ICC World Twenty20, 22nd Match, Group E: England v New Zealand at Gros Islet, May 10, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 22nd match, Group E
England won by 3 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Played at Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia (neutral venue)
10 May 2010 (20-over match)

Toss New Zealand have won the toss and will be batting first.

Hello, and welcome to Cricinfo's live coverage of the Super Eight encounter between England and New Zealand. My name is Liam Brickhill, and I'll be providing commentary for this match.

After their win over South Africa, Pakistan will be cheering England on this afternoon - if they beat New Zealand, Pakistan stay in the competition. And don't forget, the result in the first game means that England are assured a place in the semi-finals before a ball is bowled in this match. It is, of course, a must-win game for New Zealand. You can have a look at the Points Table here.

Team news: In case the news has somehow escaped you, Kevin Pietersen has flown back to the UK to be present at the birth of his son - which, happily, happened today. Ravi Bopara comes into the side in his absence. For New Zealand, Aaron Redmond comes in for the underperforming Martin Guptill.

No news on a name for KP's son yet. Why don't you head on down to our Facebook page to discuss your own suggestions. Or, if you must, talk about the cricket.

"Positive thing for KP's son is that if he ever takes up cricket professionally he wont be given a hard time for playing for England," says Manish "...Unless junior KP decides to play for South Africa." Perhaps it will be fashionable by then...

By the way, Andrew Miller's toss bulletin is in, so give it a read for the very latest in the build-up to this game.

"Lalit Modi and Giles Clarke arm-wrestling over whether KP's son would play for the IPL or the EPL would be much fun," says Bala. "For the two of them, that is." And for us, Bala. Ever heard of celebrity death match?

Anyway, the players are out in the middle and the action is about to begin! What a picturesque setting for this match, here's hoping it's a cracker!


Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, on the spot immediately, McCullum stays back to drop the ball on the leg side, but can't find space in a tight fielding ring


Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, nipping in off the seam a touch to strike the thigh pad, but another good, straight length ball from Bresnan


Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, McCullum comes down the pitch this time, but Bresnan sees him coming and bangs in the bumper, the batsman ducks beneath it


Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, down the pitch again! McCullum comes charging down, head up, eyes closed, and not surprisingly he hits fresh air


Bresnan to BB McCullum, 1 run, full toss, clipped to mid on and they sprint through for one


Bresnan to Ryder, no run, length, pitching off and angling across Ryder, who watches it go past

So, fairly quiet over to start by Twenty20 standards

End of over 1 (1 run) New Zealand 1/0 (RR: 1.00)

    • JD Ryder 0 (1b)
    • BB McCullum 1 (5b)
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-1-0

But that could all change soon - here's Ryan Sidebottom...


Sidebottom to BB McCullum, FOUR, very full and wide first ball, McCullum doesn't miss out on those - hitting up and over the off side for the first boundary of the game. Too easy

And the solitary slip has been removed already


Sidebottom to BB McCullum, 1 run, angling into the hip and tucked just wide of short fine leg to rotate the strike


Sidebottom to Ryder, 1 leg bye, slipping leg side to the left-hander too, and the ball strikes the pad, bobbling to leg as they scamper through. No swing whatsoever for Sidebottom


Sidebottom to BB McCullum, 1 wide, Sidebottom is targeting the batsmen's legs for some reason - this one is too far down though, so that's one for the extras column


Sidebottom to BB McCullum, no run, that's better! Sidebottom finds a great line, pitching off and nipping away ever so slightly to beat McCullum's shaky defensive prod


Sidebottom to BB McCullum, 1 run, down the pitch and muscled into the covers, but McCullum can't quite find the timing to get that away. Good intent though


Sidebottom to Ryder, no run, fuller, on off stump and Ryder drives watchfully to point

End of over 2 (8 runs) New Zealand 9/0 (RR: 4.50)

    • JD Ryder 0 (3b)
    • BB McCullum 7 (9b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-7-0
    • TT Bresnan 1-0-1-0

Bresnan to BB McCullum, FOUR, McCullum is using his feet almost every other ball, as he does this time, giving himself some room too to scythe this over extra cover's head


Bresnan to BB McCullum, FOUR, down the wicket again, Bresnan responds by sending it in fuller but the batsman is equal to it, threading the gap between cover and extra with a thunderous drive


Bresnan to BB McCullum, 1 run, stays back this time to flick a straightish length ball behind square on the leg side


Bresnan to Ryder, 1 run, Ryder opens the face on this one to send it down to third man


Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, bouncer from Bresnan! McCullum wasn't expecting that, he had come forward and took his eyes off it as the ball whizzed past his grille


Bresnan to BB McCullum, 1 run, another short ball - not as short as the previous one mind - and McCullum sends it out to the square leg fielder with a front foot pull

End of over 3 (11 runs) New Zealand 20/0 (RR: 6.66)

    • BB McCullum 17 (14b 3x4)
    • JD Ryder 1 (4b)
    • TT Bresnan 2-0-12-0
    • RJ Sidebottom 1-0-7-0

In comes Stuart Broad


Broad to BB McCullum, 1 leg bye, he finds a touch of movement in to the right-hander with his first ball, striking McCullum on the pad and they run through for a leg bye


Broad to Ryder, no run, Ryder gives himself some room and slaps a full ball into the covers, but straight to the fielder


Broad to Ryder, no run, again backing away, and Broad followed him with a back of a length delivery, tucking him up for room and just beating the edge of an angled bat


Broad to Ryder, FOUR, well, he's picked up a boundary but Ryder wasn't at all in control of that shot. It was full and he went to drive, but didn't get to it, taking the bottom hand off as the ball looped up and over cover and just rolled over the ropes


Broad to Ryder, no run, Ryder's got a one-track mind here, again backing away to a full ball and this time he hits it straight to mid off all along the ground


Broad to Ryder, FOUR, no surprise, Ryder backs away and mis-times an ugly heave over the covers. He's got enough on it to find the boundary again though, so good over for New Zealand!

End of over 4 (9 runs) New Zealand 29/0 (RR: 7.25)

    • JD Ryder 9 (9b 2x4)
    • BB McCullum 17 (15b 3x4)
    • SCJ Broad 1-0-8-0
    • TT Bresnan 2-0-12-0

Bresnan to BB McCullum, no run, utterly agricultural from McCullum, heaving across the line as the ball strikes the inside edge and dribbles meekly to the leg side. No run for a lot of effort...


Bresnan to BB McCullum, 1 run, dropped! McCullum charged down the track, sending the ball back to Bresnan above head height. He got a finger to it, almost parrying it to Broad at mid off. A very hard chance goes begging though


Bresnan to Ryder, no run, Ryder exposes his stumps and attempts some sort of paddle-heave to leg. Bresnan sends down a slower cutter though, which nips between the batsman and the stumps on its way to Kieswetter


Bresnan to Ryder, OUT, gone this time! Ryder never really looked like scoring many today, and he's been undone by another slower cutter from Bresnan. The ball was full and Ryder lined up another nothing swipe across the line to leg with all three stumps exposed. Bowled!

JD Ryder b Bresnan 9 (21m 11b 2x4 0x6) SR: 81.81


Bresnan to Redmond, no run, Bresnan hits a length, and a heavy ball strikes the splice and goes into the off side


Bresnan to Redmond, 2 runs, back of a length this time and dabbed down to third man. Sidebottom lumbers round to cut it off

Redmond is the least experienced member of this NZ T20 side, with just five games to his name

End of over 5 (3 runs) New Zealand 32/1 (RR: 6.40)

    • AJ Redmond 2 (2b)
    • BB McCullum 18 (17b 3x4)
    • TT Bresnan 3-0-15-1
    • SCJ Broad 1-0-8-0

Broad to BB McCullum, 1 run, back of a length, the batsman shapes to tuck it to leg but can't get bat on it. They run a leg bye


Broad to Redmond, no run, attempted guide down to third man, but ball beats bat

Redmond's got a huge trigger movement, walking right across the stumps from a leg-stump guard


Broad to Redmond, 1 run, horrid cricket all round! Bad shot from Redmond loops up but falls short of third man, who mis-fields, the batsmen start running around in confusion, and Broad can't hold on to the return throw to complete an easy run-out!


Broad to BB McCullum, 1 wide, cutter from Broad, but angled too far down leg


Broad to BB McCullum, no run, McCullum tries to force down to third man, the ball strikes the inside edge though, and Kieswetter sprints forward to deny any thought of a run


Broad to BB McCullum, FOUR, short and pulled, baseball-style, in the air down to long on for an aesthetically-disappointing but effective boundary


Broad to BB McCullum, no run, bad ball, short and angling down leg, but McCullum can't get it away with a swivel-pull, and short fine leg cuts off the shot

End of over 6 (7 runs) New Zealand 39/1 (RR: 6.50)

    • BB McCullum 23 (21b 4x4)
    • AJ Redmond 3 (4b)
    • SCJ Broad 2-0-15-0
    • TT Bresnan 3-0-15-1

So, the Powerplay is done, so the field can go out now, and straight away Graeme Swann is into the attack


Swann to Redmond, 1 run, Redmond gets down on one knee to sweep out to the fielder on the boundary at square leg


Swann to BB McCullum, no run, on the spot from Swann, and McCullum stretches forward to defend


Swann to BB McCullum, 1 run, swept again out to square leg, and they amble through for one

The only real gap on the boundary is at third man. Will we see the reverse-sweep coming out?


