ICC World Twenty20, 8th Match, Group D: West Indies v England at Providence, May 3, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 8th match, Group D
West Indies won by 8 wickets (with 1 ball remaining) (D/L method)
3 May 2010 (20-over match)

Right, Sahil here, and we're ready to go...


Sidebottom to Gayle, no run, good start from Sidebottom, that is what he's here for, on a length and line, fraction of movement away, beats Gayle flinching outside off


Sidebottom to Gayle, no run, beaten again! Gayle walks down the wicket and has a big heave at one that moves away from him


Sidebottom to Gayle, FOUR, oh close, but that will do for Gayle, he swung violently at one that left him outside off, top edge and flew over Swann at slip for four


Sidebottom to Gayle, FOUR, Sidebottom dares to pitch it up, and he really shouldn't have, Gayle stood tall and murdered it past mid off for another boundary, top shot


Sidebottom to Gayle, 1 wide, Sidebottom loses his line, shoving it down the leg side where Kieswetter tumbles to collect


Sidebottom to Gayle, no run, good shape away this time, from a good length, Gayle swings through the line but only finds fresh air


Sidebottom to Gayle, SIX, have that! Gayle ambles down the wicket and eases his big bat through the line, the ball rockets miles down the ground for six

End of over 1 (15 runs) West Indies 15/0 (177 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 15.00, RRR: 9.31)

    • CH Gayle 14 (6b 2x4 1x6)
    • S Chanderpaul 0 (0b)
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-15-0

Well, rollicking start and Graeme Swann has to stem the flow...


Swann to Chanderpaul, 1 run, floated up outside off and swished firmly to point, they scamper through for a quick single


Swann to Gayle, 1 run, delicate from Gayle, Swann threw it up a fraction, but Gayle just leant it through midwicket for one


Swann to Chanderpaul, 1 run, Chanderpaul content to rotate the strike, just turning his wrists over the ball to send it towards midwicket


Swann to Gayle, 2 wides, this is arrowed down the leg side, Gayle tries to sweep it but can't get hold of it


Swann to Chanderpaul, no run, oops, horrid looking reverse-swat from Chanderpaul, misses it completely


Swann to Chanderpaul, no run, good ball this time, thrown up on a length and line, Chanderpaul rocks forward and defends


Swann to Chanderpaul, SIX, well, the last effort my have looked wrong, but Chanderpaul repeats the reverse-swipe and this time nails it, over, err.. square leg/deep point for six

End of over 2 (11 runs) West Indies 26/0 (166 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 13.00, RRR: 9.22)

    • S Chanderpaul 8 (5b 1x6)
    • CH Gayle 15 (7b 2x4 1x6)
    • GP Swann 1-0-11-0
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-15-0

Here's Tim Bresnan to have a go, Gayle may fancy this...


Bresnan to Gayle, 1 wide, not a great start from Bresnan, well down the leg side, Gayle tries to help it on its way, but can't connect


Bresnan to Gayle, 1 run, short this time, but good line attacking the body, Gayle pulls firmly out to the man at deep midwicket

Hint of rain in the air, if rain comes WI need 43 for 0 off 5, or 46 for 1....


Bresnan to Chanderpaul, 2 runs, Chanderpaul pulls a short ball, without timing it perfectly but collects a couple

Paul Collingwood just gathered the England players for a pointless huddle. Maybe taking time out the game.

1647 Right, the players are out there. We're ready to go. 3.4 overs left in the game, apparently. Sorry for the lack of clarity, but my maths isn't good enough and nobody seems clear. Okay, here we go 60 off 6 overs is the target. All this farce has its merits - Andrew Miller's summary "this is such a suckworthy situation".

1642 Anyway, that man Gnasher has bad news, it's raining again.. D'oh. Oh wait! Good news, the covers are coming off. Plenty of action but no cricket out there. Just to note, with the latest burst of rain, all those D/L calculations are nonsense, so watch this space. Faizan is furious with it all, "MAKE UP YOUR MINDS LADS," he screams. I presume he thinks we control the weather, which is rather flattering.

1640 Huzzah! Play to start at 1645. It will be a seven-over match, so 4.4 overs more to go. Rumours have it that West Indies will need to be 60 for 0 to win the game, or 63 for 1. "How come all the text from Gnasher are making into cricinfo?" asks Harendra. Good question. He is our assistant editor and reporter at the ground, perhaps that has something to do with it.

