Zimbabwe Twenty20 Triangular Series, 4th Match: Zimbabwe XI v Bangladesh XI at Harare, Jun 21, 2012
Bangladesh XI won by 6 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Played at Harare Sports Club
21 June 2012 (20-over match)

Abul Hasan to Taylor, FOUR, and more pounding, short and wide and even though Taylor doesn't move his feet, he scoops it over the covers and that's four


Abul Hasan to Taylor, 1 run, cute! Taylor bends the back and looks to guide off the face to third man, he succeeds but there's not much pace in the ball and he doesn't get it high enough for the boundary


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, no run, short but Masakadza pulls early and there's a fielder at mid-on to mop up


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, no run, good length and on leg-stump, Masakadza has come down the pitch to pull but the length isnt short enough and he makes no contact


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, no run, outside off-stump, Masakadza moves towards it and wants to steer to third man, but Hasan saw him coming and did not offer as much width as Masakadza wanted


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, FOUR, spoils the end of the over, short and that's asking to be pulled. Masakadza is onto it this time.

Zimbabwe XI 53/1   Abul Hasan 1-0-9-0

Abul Hasan to Matsikenyeri, 2 runs, short and pulled away, not with full force though and there's only one


Abul Hasan to Matsikenyeri, FOUR, short again and cut away, Matsikenyeri gets the top edge to third man, Ash should have kept that down to one but he London Bridges over it and lets through a boundary


Abul Hasan to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, better length and better directed as well, into the batsmen and pushed away, almost a mid-pitch collision as the Bangladesh fielders scramble to get to it


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, 2 runs, driven down to long-on, its Masakadza who's doing the pushing, Matsikenyeri accepts the challenge to go for two and he's got the skates on, Masakadza applauds him for getting in in time


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, 1 wide, not the best way to bring up 100, too wide outside off, perhaps a little harsh


Abul Hasan to Masakadza, 1 run, line and length from Hasan now, he gets some right and when he does, he looks good, push and run stuff here


Abul Hasan to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, Matsikenyeri likes that shot down to third man, Ash has wiped the butter off his fingers this time and the over ends with 1

Zimbabwe XI 102/3   Abul Hasan 2-0-21-0

Abul Hasan to Utseya, 1 run, short and pulled away, there's a man on the boundary so its just the one


Abul Hasan to Cremer, no run, full toss and he's missed out, slashes it to the fielder in the covers who thinks about shying at the stumps but there is no-one backing up so he holds back


Abul Hasan to Cremer, 1 run, yorker length and dug out to the leg-side


Abul Hasan to Utseya, OUT, all coming apart now for Zimbabwe. Slower ball again and Utseya plays too early, gets a top-edge and Hasan has to backpedal and turn around to take the catch but he does so with ease

P Utseya c & b Abul Hasan 3 (5m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00


Abul Hasan to Cremer, 1 run, smacked through mid-wicket, full and straight from Hasan and he won't mind this at all


Abul Hasan to Jarvis, 1 wide, not the best way to the end over, trying for the bounder but veers down leg


Abul Hasan to Jarvis, 1 run, the old heave-ho from Cremer, backs away and leans into the slash, Zimbabwe have a lot of work to do in this last over to get close to a par score

Zimbabwe XI 140/7   Abul Hasan 3-0-26-1





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Hours of play (local time) 13.00 start, First Session 13.00-14.15, Interval 14.15-14.30, Second Session 14.30-15.45

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