Swann to Redmond, 1 run, full and tucked just wide of midwicket for a single


Swann to BB McCullum, 1 run, McCullum dances down the track and heaves mightily, but in the end is lucky to get a little inside edge, which bobbles off the boot and they run one


Swann to Redmond, 1 run, pushed wide of midwicket on the leg side for another single

End of over 7 (5 runs) New Zealand 44/1 (RR: 6.28)

    • AJ Redmond 6 (7b)
    • BB McCullum 25 (24b 4x4)
    • GP Swann 1-0-5-0
    • SCJ Broad 2-0-15-0

Yardy from the other end


Yardy to Redmond, no run, spears one in from round the wicket, tucking Redmond up


Yardy to Redmond, 1 run, too straight, driven down to long on

Not even the merest suggestion of spin from Yardy, really firing them in


Yardy to BB McCullum, 1 run, well-swept, hit very hard but Morgan sprints round to cut it off


Yardy to Redmond, 1 run, swiped across the line down to long on


Yardy to BB McCullum, 2 runs, another cracking sweep, right out the middle to send the ball to Morgan's left this time, but he's quick across the turf to cut it off


Yardy to BB McCullum, 1 run, swept again, this time he sends it straight out to the fielder so it'll just be one, and McCullum keeps strike

End of over 8 (6 runs) New Zealand 50/1 (RR: 6.25)

    • BB McCullum 29 (27b 4x4)
    • AJ Redmond 8 (10b)
    • MH Yardy 1-0-6-0
    • GP Swann 1-0-5-0

Swann to BB McCullum, 1 run, just a touch too short from Swann, and the batsman rocks back to pull out to the sweeper on the boundary


Swann to Redmond, 2 runs, great fielding from Broad on the boundary! He ran across and tapped the ball back into play after the batsman had gone for a lofted slog-sweep. Saved two runs there


Swann to Redmond, no run, heaved straight to the midwicket fielder


Swann to Redmond, SIX, another slog sweep, and he's middled this one! Redmond got a great connection on that one to send the ball sailing over Broad's head at deep square leg


Swann to Redmond, no run, swiped across the line once again, but doesn't connect this time


Swann to Redmond, OUT, great fielding again from Broad! Redmond went for the slog sweep once again, Broad was right on the ropes, and leapt forward to take the catch. He showed great awareness of the boundary line, keeping his knees bent as he took the catch adjacent to the boundary marker to make sure not to touch it.

AJ Redmond c Broad b Swann 16 (18m 15b 0x4 1x6) SR: 106.66

End of over 9 (9 runs) New Zealand 59/2 (RR: 6.55)

    • BB McCullum 30 (28b 4x4)
    • GP Swann 2-0-14-1
    • MH Yardy 1-0-6-0

Yardy to Taylor, no run, slapped straight to the close midwicket fielder


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, full again from Yardy, and driven down to long on this time


Yardy to BB McCullum, 1 run, swept out to the deep square leg fielder


Yardy to Taylor, no run, speared in at the legs, and clipped to the midwicket fielder again


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, Taylor walks across his stumps this time to change the angle, working the ball out to long on


Yardy to BB McCullum, 1 run, McCullum sweeps out to the fielder in the deep to collect one more

McCullum has swept pretty much every ball from the spinners, apart from one or two right at the beginning of Swann's spell

End of over 10 (4 runs) New Zealand 63/2 (RR: 6.30)

    • BB McCullum 32 (30b 4x4)
    • LRPL Taylor 2 (4b)
    • MH Yardy 2-0-10-0
    • GP Swann 2-0-14-1

Swann to BB McCullum, 1 run, not swept this time, driven hard down to long on to rotate the strike


Swann to Taylor, 1 run, slower from Swann - flighty, loopy delivery which turned in a touch and Taylor was too soon into the shot, hitting uppishly to leg but wide of any fielders


Swann to BB McCullum, OUT, a vital wicket falls! McCullum went for the big heave to midwicket after taking a couple of steps down the track. He seemed to have got a good connection, but there was more height than distance in the shot and Lumb steadied himself underneath the chance to take a good, safe catch. New Zealand's middle order could struggle to assert themselves from this position...

