100 comes up


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, no run, drops it short, it slides on, Sammy looks to carve it through the off, no contact, Kamran appeals for a caught behind


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, 2 runs, worked to deep midwicket for a couple


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, FOUR, a rare expensive over from Ajmal, as the final ball is stabbed behind point for four, it was flat and fired in wide of off, Sammy connected well enough, Tanivr could have cut that off near the rope, has to sprint some way, he gets there and then tries to stop the ball with his boot, he can't

West Indies 107/5   DJG Sammy 17* (12b 3x4)

Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, 1 run, a touch short, the high Sammy back lift makes another appearance, drilled towards long-off


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, SIX, Sammy joins the party, a monster hit straight over the bowler's head, Ajmal being taken apart in this over, Sammy really enjoyed that, pumping his fist after that shot, ridiculous power behind that stroke


Saeed Ajmal to Sammy, FOUR, this time Sammy shows he can place it as well, not just about the muscles, sends this through extra cover for four, West Indies are flying now

West Indies 152/5   DJG Sammy 28* (15b 4x4 1x6)

Sohail Tanvir to Sammy, FOUR, a touch show and that is a powerful mow towards deep square leg for four more


Sohail Tanvir to Sammy, no run, this time Sammy doesn't connect, short of length ball sails over the stumps


Sohail Tanvir to Sammy, SIX, Sammy power to the fore again, six more, a flat murderous hit over long-on, he's now 38 off 18


Sohail Tanvir to Sammy, 2 runs, goes for another big one, but something of an edge here, the ball rolls towards midwicket, Russell pushes Sammy for the second, to make sure Sammy gets strike, Tanvir has to race across to field that, time enough for Sammy to get back


Sohail Tanvir to Sammy, 2 runs, bowled from wide of the crease, thumped towards deep midwicket for two more, 82 off the final five, 59 off the final three, and once again it is not the feared names at the top of the order that have delivered for West Indies, it is the allrounder lower down, West Indies end on 166, which should prove quite a challenge for Pakistan's batsmen

West Indies 166/6   DJG Sammy 42* (20b 5x4 2x6)
WATCHESPN: 32nd Match, Group 2: Pakistan v West Indies at Dhaka, Apr 1, 2014
WATCHESPN: 32nd Match, Group 2: Pakistan v West Indies at Dhaka, Apr 1, 2014





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