ICC World Twenty20, 13th Match, Group E: England v Pakistan at Bridgetown, May 6, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 13th match, Group E
England won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Played at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados (neutral venue)
6 May 2010 (20-over match)

Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, 1 wide, not a great start this, shoved down the leg side, rising but too wide for the umpire


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, oh dear, another awful ball, short, wide outside off, asking to be smashed for four, what else could Akmal do than oblige, sending it down to the cover boundary easily


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, finally locates a line and length, outside off, Akmal defends


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, good ball again, zipping off the pitch from around off stump, Akmal very comfortably pushes it towards point


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, this is what Bresnan is in the side to do, drop it on a line and length and build pressure


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, similar ball on off stump, fraction back of a length, Akmal rises with it and pushes towards cover


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, Akmal content to see out the over quietly, blocking solidly towards the covers

Pakistan 16/0   TT Bresnan 1-0-5-0

Bresnan to Salman Butt, FOUR, top shot this, again it wasn't a great ball, nevertheless, Butt skipped down the wicket and inside the line of the ball and crashed it cross-bat through cover for four


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 1 run, well played again, this time quieter though, just angling it down to third man where Sidebottom fields well to keep it to one


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, that's the area to bowl - fullish on around off stump - Akmal defends


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, oops, Bresnan drops short and wide outside off, Akmal tried to launch it over point and out the ground, but missed it entirely


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, better ball this time, fuller once more, tighter line, and defended


Bresnan to Kamran Akmal, no run, England seem unable to pitch the ball up consistently, clearly seduced by all the bounce on offer, this is short and wide begging to be dispatched, but once again Akmal swung too hard at thin air

Pakistan 28/0   TT Bresnan 2-0-10-0

Bresnan to Salman Butt, FOUR, who needs style and finesse, when you can do this, walk down the track and slap it down the ground horridly for four


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 2 runs, again, not pretty, but it will do, Butt wanders down the wicket at a length ball and flings wildly at it, no timing at all but clears mid on


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 1 run, this time it's all wrists and delicacy, just clipped away from a fullish length to midwicket


Bresnan to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, Hafeez serenely works this off his legs to midwicket for a gentle single


Bresnan to Salman Butt, no run, this time it's on a good length and line and pushed away tamely


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 1 wide, oh my, very short, Butt ducks under it, although he could have jumped and it would have gone over him


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 1 no ball, not the smartest cricket I've seen, having just been wided for too high a bouncer, Bresnan slips in a high bouncer, to be fair, Butt did advance down the track


Bresnan to Salman Butt, 1 run, looks like Bresnan has learnt his lesson, this time pitches much fuller and it's dug out to point for one

Pakistan 44/1   TT Bresnan 3-0-21-0

Bresnan to Mohammad Amir, OUT, well, Aamer has looked uncomfortable all innings, and this time he's gone, dug in at the body from Bresnan, Aamer skipped leg side to give himself room for a cut, it was too close to him and he ends up sending it looping to point, where Swann and Yardy almost collide taking the catch

Mohammad Amir c Yardy b Bresnan 3 (7m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, 1 wide, this time it's much too wide outside off and a welcome run for Pakistan


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, no run, almost gone here, Ajmal dropped it on to the off side and set off for one, there was no run there but Bresnan's throw missed the stumps


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, FOUR, that will do fro Ajmal, I'm not sure how much he knew about it, very little probably, short and he closed his eyes and slogged, it flew off a top edge over the keeper for a welcome boundary


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, 2 runs, pushed away into the offside, and some quick running and confused fielding allows an extra run


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, 1 wide, sloppy from Bresnan, shoved miles down the leg side for a welcome extra run and, crucially, extra ball


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, SIX, well, there you go! A classic tailender shot, for some reason, Bresnan banged it in short and Ajmal swiped at it, of course it didn't go where he intended, but it matters not a jot, it sailed high and handsomely over the keeper for a very welcome six


Bresnan to Saeed Ajmal, 1 run, Ajmal attempting a delicate ramp/dink shot, flies off the outside edge down to third man on the bounce, and that ends an excellent final over for Pakistan which should make for a very interesting run chase

Pakistan 147/9   TT Bresnan 4-0-36-1





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