ICC World Twenty20, 8th Match, Group D: West Indies v England at Providence, May 3, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 8th match, Group D
West Indies won by 8 wickets (with 1 ball remaining) (D/L method)
3 May 2010 (20-over match)

Miller to Wright, no run, Wright presses forward to defend


Miller to Wright, no run, a touch of width offered outside off, but the ball is chopped straight to point


Miller to Wright, no run, and again, hit straight to the fielder on the off side


Miller to Wright, 1 run, too short from Miller, and Wright rocks back to jab the ball through midwicket

England 90/4   LJ Wright 1* (4b)

Sammy to Wright, no run, good, tight line from Sammy, who's doing everything asked of him as Wright defends back down the track


Sammy to Wright, 1 run, on a length on off stump and Wright swings mightily, almost knocking himself over, but the result is a quiet single down to long on as the ball squirts off the toe of the bat

England 96/4   LJ Wright 2* (6b)

Bravo to Wright, no run, well, Wright is trying to hit the covers off everything but it's not quite coming off as he swishes airily past this one


Bravo to Wright, 1 run, that's better. One run is better than no runs, as Wright drives the ball out to long on to keep the strike

England 105/4   LJ Wright 3* (8b)

Sammy to Wright, 1 run, Wright searching for the boundary, but his muscly heave finds the midwicket fielder


Sammy to Wright, 1 run, thumped down to long off by Wright

England 108/4   LJ Wright 5* (10b)

Bravo to Wright, 1 run, swiped to midwicket by Wright


Bravo to Wright, 1 run, an ungainly swipe to deep mid off from Wright gets England one as the batsmen scamper a sharp single

England 115/4   LJ Wright 7* (12b)

Pollard to Wright, SIX, well, Wright just danced down the track and aimed a fearsome hoick down to long on. That was just over Benn on the ropes, as the ball never really got up, but that was hit very, very hard


Pollard to Wright, 1 run, slower ball, and Wright crashes it down to long off


Pollard to Wright, SIX, heaved away by Wright! He's starting to middle the hits now, that's an 86-metre six, a towering hit over wide long on


Pollard to Wright, no run, Wright swings again at a slower ball, but the mistimed shot goes straight back to the bowler

England 131/4   LJ Wright 20* (16b 2x6)

Bravo to Wright, 1 run, swung away to midwicket by Wright. Gosh he tries to hit it hard

England 137/4   LJ Wright 21* (17b 2x6)

Rampaul to Wright, SIX, an almighty heave from Wright sends the ball sailing over midwicket! That was too short from Rampaul, allowing Wright to get under it. He hit that so hard!


Rampaul to Wright, SIX, and another! Wright walks down the track and aims a mighty blow that sails way over long on! That's a 91-metre six, and its set the England fans cheering!


Rampaul to Wright, (no ball) 1 run, the pressure's getting to Rampaul here, he's overstepped and that's a cardinal sin at any time in a Twenty20

England 159/4   LJ Wright 34* (20b 4x6)

Benn to Wright, 1 run, driven very hard out into the covers. Wow, there are no half-measures from Wright


Benn to Wright, 1 run, ha! And Wright has literally swung the bat out of his hands with that shot! He tried to heave the ball through midwicket, didn't get a good connection but swung so hard that the bat flew out of his hands and only landed past square leg!

England 182/4   LJ Wright 36* (22b 4x6)

Bravo to Wright, 1 run, round the wicket comes Bravo, and Wright steps away to give himself room and drives through the covers for one


Bravo to Wright, 2 runs, hammered down to long off


Bravo to Wright, no run, and Wright picks up where Morgan left off, trying the switch hit but he couldn't execute the shot, finding only fresh air


Bravo to Wright, FOUR, leg stump half volley and Wright chips powerfully out to cow corner, top shot


Bravo to Wright, 2 runs, hammered out to midwicket, and manic running gets England two more from the final delivery!

England 191/5   LJ Wright 45* (27b 1x4 4x6)





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