ICC World Twenty20, 2nd Semi-Final: Australia v Pakistan at Gros Islet, May 14, 2010
ICC World Twenty20 - 2nd semi final
Australia won by 3 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Played at Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia (neutral venue)
14 May 2010 (20-over match)

Mohammad Amir to Warner, no run, full in length on the pads, rolls away to short fine-leg fielder


Mohammad Amir to Warner, 1 wide, banged in short, Warner ducks and it has been called a wide. Afridi is surprised with that call.


Mohammad Amir to Warner, OUT, Warner is gone for a duck. They are dancing in the aisles. It was the full length delivery going away from Warner who cuts it straight to backward point. That boy Umar again! What a start for Pakistan. What a tame dismissal. A very soft shot.

DA Warner c Umar Akmal b Mohammad Amir 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Mohammad Amir to Haddin, 1 run, short in length on the middle, tucked past square-leg


Mohammad Amir to Watson, no run, crunchy yorker on the off stump, squeezed out to the off side


Mohammad Amir to Watson, FOUR, Watson breaks free. It was a slightly short delivery and Watson pulls it past midwicket


Mohammad Amir to Watson, 1 run, outside off stump, run down to third man for a single


Mohammad Amir to Haddin, no run, hmm another over with an extra ball .... pushed out to covers. .

Australia 7/1   Mohammad Amir 1-0-7-1

Mohammad Amir to Watson, FOUR, It almost decapitates Haddin! What a wallop. It was a length delivery and Watson pressed forward and muscled it past Haddin!


Mohammad Amir to Watson, no run, fuller, Watson digs it out to the off side .. He made contact with the bottom of the bat


Mohammad Amir to Watson, OUT, What a moment this. The openers are back in the hutch. Pressure. Watson has hit a full delivery straight to long-on! The Pakistan dug-out is celebrating. The fans are screaming in joy. Enter Pup. The Australian captain is in the middle. What can he do now?

SR Watson c Abdur Rehman b Mohammad Amir 16 (13m 9b 2x4 1x6) SR: 177.77


Mohammad Amir to Clarke, no run, full in length outside off stump, pushed out to backward point


Mohammad Amir to Clarke, 1 run, works this wide of third man for a single


Mohammad Amir to Haddin, 1 run, fullish on the off stump line, dragged of the inner edge past square-leg

Australia 28/2   Mohammad Amir 2-0-13-2

Mohammad Amir to White, 1 run, really full delivery on the middle, squeezed out to point


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 1 wide, pressure. Pushes this one down the leg side for a wide.


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 1 run, goes for the yorker, ends up as a low full toss on middle and leg, flicked away but there is a man in the deep. Just a single.


Mohammad Amir to White, OUT, Is this the moment of the chase? And would you believe it, it was a full toss that did the trick for Pakistan. A full toss on the off stump line. White's eyes opens up and he tries to smash it through the line to long-off. Perhaps that was the mistake. He couldn't find enough power behind it and couldn't clear long-off. But what an innings this has been from White. Great to watch. Superb under pressure. But he is gone now.

CL White c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Amir 43 (31m 31b 0x4 5x6) SR: 138.70


Mohammad Amir to Smith, FOUR, slips it on the pads, it was the slow off cutter, and Smith stays back to play the leg glance to perfection


Mohammad Amir to Smith, no run, full and angling away from Smith who goes for the swing to the on side but makes no contact


Mohammad Amir to Smith, 1 run, leans across to scoop the full delivery over square-leg. Kamran screams the fielder to release the ball to him. The batsmen think about the second but the fielder has released the ball quickly. Just a single. Kamran is happy.

Australia 144/6   Mohammad Amir 3-0-21-3

Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, FOUR, Four of the first ball. Hussey leans across, waits for the fulll ball to arrive and paddles it to the fine-leg boundary. Icy cool.


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, full pitched outside off, driven to Umar at long-off .. they turn for the second run. Umar fires the throw to Aamer who breaks the stumps. The call is referred upstairs. Mitch dives to get back in the crease in time.


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 2 leg byes, tries to repeat the paddle shot that he attempted the first ball .. this time he doesn't connect properly.. the ball rolls away to third man ..


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, Kamran is screaming away out there..he wants the throw ...this one was heaved away towards long-on .. and they will take the second run. Pretty comfortable run actually.


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, backs away even as he gets down the track and drives to right of Umar at long-off. Two more.


Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, FOUR, Very important delivery in the context of the game and Hussey keeps Australia alive with a four. It was the low dipping full toss, attempted yorker, .. Hussey had moved down the track, collected it on the full and dragged it to left of deep midwicket .. Mis bah rushes and throws in a dive but ends up dragging the ball with him over the boundary/.

Australia 174/7   Mohammad Amir 4-0-35-3





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