ICC World Twenty20, 18th Match, Group E: England v South Africa at Bridgetown, May 8, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 18th match, Group E
England won by 39 runs
Played at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados (neutral venue)
8 May 2010 (20-over match)

17.30 GMT We're all ready to get underway, and after all the hype about the pacemen, South Africa are about to open with a spinner! Here's Johan Botha ...

17.20 GMT Almost ready to start. Liam Brickhill is on bulletin duty today, and here's his pre-toss offering. "Lets start off with no funny bias views and keep it up through to the end of the match!" says Matt Nel. Alrighty ...

17.05 GMT A little under half an hour til the start, and England will be bracing themselves for a pace onslaught. The Barbados track has been a revelation in this tournament - properly quick, unlike the heap of excrement that England and West Indies played on during their Test series last winter. It's made for compelling viewing as well.

17.00 GMT Paul Collingwood has called correctly and England will bat first. Both sides have named an unchanged team, so Ryan Sidebottom remains ahead of James Anderson in the pecking order, while Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis will open the batting for South Africa with Herschelle Gibbs at No. 3. First up though, it will be Kieswetter and Lumb versus Steyn and Morkel ... bring it on.

England 1 Michael Lumb, 2 Craig Kieswetter (wk), 3 Kevin Pietersen, 4 Paul Collingwood (capt), 5 Eoin Morgan, 6 Luke Wright, 7 Stuart Broad, 8 Tim Bresnan, 9 Graeme Swann, 10 Michael Yardy, 11 Ryan Sidebottom.

South Africa 1 Graeme Smith (capt), 2 Jacques Kallis, 3 Herschelle Gibbs, 4 AB de Villiers, 5 JP Duminy, 6 Albie Morkel, 7 Mark Boucher (wk), 8 Johan Botha, 9 Dale Steyn, 10 Morne Morkel, 11 Charl Langeveldt.

16.55 GMT Hello hello, welcome welcome, roll up roll up. It's time for England and South Africa's second match of the Super Eights, and it's a humdinger in prospect as well. Both sides won their opening fixture in Group E, but New Zealand's win over Pakistan means that South Africa - who beat the Kiwis in their first match - can qualify for the semi-finals if they see off England today. Pakistan, meanwhile, are already halfway home - they need favours from England to get them back into the reckoning.

The toss is about five minutes away, and so why not have a read of the preview, lovingly prepared by yours truly at about 2am last night. Oh, and why not have yourself a shameless plug while we're at it ... the first ever Twenty20 internationals on American soil will take place in Florida on May 20, 22 and 23rd when Sri Lanka will play New Zealand in three Twenty20 matches. For full details and ticketing information, click here.


Botha to Lumb, 1 run, on the pads, decent length, nudged away to launch the innings

Over the wicket to the right-handed Kieswetter


Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run, flicked nonchalently through midwicket. Calm start from both batsmen


Botha to Lumb, no run, quicker delivery, pushed through from round the wicket. Strikes the pad but sliding down


Botha to Lumb, 2 runs, premeditated sweep, well played but not quite timed. Fine leg chases and gathers


Botha to Lumb, OUT, pushed through again, and that's the breakthrough! Lumb expected it to be tossed up, but instead Botha fired in another quicker one, it struck the pad before he could move, and that was plumb

MJ Lumb lbw b Botha 3 (2m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Well, well. Here comes KP, and the first over isn't yet over


Botha to Pietersen, no run, good flight and massive tweak, but Pietersen got in a big stride and that appeal was always optimistic

Still, quite a start to this contest

End of over 1 (4 runs) England 4/1 (RR: 4.00)

    • KP Pietersen 0 (1b)
    • C Kieswetter 1 (1b)
    • J Botha 1-0-4-1

Spin and speed combo. Here's Dale Steyn


Steyn to Kieswetter, no run, a ripper. Just under 90mph, nipping away late from a tight line, and Kieswetter is beaten


Steyn to Kieswetter, FOUR, now that's a response! Fractionally fuller, and it was all the invitation Kieswetter needed. Leaning onto the front foot, a full drive, and pierces the covers


Steyn to Kieswetter, 1 run, on the pads, worked into the leg side


Steyn to Pietersen, FOUR, full and straight, and KP bludgeons that back down the ground! Sweet strike, full face of the bat, it was in the air but never close to a return catch. That was travelling

This is high-octane


Steyn to Pietersen, no run, flicked ambitiously into the leg-side, but midwicket intercepts


Steyn to Pietersen, FOUR, stunning strike! A slower ball from Steyn, wide of off stump, and Pietersen climbed into like Steffi Graf on set point. Fraulein Forehand, match that!