BB McCullum c Lumb b Swann 33 (46m 32b 4x4 0x6) SR: 103.12


Swann to Taylor, 1 run, too much width, and chopped into the off side for a single


Swann to Styris, 1 run, flighted from Swann, Styris shuffles across to nudge a single behind square on the leg side


Swann to Taylor, 1 run, straight again from Swann, and Taylor turns his wrists over the shot to find the gap at midwicket

End of over 11 (5 runs) New Zealand 68/3 (RR: 6.18)

    • LRPL Taylor 5 (7b)
    • SB Styris 1 (1b)
    • GP Swann 3-0-19-2
    • MH Yardy 2-0-10-0

148 was a winning score for Pakistan on this pitch, but that was against an out-of-sorts South Africa...


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, too far down leg, and the batsman gets a touch on it to collect a single wide of the man at short fine


Yardy to Styris, 1 run, wide of off this time, and Styris is content to just open the face and collect a run behind square on the off side this time


Yardy to Taylor, 3 runs, much quicker from Yardy, and Taylor guides it off the face of the blade very fine, but a sprinting fielder cuts it off before the third man boundary


Yardy to Styris, 1 run, driven through the covers


Yardy to Taylor, 2 runs, nurdled to leg, wide of midwicket and they scramble through for another

One good thing for New Zealand - there haven't been many dot balls, even though they haven't been hitting the boundary with regularity


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, tickled down leg, and though short fine sprints round the batsmen steal a cheeky single

End of over 12 (9 runs) New Zealand 77/3 (RR: 6.41)

    • LRPL Taylor 12 (11b)
    • SB Styris 3 (3b)
    • MH Yardy 3-0-19-0
    • GP Swann 3-0-19-2

Swann to Taylor, SIX, Taylor goes big! A lot of bottom hand in the shot, and he middled it with a flick of his meaty wrists to pick up a valuable six runs!


Swann to Taylor, 1 run, and he has the sense to calmly pick up one from the next ball and keep rotating the strike after the big shot


Swann to Styris, 1 run, Styris tries to emulate his partner with a hoick down the ground, doesn't time it, but luckily it's timed badly enough that it doesn't reach the fielder on the full


Swann to Taylor, 1 run, Swann targets the stumps, and Taylor flicks to leg for another


Swann to Styris, 2 runs, good running! Really put the fielder under pressure there, the ball had been hit to leg but should have been one. The fielder was a little slow coming in off the boundary though, and they took the chance to sprint through


Swann to Styris, 1 run, full and straight again from Swann, and Styris drives down to long on

End of over 13 (12 runs) New Zealand 89/3 (RR: 6.84)

    • SB Styris 7 (6b)
    • LRPL Taylor 20 (14b 1x6)
    • GP Swann 4-0-31-2
    • MH Yardy 3-0-19-0

Good spell from Swann, and it'll be Sidebottom to continue from this end, so Collingwood opting to keep one Yardy over in the bank for later. Good thinking, these two batsmen were beginning to look at ease against the spinners


Sidebottom to Styris, FOUR, and that really isn't a good start from Sidebottom. Short and leg side, Styris picks the length early, shuffling across to lift the ball up and over the short fine leg fielder for a boundary

And with that, fine leg goes back to the ropes and mid off comes up


Sidebottom to Styris, 1 run, another short ball from Sidebottom, and it's a slower one as he rolls the fingers across it. Styris swivels to pull down to the fielder who is on the boundary now


Sidebottom to Taylor, 2 runs, on the hips, Taylor tucks to leg and finds good placement - right between the men at fine leg and square leg, and good running gets New Zealand two more


Sidebottom to Taylor, 2 runs, another slow cutter, again Taylor picks the gap to leg, and again they take an easy two

Sidebottom is bowling short long hops to protect the straight boundary, but that's going to give New Zealand easy runs to leg every time


Sidebottom to Taylor, 2 runs, slightly fuller, but Taylor picks the gap between deep midwicket and long on this time, and it's two more easy runs for New Zealand. Totally risk free


Sidebottom to Taylor, 1 run, close! That was quicker and Taylor tried to drop it on the off side, but was surprised by the space, the ball did bounce at his feet but went back and just bounced over the stumps. Styris called him through for a sprinted single all the same

End of over 14 (12 runs) New Zealand 101/3 (RR: 7.21)

    • LRPL Taylor 27 (18b 1x6)
    • SB Styris 12 (8b 1x4)
    • RJ Sidebottom 2-0-19-0
    • GP Swann 4-0-31-2

Despite the loss of McCullum, New Zealand are starting to build some good momentum with this partnership - it's worth 36 from 21 balls already. Broad to continue from the other end.


