ICC World Twenty20, 17th Match, Group E: South Africa v West Indies at The Oval, Jun 13, 2009
ICC World Twenty20 - 17th match, Group E
South Africa won by 20 runs
Played at Kennington Oval, London (neutral venue)
13 June 2009 (20-over match)

Taylor to Kallis, no run, a bit of outswing there, but it started wide enough for Kallis to let it go


Taylor to Kallis, no run, gets closer to Kallis this time, stays full, gets some shape, Kallis's pad comes in the way of the bat, but he is hit outside the line of off


Taylor to Kallis, no run, pulls the length back a little, Kallis looks to cut, gets the bottom edge towards Bravo at second slip


Taylor to Kallis, 1 run, this is full, shaping away, played down to third man, Kallis is off


Taylor to Smith, 1 run, back of a length, angling across, played with an open face towards point


Taylor to Kallis, no run, another full delivery, played towards cover, no slower deliveries from Taylor in the first over

South Africa 2/0   JE Taylor 1-0-2-0

Taylor to Kallis, no run, Kallis is looking to manufacture now, backs away and looks to go inside out, but Taylor bowls back of a length and follows him, hit to mid-off


Taylor to Kallis, FOUR, yorker gone wrong, nice fulltoss on the pads, flicked away, very fine, easy four runs


Taylor to Kallis, SIX, lovely shot, makes room and this time Taylor doesn't follow him, bowls the cutter but Kallis sees it well and lofts it over extra, sweet timing again


Taylor to Kallis, 1 run, doesn't move around this time, the ball angles into him, and he gets one to wide of mid-on


Taylor to Smith, 1 run, there it is, the first misfield, full delivery played towards short midwicket, where Dwayne Bravo doesn't get down properly and lets through one


Taylor to Kallis, FOUR, now we know why Taylor hasn't been bowling the slower bouncer, because the first one he tries is picked by Kallis who rocks back and pulls it emphatically into the vast open spaces on the on side

South Africa 26/0   JE Taylor 2-0-18-0

Taylor to de Villiers, FOUR, welcomes Taylor with a front-foot pull, the front leg is out of the way, and this is not even very short, just quick hands


Taylor to de Villiers, OUT, big wicket again, Gayle keeps his cool wearing those yellow-rimmed glasses, AB makes room and goes for the big hit down the ground, splices it to the orbit, Gayle at extra cover gets under it and holds on to it, finally those glasses are working

AB de Villiers c Gayle b Taylor 17 (15m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 170.00


Taylor to Morkel, FOUR, bowls a bouncer, but gives him width too, upper-cut easily, finds the gap too


Taylor to Morkel, no run, that's a better bouncer, from round the wicket, angling in, chasing his throat, Albie pulls his head out of the way


Taylor to Morkel, no run, short, cut away, straight to point


Taylor to Morkel, OUT, bowled him, yorker, base of off, lovely bowling, Albie looks to make room and play it behind square but is late on it. Will these wickets slow SA down?

JA Morkel b Taylor 10 (10m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

South Africa 159/5   JE Taylor 3-0-26-2

Taylor to van der Merwe, no run, full and straight, beats van der Merwe on the flick


Taylor to van der Merwe, OUT, another one goes down, VDM plays like only he can, his head falling away and slogging big, gets a top edge that goes nowhere but straight up into the sky, another dot ball too

RE van der Merwe c †Ramdin b Taylor 1 (1m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33


Taylor to Boucher, 2 runs, yorker on the leg stump, pretty well played, turned away to square leg, gets two


Taylor to Boucher, 2 runs, good running, another yorker, dug out, goes slowly towards long-on and they scamper hard for two


Taylor to Boucher, no run, slower ball, just short of a length, Boucher looks to pull, but plays over it


Taylor to Boucher, no run, nice stuff, the orthodox bouncer, Boucher is beaten on the pull again, very nice comeback by Taylor

South Africa 170/7   JE Taylor 4-0-30-3





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