End of over 2 (13 runs) England 17/1 (RR: 8.50)

    • KP Pietersen 8 (4b 2x4)
    • C Kieswetter 6 (4b 1x4)
    • DW Steyn 1-0-13-0
    • J Botha 1-0-4-1

Morne Morkel joins the fun


M Morkel to Kieswetter, 1 no ball, lively lift outside off stump, but he oversteps and a free hit is coming up ...


M Morkel to Kieswetter, 1 run, Kieswetter backs away in anticipation, Morkel follows him, a wild swipe spirals out to square leg, and Duminy completes the non-catch


M Morkel to Pietersen, FOUR, Pietersen stands his ground this time, and that's flogged majestically through midwicket. He's in the zone so far in this innings


M Morkel to Pietersen, no run, worked into the covers


M Morkel to Pietersen, 1 leg bye, on the pads, an optimistic whip of the bat, but that takes the thigh-pad and deflects to fine leg


M Morkel to Kieswetter, (no ball) 1 run, smeared down to third man, an easy catch, and Kieswetter walks ... but it's a no-ball! Nearly a run-out as they hustle through for a single, but that's a mighty let-off ... how costly will it be?


M Morkel to Pietersen, no run, a free hit and Pietersen's eyes pop out on stalks as he nearly hoists himself off his own feet. But there's no contact


M Morkel to Pietersen, FOUR, goodness me, it's all going wrong for South Africa, a genuine edge, and that flies straight between Kallis at first slip and Boucher with the gloves. And neither flinches!

It was Boucher's catch, but it's all academic now. Wow. What a start. Here's Langeveldt

End of over 3 (13 runs) England 30/1 (RR: 10.00)

    • KP Pietersen 16 (9b 4x4)
    • C Kieswetter 8 (7b 1x4)
    • M Morkel 1-0-12-0
    • DW Steyn 1-0-13-0

Langeveldt to Kieswetter, no run, good length to launch his spell. Defended


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, no run, belted into the covers, that was middled once again, but straight at the fielder


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, 1 run, clipped calmly to midwicket and an easy single


Langeveldt to Pietersen, 1 run, good length outside off stump, driven on the up to long-off


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, 5 wides, banged in short, too short for the batsman to reach it. And Boucher can't get there either!


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, no run, made room, drilled into the covers. Can't quite time it


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, no run, better length to finish the over. But another messy effort. South Africa are looking anxious out there

End of over 4 (7 runs) England 37/1 (RR: 9.25)

    • C Kieswetter 9 (12b 1x4)
    • KP Pietersen 17 (10b 4x4)
    • CK Langeveldt 1-0-7-0
    • M Morkel 1-0-12-0

M Morkel to Pietersen, no run, a premeditated charge but that length was too good, and the ball zips over the bails and through to the keeper


M Morkel to Pietersen, FOUR, Pietersen steps inside the line, shovels a pull through square leg, using Morkel's natural bounce to help it round the corner. Excellent thinking, and great execution


M Morkel to Pietersen, 2 runs, fuller length, much fuller. Pietersen tried to work that through midwicket, but got a fat leading edge through the covers. They all count


M Morkel to Pietersen, FOUR, that's some serious timing. Short and lifting, not a bad ball at all, but Pietersen walloped that through midwicket with a dismissive swat


M Morkel to Pietersen, 1 run, a half-chance as KP swipes a good-length ball down to third man, but the outside edge drops just short of the fielder


M Morkel to Kieswetter, 1 run, low full toss, on leg stump, flicked to deep square. Eventful stuff!

