ICC World Twenty20, 2nd Match, Group D: New Zealand v Scotland at The Oval, Jun 6, 2009
ICC World Twenty20 - 2nd match, Group D
New Zealand won by 7 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
Played at Kennington Oval, London (neutral venue)
6 June 2009 (20-over match)

Butler to Coetzer, FOUR, but it makes no difference to him, short and wide, slashes hard, cuts it away powerfully wide of third man for a one-bounce four


Butler to Coetzer, 2 runs, dropped, The Scots are showing some spunk, length ball on middle, lofts it over mid-on, really high, Brendon McCullum runs back but fails to hold on, almost palms it off to the ropes but manages to drag it just back in, they still get two though


Butler to Coetzer, 2 runs, fullish on middle and leg, swings it away, not well timed though, just wide of deep midwicket for a couple more

Scotland 41/1   KJ Coetzer 8* (3b 1x4)

Oram to Coetzer, no run, misses out, full toss outside off, goes at it hard but fails to make contact, will be disappointed there, good take by McGlashan


Oram to Coetzer, no run, struck brutally but straight onto the stumps at the non-striker's end, another miss, should have got four for that


Oram to Coetzer, 2 runs, slower one bowled on a good length on middle, wafts it between long-on and deep midwicket for a couple


Oram to Coetzer, no run, a relatively quiet over, full and wide, tries to cream it through the off-side field, makes no contact

Scotland 48/1   KJ Coetzer 10* (7b 1x4)

Ryder to Coetzer, FOUR, beautifully placed, full and wide, bends low and slices it perfectly between short third man and point, four more, they're coming at a fair clip now


Ryder to Coetzer, SIX, this is fun, Coetzer is in prime touch, slower one gone bad, lands full on the off stump, gets under it nicely and smashes it over the long-off boundary for a flat six, powerfully struck


Ryder to Coetzer, FOUR, we may well ahve another thriller here, full on the off stump, picks the length early, gets to the pitch and crunches it between long-off and deep cover for four more, 19 off that over

Scotland 67/1   KJ Coetzer 24* (10b 3x4 1x6)

Oram to Coetzer, 1 run, good length outside off, driven down the ground to long-off


Oram to Coetzer, 1 run, low full toss on the offstump, driven to long-off, gets a single, keeps the strike for the final over

Scotland 81/1   KJ Coetzer 26* (12b 3x4 1x6)

Butler to Coetzer, 1 run, full and wide, missed out on a length ball there, drives it crisply to deep cover, will rue the fact that he didn't find the gap


Butler to Coetzer, SIX, It's Scotland's day, banged in short on middle, goes for the pull, came onto him too quickly but he won't mind it in hindight, takes the top edge and sails over the ropes over fine leg


Butler to Coetzer, OUT, gets the outside edge this time, not the best of deliveries, full and wide, I would have been tempted to dispatch that over deep cover, so was he, but it took the edge straight to McGlashan

KJ Coetzer c †McGlashan b Butler 33 (17m 15b 3x4 2x6) SR: 220.00

Scotland 89/2   KJ Coetzer 33 (15b 3x4 2x6)





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