Broad to Taylor, no run, edged! But it was a slower ball, and so the edge dropped well short of Kieswetter. It was a slow legcutter, and a good one too


Broad to Taylor, 1 run, length, just outside off stump, and Taylor chops hard down on the ball into the off side


Broad to Styris, FOUR, Styris backs away with Broad in his delivery stride, but the bowler spots it and follows him with a sharp short ball, Styris pulls it off his face and beats a clumsy dive from Sidebottom at short fine to pick up a boundary


Broad to Styris, no run, nasty bouncer from Broad! He was clearly riled by the fumbled fielding attempt, and sent this ball whizzing past Styris's helmet


Broad to Styris, FOUR, back of a length from Broad, Styris backed away and sliced up and over third man for another boundary! There was a hint of top edge about that shot, but the runs are flowing for New Zealand now!


Broad to Styris, 2 runs, length, and Styris gives himself room to club the ball down the ground. He doesn't get enough on it to beat the fielder, though, and long on slides across to cut it off. Two runs the result.

End of over 15 (11 runs) New Zealand 112/3 (RR: 7.46)

    • SB Styris 22 (12b 3x4)
    • LRPL Taylor 28 (20b 1x6)
    • SCJ Broad 3-0-26-0
    • RJ Sidebottom 2-0-19-0

With 30 balls to come, New Zealand won't be unhappy with their position now. A couple of wickets could change everything, but they're well-placed for a late charge now, with both of the batsmen well set. Yardy to finish his spell.


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, speared at the pads, and nudged out onto the leg side


Yardy to Styris, 1 run, Styris backs away and slaps this one in the air but between the fielders in the covers. The sweeper runs round to cut it off


Yardy to Taylor, 2 runs, Taylor walks across his stumps, Yardy fires it in full and straight and it's driven down to long off. Sharp running gets them two, and thats the fifty partnership!


Yardy to Taylor, no run, short, and much slower from Yardy. Taylor's eyes lit up, and he set himself to pull that all the way back to Wellington. But he was too quick on the shot, beaten by the lack of pace and the ball strikes him in the belly


Yardy to Taylor, 1 run, drilled down to long off


Yardy to Styris, 1 run, hit very hard once again, but it strikes the stumps and ricochets down to long on

End of over 16 (6 runs) New Zealand 118/3 (RR: 7.37)

    • SB Styris 24 (14b 3x4)
    • LRPL Taylor 32 (24b 1x6)
    • MH Yardy 4-0-25-0
    • SCJ Broad 3-0-26-0

Sidebottom again...


Sidebottom to Styris, SIX, crunch! Sidebottom went full, and Styris set himself very deep in his crease, giving his bat a full swing to send the ball waaaaay over long on. Muscled, well and truly.


Sidebottom to Styris, no run, again he sets himself for the big swing, but this time the flashing blade meets fresh air


Sidebottom to Styris, no run, Styris backs away, Sidebottom sends down a slow, cutting bouncer, beating the attempted slash over the covers


Sidebottom to Styris, 1 run, short again, Styris didn't get any timing on the pull and the ball looped up, but fell short of all fielders and they take a run


Sidebottom to Taylor, no run, Taylor swings wildly to leg, but meets fresh air. Sidebottom lets him know what he thinks of the shot.


Sidebottom to Taylor, 1 leg bye, well, that ball seemed to swing a touch! Perhaps some reverse... Whatever, it was full and speared at the pads, and a pad was all the batsman could get on it.

End of over 17 (8 runs) New Zealand 126/3 (RR: 7.41)

    • LRPL Taylor 32 (26b 1x6)
    • SB Styris 31 (18b 3x4 1x6)
    • RJ Sidebottom 3-0-26-0
    • MH Yardy 4-0-25-0

Broad now to finish his quota


Broad to Taylor, 1 run, smeared through the leg side. Length from Broad, and Taylor was waiting for it. Straight out to the fielder though


Broad to Styris, OUT, chipped, and out! Styris backed away, Broad went full and the batsman went through with the lofted drive. Got too much underneath it though, and Luke Wright runs in to take a good, sliding catch.