End of over 5 (12 runs) England 49/1 (RR: 9.80)

    • C Kieswetter 10 (13b 1x4)
    • KP Pietersen 28 (15b 6x4)
    • M Morkel 2-0-24-0
    • CK Langeveldt 1-0-7-0

Langeveldt to Kieswetter, SIX, humungous. Three steps down the track, a majestic hoist, and that landed ten rows back at long-off


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, 1 leg bye, full this time, an attempted flick, but no real contact


Langeveldt to Pietersen, 1 run, fuller length, almost a yorker, and only a thin inside-edge saved his stumps there. But KP is flinging the bat at everything


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, FOUR, cheeky. Steps inside the line, down on one knee, dabs a paddle sweep over fine leg. And that's four more


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, no run, zipping through at a good pace, just outside off. No contact on a wiped drive


Langeveldt to Kieswetter, FOUR, crunching cut shot to complete the Powerplays, and that's emphatic. Stand-and-deliver stuff as the ball hurtles in front of square

End of over 6 (16 runs) England 65/1 (RR: 10.83)

    • C Kieswetter 24 (18b 3x4 1x6)
    • KP Pietersen 29 (16b 6x4)
    • CK Langeveldt 2-0-22-0
    • M Morkel 2-0-24-0

What can South Africa do to stem the tide? They can introduce Jacques Kallis, that's what


Kallis to Pietersen, 1 run, decent length, a fraction short, pulled hard but tidied up at deep midwicket


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, lifting from a good length, tucked off the hip but without any power


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, full and straight, a hint of swing, this is more like it for South Africa

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Kallis to Kieswetter, 2 runs, driven coolly into the gap in the covers


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, short and straight, and that's deemed okay on height as Kieswetter misses out on a pull


Kallis to Kieswetter, 1 run, makes room, mows a drive to deep cover, that's a tidy start to his spell

End of over 7 (4 runs) England 69/1 (RR: 9.85)

    • C Kieswetter 27 (23b 3x4 1x6)
    • KP Pietersen 30 (17b 6x4)
    • JH Kallis 1-0-4-0
    • CK Langeveldt 2-0-22-0

Botha returns to the attack. His first over did the job for South Africa, but it's been one-way traffic since then


Botha to Kieswetter, no run, punched back up the track, no great power


Botha to Kieswetter, no run, tossed up, clipped to short midwicket


Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run, calm single, down to long-off. KP comes on strike


Botha to Pietersen, 2 runs, high and wild, flogged out to deep cover, but there's no-one back on the rope, and he gets away with it


Botha to Pietersen, no run, flicked firmly to midwicket, where a tumbling stop saves the single


Botha to Pietersen, 1 run, there's the Red Bull run, but mid-on can't gather, and he's home safe. Decent over

End of over 8 (4 runs) England 73/1 (RR: 9.12)

    • KP Pietersen 33 (20b 6x4)
    • C Kieswetter 28 (26b 3x4 1x6)
    • J Botha 2-0-8-1
    • JH Kallis 1-0-4-0

Kallis to Pietersen, 1 run, good line and length, worked away for a single


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, Kieswetter made room, Kallis followed him. Good bowling


Kallis to Kieswetter, 1 run, short-arm jab, through midwicket, but not really middled


Kallis to Pietersen, no run, full and fuller, and held back a touch. Defended with a bit of a late adjustment

A measure of calm takes over at last


Kallis to Pietersen, no run, right up to the bat, and pushed down to mid-off. This is tight and teasing bowling


Kallis to Pietersen, 2 runs, punched down to long-on, where Morkel concedes a second run as he gathers slowly. Still, another excellent over to stem the run-flow

End of over 9 (4 runs) England 77/1 (RR: 8.55)

    • KP Pietersen 36 (24b 6x4)
    • C Kieswetter 29 (28b 3x4 1x6)
    • JH Kallis 2-0-8-0
    • J Botha 2-0-8-1

Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run, dropped! That is an absolute howler from JP Duminy at cow corner! A regulation mistimed pull, he had all the time in the world to steady himself, but failed horribly. Oh dear


Botha to Pietersen, 1 run, KP escapes the strike


Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run, Kieswetter returns the compliment. Good bowling, and deserves better


Botha to Pietersen, 1 run, worked round the corner for another single


Botha to Kieswetter, no run, cracked back to the bowler. Good teasing flight


Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run, another single from another good-length delivery. Five singles, and a dropped catch. Good over

End of over 10 (5 runs) England 82/1 (RR: 8.20)

    • C Kieswetter 32 (32b 3x4 1x6)
    • KP Pietersen 38 (26b 6x4)
    • J Botha 3-0-13-1
    • JH Kallis 2-0-8-0

Steyn returns


Steyn to Kieswetter, 1 run, Kieswetter is momentarily caught out by the sudden injection of pace, but his checked drive pierces the covers nonetheless


Steyn to Pietersen, FOUR, no such qualms for KP! A murderous mowed drive, makes room and crashes through the covers


Steyn to Pietersen, SIX, slower delivery, too short, and that is belted high and handsome, onto the roof, and two bounces, off the corregated iron, and out of the ground!


Steyn to Pietersen, no run, another short ball, quicker this time, and KP's pull finds thin air


Steyn to Pietersen, FOUR, flamingo flick, up and over midwicket, finds the gap, and that's a spectacular half-century against arguably the best attack in the tournament. Only 30 deliveries, and the promise of much more ...


Steyn to Pietersen, 1 run, low full-toss, driven wholeheartedly to long-off, who fields on the second bounce

End of over 11 (16 runs) England 98/1 (RR: 8.90)

    • KP Pietersen 53 (31b 8x4 1x6)
    • C Kieswetter 33 (33b 3x4 1x6)
    • DW Steyn 2-0-29-0
    • J Botha 3-0-13-1

Botha to Pietersen, no run, pushed through, flatter and quicker


Botha to Pietersen, OUT, and that's a deserved wicket for Botha. On the leg stump, an inside-out sweep, but he can't loft it over leg gully who gathers a simple spooned catch

KP Pietersen c Smith b Botha 53 (41m 33b 8x4 1x6) SR: 160.60

A tame end to a brilliant innings, but it's set England a weighty platform as the captain enters the fray


Botha to Collingwood, 1 run, pushed into the covers


Botha to Kieswetter, 1 run


Botha to Collingwood, no run, pushed onto the back foot


Botha to Collingwood, no run, looked for a scurried single but nothing doing. Another eventful over

End of over 12 (2 runs) England 100/2 (RR: 8.33)

    • PD Collingwood 1 (3b)
    • C Kieswetter 34 (34b 3x4 1x6)
    • J Botha 4-0-15-2
    • DW Steyn 2-0-29-0

Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, attacking the top of off stump, it works in all formats. Defended


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, ambitious swing of the blade from a full length. No contact


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, full and straight again, mid-off gathers


Kallis to Kieswetter, no run, bouncer, and a good one. Just passed within head height, so no wide

Four dots in a row. Remarkable


Kallis to Kieswetter, 1 run, excellent length once again, a leading edge is smeared down to third man, who can't quite make the ground for the catch. Always safe


Kallis to Collingwood, SIX, a shimmy down the track, and Collingwood dents Kallis's figures with a disdainful pull over deep midwicket. That's his shot, and it travelled!

End of over 13 (7 runs) England 107/2 (RR: 8.23)

    • PD Collingwood 7 (4b 1x6)
    • C Kieswetter 35 (39b 3x4 1x6)
    • JH Kallis 3-0-15-0
    • J Botha 4-0-15-2

Duminy to Kieswetter, SIX, too short, and that is walloped. A Collingwood-esque lofted pull over midwicket. Agricultural, but wonderfully timed


Duminy to Kieswetter, no run, back on a good length, and defended


Duminy to Kieswetter, OUT, Kieswetter goes this time, charging into a lofted drive, but he got underneath the stroke a touch, for Steyn at long-on to backpedal into a well-judged catch

