ICC World Twenty20, 11th Match, Group A: Australia v Bangladesh at Bridgetown, May 5, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 11th match, Group A
Australia won by 27 runs
Played at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados (neutral venue)
5 May 2010 (20-over match)

Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, no run, short of a length on off stump, Warner hops and defends it down. Bounce and pace already conspicuous on this track.


Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, no run, length ball, on leg stump, Warner gets forward and looks to flick but can't get it away


Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, 1 run, sliding down leg and Warner makes connection with the nudge to square leg. He is away


Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, no run, on middle and off, draws Warner out and he off drives without much power straight to mid off. Good start from Mortaza

Australia 2/0   DA Warner 1* (4b)

Shafiul Islam to Warner, SIX, he's smashed the cover off that one! Short of a length and angling across Warner without much pace, he had enough room to free his arms and swat that high over long off. Clean hit


Shafiul Islam to Warner, FOUR, goes the other way, it was marginally fuller and straighter this time, so Warner decided to despatch it over mid on. One bounce over the ropes.

Australia 16/0   DA Warner 11* (6b 1x4 1x6)

Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, no run, great lines from Mortaza, short of a length, pushing Warner back as it angles across, defends off the back foot, without having any room to play an aggressove shot


Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, FOUR, this time, he gives him an inch, and Warner makes a yard out of it. Just outside off, and cut away with fierce power and perfect placement through the covers


Mashrafe Mortaza to Warner, 1 run, cross batted hard to mid on, where it is fielded well, tumbling to the right

Australia 21/1   DA Warner 16* (9b 2x4 1x6)

Shakib Al Hasan to Warner, no run, good start from Shakib, troubles Warner outside off


Shakib Al Hasan to Warner, OUT, and he gets his second ball! Warner does not play spin very well, and the previous ball sowed some seeds of doubt in his head, possibly. He was down the track this time, did not get to the pitch as it turned into him and still went with the loft over midwicket. He did not time it too well and the catch was taken well by the fielder running in

DA Warner c Aftab Ahmed b Shakib Al Hasan 16 (17m 11b 2x4 1x6) SR: 145.45

Australia 21/2   DA Warner 16 (11b 2x4 1x6)





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