SB Styris c Wright b Broad 31 (27m 19b 3x4 1x6) SR: 163.15

Good effort from Styris. He got New Zealand back into the game after an iffy start. But he's gone now, and Hopkins is his replacement at the crease


Broad to Taylor, 2 runs, short and pulled to leg, Collingwood - out of character - makes a complete hash of the stop though, running right over the ball and they collect an extra run


Broad to Taylor, 1 run, flat-batted out into the covers, but straight to Swann. They steal a run all the same


Broad to Hopkins, 1 run, short and pulled out to deep square leg

Broad has been almost entirely short and back of a length today


Broad to Taylor, (no ball) 1 run, ooh, not that time! That one's slipped out, hitting the bat above waist height, no-ball for the height.


Broad to Hopkins, OUT, Hopkins goes! Broad reverted back to a shorter length, legcutter and Hopkins was through with the shot too soon. The ball took the inside edge and clattered into the stumps

GJ Hopkins b Broad 1 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

End of over 18 (7 runs) New Zealand 133/5 (RR: 7.38)

    • LRPL Taylor 37 (30b 1x6)
    • SCJ Broad 4-0-33-2
    • RJ Sidebottom 3-0-26-0

Still no Vettori - out comes Nathan McCullum.


Sidebottom to Taylor, 1 run, short and pulled out into the deep

Third man up, fine leg up


Sidebottom to NL McCullum, 1 run, length, tucking up the batsman, who just about gets on top of it to nurdle to leg, and they sprint through for one


Sidebottom to Taylor, SIX, short again, and slogged mightily over the midwicket boundary for a 79-metre six! All strength and timing in that shot


Sidebottom to Taylor, OUT, gone this time! Taylor was looking for another maximum - both for the team and for his own half century - and this time he was looking to hit a fuller ball over long off. But he couldn't get the requisite elevation on the shot, and the long off fielder held a regulation chance.

LRPL Taylor c Bresnan b Sidebottom 44 (44m 33b 0x4 2x6) SR: 133.33

Ah, here is Vettori now.


Sidebottom to NL McCullum, 1 run, McCullum shuffles right across and tries to paddle to leg, but the ball strikes glove. They sprint through for a single though


Sidebottom to Vettori, no run, comical! Vettori shuffled across, got an inside edge that went along the ground to Kieswetter. Vettori set off for the run without looking where the ball had gone, and was sent back by McCullum. Kieswetter attempted to throw down the stumps with Vettori well short but missed by yards

End of over 19 (9 runs) New Zealand 142/6 (RR: 7.47)

    • DL Vettori 0 (1b)
    • NL McCullum 2 (2b)
    • RJ Sidebottom 4-0-35-1
    • SCJ Broad 4-0-33-2

Bresnan to NL McCullum, 1 run, full and slog-swept out to deep midwicket


Bresnan to Vettori, 1 run, Vettori backs away, nudging a length ball down to short third man, and McCullum sprints through to take strike


Bresnan to NL McCullum, 1 leg bye, McCullum moves right across to the off side trying to paddle-scoop, but again can't quite connect


Bresnan to Vettori, 1 run, slower ball, Vettori heaves across the line to pick up a mis-timed one on the leg side


Bresnan to NL McCullum, 1 leg bye, no surprise, out comes the paddle-scoop, and they steal another run

The bowler and the batsman both know exactly what the other is going to do, slower balls and paddle-scoops!


Bresnan to Vettori, 2 runs, a somewhat sloppy end to the innings, Collingwood fires in a return throw from mid off, and it's not a good throw, Bresnan can't stop it and they steal an extra run.

So, New Zealand manage 149 for 6 in their 20, which is one more than Pakistan's match-winning effort. They'll be pleased with that, but they'll have to bowl very well to restrict a strong England batting line-up, albeit one that is without Kevin Pietersen. England will want to keep their winning momentum going with another slick, professional performance. They are already through to the semi-finals, and to be honest it showed in their fielding performance. There wasn't much in the way of intensity out there today.

Andrew Miller's bulletin is in, so have a look at that for an in-depth look at the first half of this match.

End of over 20 (7 runs) New Zealand 149/6

    • DL Vettori 4 (4b)
    • NL McCullum 3 (5b)
    • TT Bresnan 4-0-20-1
    • RJ Sidebottom 4-0-35-1





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