C Kieswetter c Steyn b Duminy 41 (54m 42b 3x4 2x6) SR: 97.61

Excellent anchor innings ... he was second-fiddle to KP for much of his innings. Here's Morgan ... he can hit the ball too


Duminy to Collingwood, 1 run, chopped out to short third man


Duminy to Morgan, no run, looped up from round the wicket, punched back to the bowler


Duminy to Morgan, FOUR, switch-sweep, and that's wonderfully placed. Pierces the gap at what used to be backward point. And goes for four

End of over 14 (11 runs) England 118/3 (RR: 8.42)

    • EJG Morgan 4 (2b 1x4)
    • PD Collingwood 8 (5b 1x6)
    • JP Duminy 1-0-11-1
    • JH Kallis 3-0-15-0

M Morkel to Collingwood, no run, an uppish drive, out to point


M Morkel to Collingwood, SIX, that's a cracking strike. Three quick steps, a violent swing of the bat, and that's cleared long-on by a distance


M Morkel to Collingwood, no run, low full-toss, chipped out to mid-on


M Morkel to Collingwood, OUT, stand-and-deliver from Collingwood, an eager swipe, a spiralling top-edge, and a simple take for Boucher. Still, he picked up the pace nicely for England

PD Collingwood c †Boucher b M Morkel 14 (12m 9b 0x4 2x6) SR: 155.55

Luke Wright joins the party. Five overs is about right for his style of hitting


M Morkel to Morgan, 1 leg bye, slightly erratic fielding in the slips, but all tidied up in the end


M Morkel to Wright, no run, he negotiates his first delivery calmly enough

End of over 15 (7 runs) England 125/4 (RR: 8.33)

    • LJ Wright 0 (1b)
    • EJG Morgan 4 (3b 1x4)
    • M Morkel 3-0-30-1
    • JP Duminy 1-0-11-1

Steyn to Morgan, no run, a hopeful drive, but not timed


Steyn to Morgan, 2 runs, tucked up by a tight line and late inswing, defended down to fine leg


Steyn to Morgan, 2 runs, crunched out to deep cover, a good sliding stop cuts off the four


Steyn to Morgan, 1 wide, down the leg-side and called wide, although Steyn thinks there was a deflection on that


Steyn to Morgan, 1 wide, no deflection on that one. Steyn's pumped up, but he's losing his line a touch, perhaps as a reaction to Morgan's prowess outside off


Steyn to Morgan, no run, not so prolific in that shot! Eminently cuttable, but he cuts thin air


Steyn to Morgan, 2 runs, slower ball, half-stopped in the covers, but they come back for a second


Steyn to Morgan, FOUR, great batting, just a touch too leg-sided, and that's whipped so fiercely past fine leg. Morkel didn't have far to move, but he was beaten to the rope

End of over 16 (12 runs) England 137/4 (RR: 8.56)

    • EJG Morgan 14 (9b 2x4)
    • LJ Wright 0 (1b)
    • DW Steyn 3-0-41-0
    • M Morkel 3-0-30-1

Langeveldt to Wright, OUT, full and straight, and Wright has no answer to that delivery. Right up in the blockhole, and Langeveldt strikes on his return!

LJ Wright b Langeveldt 0 (6m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Langeveldt to Bresnan, no run, good bowling again, angling into the batsman, who is forced to defend


Langeveldt to Bresnan, 1 run, over-pitched but not terribly so. A measured drive into the covers to rotate the strike

Langeveldt comes round the wicket


Langeveldt to Morgan, 1 run, tight again, attacking the pads and cramping Morgan for room


Langeveldt to Bresnan, no run, blockhole bowling, and that's really good work from Langeveldt. He is an excellent death bowler


Langeveldt to Bresnan, no run, wonderful work from Langeveldt. Another yorker, with a hint of inswing. Bresnan bats that back to the bowler. Two runs from the over, and South Africa have control right now

End of over 17 (2 runs) England 139/5 (RR: 8.17)

