Zimbabwe Twenty20 Triangular Series, Final: Zimbabwe XI v South Africa XI at Harare, Jun 24, 2012
Zimbabwe XI won by 9 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
Played at Harare Sports Club
24 June 2012 (20-over match)

Waller to Morkel, no run, flicked to fine leg


Waller to Morkel, no run, full and hit into the covers, no run there


Waller to Morkel, 1 run, Albie drives to long-off, Sibanda picks it up, almost fumbles but manages to pick up cleanly

South Africa XI 68/5   JA Morkel 1* (3b)

Cremer to Morkel, FOUR, easy as you like! Short, not too short and he stands still and pulls. Well placed into the gap on the leg side and that's four.


Cremer to Morkel, FOUR, on leg stump and Morkel guides that past short fine leg, not the best delivery Cremer has ever bowled and Morkel's placement is good again


Cremer to Morkel, 1 run


Cremer to Morkel, no run, on leg stump, Morkel doesn't make any room this time, he wants to flick it away fine but doesn't get hold of it, still, a good over for South Africa

South Africa XI 78/5   JA Morkel 10* (7b 2x4)

Waller to Morkel, 1 run, lots of turn there, off the edge and into the point region


Waller to Morkel, 1 run, full and pushed to point, there's a fielder there and Utseya picks up on the bounce and shies at the non-strikers end, that would have been out if he'd hit

South Africa XI 84/5   JA Morkel 12* (9b 2x4)

Mpofu to Morkel, 1 run, short and put away on the off-side, Du Plessis got on top of that but ended up not hitting it hard enough and there's only one run because of the fielder down on the rope


Mpofu to Morkel, 1 run, carved into the covers, quick running again


Mpofu to Morkel, FOUR, lovely shot from Morkel but a really poor ball from Mpofu, short and on the pads, Morkel pulls one-legged to fine leg, free runs that

South Africa XI 96/5   JA Morkel 18* (12b 3x4)

Muzhange to Morkel, 1 run, width of offer, Morkel cuts and cuts hard but there is a fielder out there on the deep cover fence, Waller reaches it quickly and keeps it down to one


Muzhange to Morkel, 1 run, Morkel is standing outside off and Muzhange does not let him make room as he aims on middle and Morkel can only push to the leg side

South Africa XI 104/5   JA Morkel 20* (14b 3x4)

Jarvis to Morkel, 2 runs, driven to long-off and good running ensures two, if they can't find the boundary, may as well create pressure this way


Jarvis to Morkel, 2 runs, full and driven past Jarvis, pin straight, Vusi Sibanda is out there and makes a sliding stop, there's two more


Jarvis to Morkel, 1 run, in the blockhold and Du Plessis can only defend, good ball but still concedes a run

South Africa XI 109/5   JA Morkel 25* (17b 3x4)

Muzhange to Morkel, no run, yorker length,outside off and Morkel can't dab it down to third man


Muzhange to Morkel, 1 run, same again, Morkel's get a touch on it to point. Du Plessis wants the run, Morkel has to hurry but the throw comes in at the wrong end and they both make it comfortably


Muzhange to Morkel, no run, in the blockhole and Morkel hangs his bat out but doesn't make contact, two overs left and South Africa still in sight of a total around 140

South Africa XI 125/5   JA Morkel 26* (20b 3x4)

Jarvis to Morkel, 1 run, full, driven in the air to long-off, Masakadza is there to pick it up


Jarvis to Morkel, 1 run, smacked to long-off and Taylor is madly calling for it to be thrown to the keeper's end, the fielder doesn't respond quickly enough though

South Africa XI 128/6   JA Morkel 28* (22b 3x4)

Muzhange to Morkel, SIX, Morkel at his best. Full, he comes down the pitch to get under it, smacks it over long-off and into the stands. South Africa finish on 146.

South Africa XI 146/6   JA Morkel 34* (23b 3x4 1x6)





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Hours of play (local time) 13.00 start, First Session 13.00-14.15, Interval 14.15-14.30, Second Session 14.30-15.45

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