1635 Plenty of arm waving from the umpires, but nothing in a language I can decipher. Luckily the eagle-eyed Gnasher has more: "Interesting to note England's bowlers aren't even out warming up in case there is any play."

1628 Gnasher has this: "Umpires are out there...covers are off, no sign of players warming up yet." The thought of stripped-down Five5 cricket has already got Manohar Karki's brain ticking: "Adding to that 5 - 5 game proposition, how about a best of 3 in that? First team to win two rounds, wins."

1620 Good news from the middle, rain has stopped and the covers are coming off. Umpires will make a call in 10 minutes. Get your calculators to the ready... While you wait, here's a gallery. "Looks like Five-Five cricket is going to overtake Twenty-twenty cricket in this tournament," muses Venu. Quite right, this meandering 20-over format will win no supporters.

1610 Looking very bleak out there and, as things stand, West Indies would go through leaving England and Ireland with a shootout for a place in the Super Eights.

There are replays of the Zimbabwe match on, poor Liam can barely bring himself to watch. Just to confirm, unless the rain relents in this game, the teams will share one point each. Only after five overs have been bowled in both innings can those cackling geniuses, Duckworth and Lewis, unleash their mayhem.

Speaking of Gnasher, he has (potentially) some good news for us: "Rain seems to have nearly stopped and the sky is a bit brighter behind us, may still be a chance of some more action." Oops, within seconds he has thought better of it: "Ah, well, maybe I was too positive. It's still raining. But the groundstaff are at least coming out to have a look."

The rain is looking pretty hideous, lashing it down at the moment, but all reports say the ground drains very well, which is a straw for us all to clutch. While we're all sitting idle, I'm thrilled to announce that our man at the ground, Andrew 'Gnasher' McGlashan, is now Tweeting around with the best of them.

While we all wait on the heavens, feel free to chatter away on our Facebook page and if you actually have something better to do than watch the rain fall, you can stay up to date with any action through our Twitter wicket alerts.

And here indeed is the rain... What a cracking start from West Indies, they have ambushed all the momentum Wright and Morgan created and with D/L sure to play its part, they could have put themselves in a very strong position. Gayle chose to bowl first in the knowledge that rain could be a factor, and it generally favours the side chasing. This was brewing into an excellent match, and we've had too many one-sided games so far this tournament, so let's all hope the weather improves.


Bresnan to Chanderpaul, no run, dot ball! Thrilling start from Bresnan, full and straight, Chanderpaul can only dig it out into the covers


Bresnan to Chanderpaul, no run, Bresnan has found his range straight away, another well-aimed yorker, Chanderpaul can do nothing but jab a bat down in time


Bresnan to Chanderpaul, 1 wide, oops, that is a real game-changer in this wonderful shortened format, a wide arrowed down the leg side


Bresnan to Chanderpaul, 1 run, full once again, Chanderpaul clips it firmly down the ground and scampers off for a quick single


Bresnan to Gayle, 1 run, really good from Bresnan, no-win situation for England really, but lands another good yorker and not even Gayle can do much with it, inside-edging it away for one into the off side via his pad

End of over 3 (7 runs) West Indies 33/0 (159 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 11.00, RRR: 9.35)

    • CH Gayle 17 (9b 2x4 1x6)
    • S Chanderpaul 11 (9b 1x6)
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-7-0
    • GP Swann 1-0-11-0

Swann is on, must be after a wicket, which really changes everything in a D/L calculation.


Swann to Gayle, 2 runs, good start but Gayle is in control, floated up around leg stump, Gayle skips down and pokes it towards deep midwicket for an easy couple


Swann to Gayle, SIX, well well well, that has gone absolutely miles. Gayle skips down the wicket again, but this time swings it handsomely over midwicket for a huge six


Swann to Gayle, OUT, gone this time! Swann gets his man, Gayle wandered down the track again, looking to repeat the dose but couldn't time it at all and ended up guiding it to short midwicket

CH Gayle c Yardy b Swann 25 (12b 2x4 2x6) SR: 208.33

I'm told that wickets have very little impact at this stage. So, there you go, a morale booster for Swann, but little else. Anyway, here's that nurdler Pollard.