    • TT Bresnan 1 (4b)
    • EJG Morgan 15 (10b 2x4)
    • CK Langeveldt 3-0-24-1
    • DW Steyn 3-0-41-0

Steyn to Morgan, FOUR, that'll help England's cause. Steyn fires in a pad-high full-toss, and Botha at deep midwicket can't intercept a firm clip


Steyn to Morgan, 1 run, much better from Steyn. Slower ball, an offcutter, and defended


Steyn to Bresnan, no run, another slower ball, and Bresnan is beaten all ends up. Was making room for a mow, but never got close


Steyn to Bresnan, 2 runs, up in the blockhole, chiselled out to deep cover. They come back for two


Steyn to Bresnan, 1 run, slower ball again, crunched out to the sweeper once again


Steyn to Morgan, 1 run, tucked up on the pads, they hustle through as Morgan keeps the strike with a dab down into the crease. Not Steyn's best spell of recent times though ...

End of over 18 (9 runs) England 148/5 (RR: 8.22)

    • EJG Morgan 21 (13b 3x4)
    • TT Bresnan 4 (7b)
    • DW Steyn 4-0-50-0
    • CK Langeveldt 3-0-24-1

Langeveldt to Morgan, OUT, wonderful take from AB de Villiers, diving towards the rope at cow corner, and that's an invaluable breakthrough! Langeveldt pitched it up from round the wicket, Morgan's swipe held up in the wind, and England's finisher is finished!

EJG Morgan c de Villiers b Langeveldt 21 (20m 14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 150.00


Langeveldt to Bresnan, 1 run, run-out opportunity, but the batsman gets home in the end. But it's Langeveldt's tight lines that are inducing the panic


Langeveldt to Yardy, 1 run, full length again, squeezed away for a single


Langeveldt to Bresnan, 2 runs, bunted hard and straight, back down the ground, plugs just in front of long-off, but another excellent delivery


Langeveldt to Bresnan, 2 runs, low full-toss, swung out to the deep, but can't pierce the field


Langeveldt to Bresnan, FOUR, priceless boundary as Langeveldt offers too much width, and Bresnan belts that handsomely through the covers. England needed that

One over to go, and 170 is the target. Kallis, you'd have thought, would be the man, but no. Here's Morne Morkel

End of over 19 (10 runs) England 158/6 (RR: 8.31)

    • TT Bresnan 13 (11b 1x4)
    • MH Yardy 1 (1b)
    • CK Langeveldt 4-0-34-2
    • DW Steyn 4-0-50-0

M Morkel to Yardy, 1 run, cracked hard off the back foot, over the bowler's head, but cut off in the deep


M Morkel to Bresnan, 2 no balls, a swing and a miss, but they gallop through for a single. A no-ball is called because Langeveldt wasn't in the circle. He's not amused by that call. A valuable extra ball for England


M Morkel to Yardy, 1 run, flicked out to midwicket, another single


M Morkel to Bresnan, OUT, good delivery, full and straight, and beats an ambitious mow. Bresnan goes, and England are pegged back yet further

TT Bresnan b M Morkel 13 (13m 13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


M Morkel to Swann, 1 run, slower ball, chipped down the ground, lands just short of long-off. They are kept to a single


M Morkel to Yardy, FOUR, superb. Yardy walks inside the line, and flicks an emphatic four through backward square

He thought that was the last ball, but no. There's another for the no-ball ...


M Morkel to Yardy, 1 run, cracked out to extra cover. One more to the total, but that's a spirited comeback from South Africa

Well, that was the Kevin Pietersen show, while it lasted. His brutal innings, in partnership with Craig Kieswetter, had South Africa on the run at the halfway mark of the innings. But Johan Botha and Jacques Kallis put the brake on the run-scoring, while Charl Langeveldt's spell at the death was excellent. They'll be chasing 169 for a place in the semis. Join us in ten.

End of over 20 (10 runs) England 168/7

    • MH Yardy 8 (5b 1x4)
    • GP Swann 1 (1b)
    • M Morkel 4-0-40-2
    • CK Langeveldt 4-0-34-2





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