ICC World Twenty20, 8th Match, Group D: West Indies v England at Providence, May 3, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 8th match, Group D
West Indies won by 8 wickets (with 1 ball remaining) (D/L method)
3 May 2010 (20-over match)

Miller to Pietersen, no run, close! Big shout first ball as KP presses half forward and is wrapped on the pads. Nope, big inside edge on that. He didn't look all that comfortable though


Miller to Pietersen, 2 runs, fuller on off stump, KP stays leg side of the ball to smash it down to long off for a couple


Miller to Pietersen, 1 run, and again, he stays inside the line to work the ball into the off side


Miller to Kieswetter, SIX, Kieswetter goes big! And that's huge, a clean strike sails high over long off and England are up and running again after the wicket


Miller to Kieswetter, 1 run, the batsman takes a couple of steps down the track to slap the ball hard down to long off. These two certainly aren't playing the spinners with soft hands, going very hard at everything


Miller to Pietersen, no run, and KP almost falls over his own feet as Miller fires in a quicker one at his pads. Gets the bat down just in time though

England 51/1   NO Miller 1-0-10-0

Miller to Kieswetter, no run, watchfully tapped back to the bowler


Miller to Kieswetter, SIX, it's raining sixes in Guyana now! Absolutely walloped over wide long off, he's creamed that!


Miller to Kieswetter, OUT, but Miller's revenge is quick! He held the ball back bravely, flighting it and Kieswetter was stuck in two minds. He was struck on the back leg right infront, and West Indies nip this partnership in the bud at exactly the right time!

C Kieswetter lbw b Miller 26 (14b 1x4 3x6) SR: 185.71


Miller to Collingwood, no run, Colly tries to nurdle the ball away behind square but can't beat the fielder


Miller to Collingwood, 3 runs, cheeky! Collingwood goes for a reverse paddle and pulls it off admirably. A great sliding stop from Sammy on the boundary saves a run


Miller to Pietersen, 2 runs, just a bit too short and KP rocks back to hammer the ball into the covers, and some very sharp running gets him two

England 71/2   NO Miller 2-0-21-1

Miller to Pietersen, no run, tossed up on middle and leg. KP backs away to try to make some room and drops the ball into the off side but can't find the placement


Miller to Pietersen, 1 run, Pietersen is down on one knee and sweeping, they run a sharp single as the fielder comes in from square leg. There's an appeal for the run out, but Collingwood was well in


Miller to Collingwood, 1 run, pushed down to long on


Miller to Pietersen, 2 runs, just slightly short on off stump, Pietersen rocks back to flay the ball through the covers and they sprint two


Miller to Pietersen, 1 run, Pietersen comes down the track but Miller sees him coming, spearing in a quicker ball on leg stump. They collect a single all the same


Miller to Collingwood, no run, zoning in on leg stump, and Collingwood misses with an attempted nurdle to leg.

England 80/2   NO Miller 3-0-26-1

Miller to Morgan, 1 run, worked away through the covers for one


Miller to Wright, no run, Wright presses forward to defend


Miller to Wright, no run, a touch of width offered outside off, but the ball is chopped straight to point


Miller to Wright, no run, and again, hit straight to the fielder on the off side


Miller to Wright, 1 run, too short from Miller, and Wright rocks back to jab the ball through midwicket


Miller to Morgan, 1 run, Morgan unfurls the reverse sweep immediately to pick up one to third man

England 91/4   NO Miller 4-0-29-1





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