Swann to Pollard, 1 wide, OUT, Swann arrows this down the leg side, Kieswetter collects and is so excited that he whips off the bails and has an enormous appeal. Pollard had indeed lifted his back foot! That was an extraordinary stumping, it all looked innocuous

KA Pollard st †Kieswetter b Swann 0 (0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -


Swann to Fletcher, no run, huge appeal from behind the stumps, Fletcher had an enormous swipe at fresh air and it rapped him on the front pad, but he looked a long way down


Swann to Fletcher, 1 run, more controlled this time from Fletcher, bunting it down to long off from a flighted delivery


Swann to Chanderpaul, 2 wides, Swann runs up and fails to bowl the ball first time round, bit cheeky, second time round he arrows a massive wide down the leg side, not great bowling that


Swann to Fletcher, 1 run, this is slower and looped up outside off, Fletcher drives firmly down to long off for a single

End of over 4 (13 runs) West Indies 46/2 (14 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 11.50, RRR: 7.00)

    • ADS Fletcher 2 (3b)
    • S Chanderpaul 11 (9b 1x6)
    • GP Swann 2-0-24-2
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-7-0

14 needed off 12, and here's Michael Yardy. By the way, according to my preview, he's 'one to watch'...


Yardy to Fletcher, 1 run, starts well enough, slinging a dart into the legs, Fletcher chips it into the midwicket region


Yardy to Chanderpaul, 1 run, another round-arm dart, zips through to Chanderpaul who turns it calmly away into the midwicket region for a gentle single


Yardy to Fletcher, 1 run, run a ball needed, but Fletcher is happy to chance his arm, running down the wicket, aiming a big shot, but inside-edging towards square leg for one


Yardy to Chanderpaul, 1 run, touch more air on this one, Chanderpaul once again pokes it to square leg for a simple single


Yardy to Fletcher, 1 run, another one darted in, back of a length, Fletcher manages to shove it down the ground for one, good bowling


Yardy to Chanderpaul, 1 run, Yardy completes a decent over, Chanderpaul attempting a reverse-shot of some kind, doesn't get much of it and it trickles away for a single into the leg side

End of over 5 (6 runs) West Indies 52/2 (8 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 10.40, RRR: 8.00)

    • S Chanderpaul 14 (12b 1x6)
    • ADS Fletcher 5 (6b)
    • MH Yardy 1-0-6-0
    • GP Swann 2-0-24-2

8 needed, Broad to bowl it. This is West Indies' game to lose. Mid off coming into the circle, and fine leg goes deep. Looks like he's going to dig it in short.


Broad to Chanderpaul, 1 run, it is short, and wide, but Chanderpaul can only flay it away towards the fielder at deep cover, and he loses the strike

Fletcher, you sense, will go for something wild here. One boundary would pretty much seal it. Broad round the wicket, fielders running around all over the shop. Fine leg comes up, so this suggests a wide of off stump line.


Broad to Fletcher, 2 runs, indeed it is, Fletcher manages to shove it down the ground, and some smart running allows Chanderpaul to run back a second at the bowlers end

New approach from Broad, abandoning the round-the-wicket approach, mid on goes back.


Broad to Fletcher, no run, oooh, big heave-ho from Fletcher, trying to finish it with one shot, it was a length ball, but the wild swipe found fresh air and it goes through to Kieswetter


Broad to Fletcher, FOUR, well that should be it, Broad loses his line, shortish and down the leg side with fine leg up, Fletcher swings it away for four and leaps to celebrate


Broad to Fletcher, 1 run, that's it! West Indies win it! Length ball outside off stump, Fletcher muscles it through point where the fielder collects, but the single has been taken and West Indies have done it. Wild celebrations from the crowd, the home side look delighted, England don't look too despondent, their fate was pretty much sealed once D/L got to work

Right, that's more than enough from me, Sahil Dutta, and Liam Brickhill. Andrew Miller, who loves the odd Tweet will have a bulletin ready for you shortly, and I hope you join us for tomorrow's matches - Zimbabwe meet New Zealand in a must-win game for them and England meet Ireland. Thanks for all your emails.

Chris Gayle credits the way England batted and thanks the crowds for all their support. Darren Sammy takes the man-of-the-match award for his 2 for 22 on a batting track and says he's been working with Ottis Gibson to improve his game. It's clearly worked, this is his second man-of-the-match performance in succession.

Paul Collingwood says: "We're very, very frustrated, 95% of the time 191 runs is enough but with D/L it wasn't. They need a different calculation."

Bit of a shame that, rain ruined what could have been a really tense chase. As it is, West Indies go through, which is very good for the tournament, and the winner of England and Ireland's match tomorrow will join them.

Slightly farcical end to that match, good to see it completed, but it's fair to say the D/L calculation needs a tweak for T20, any volunteers?






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