Zimbabwe Twenty20 Triangular Series, Final: Zimbabwe XI v South Africa XI at Harare, Jun 24, 2012
Zimbabwe XI won by 9 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
Played at Harare Sports Club
24 June 2012 (20-over match)

Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, short, pulled away but without much control, it's down to baclward square leg and there's only one


Mpofu to Amla, 2 runs, short again and cut away through the gap on the off-side, not enough on it to get to the boundary but he will get two


Mpofu to Amla, OUT, my, my, my! Zimbabwe's bowlers working to a plan here. It's short again and Amla likes to play at those. He pulls but there's a man out there at deep square leg. Malcolm Waller takes the catch and South Africa are off to a disastrous start.

HM Amla c Waller b Mpofu 3 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Mpofu to Ingram, 2 runs, wide, full and driven in the air, it's safe though as it finds the gap on the off-side and well reeled in again


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, full and straight, nothing on offer there for Ingram, defends into the offside


Mpofu to Ingram, 1 run, full again, Ingram opens the face and runs it past point to third man, no boundary for South Africa yet and Zimbabwe have claimed two big scalps

South Africa XI 9/2   CB Mpofu 1-0-6-1

Mpofu to du Plessis, 1 wide, not so good this time, down the leg-side from Mpofu, he has been guilty of this in a few matches so far


Mpofu to du Plessis, 1 wide, trying too hard, bangs that in short, Du Plessis wants to pull but as he swings wildly, that goes down the legside for another wide


Mpofu to du Plessis, no run, much better, directs that at offstump and Du Plessis is on his toes, driving into the covers


Mpofu to du Plessis, no run, full and on offstump, Du Plessis plays and gets a small touch. The ball lands just behind the stumps and he thinks of a run, Taylor swoops in to stop it


Mpofu to du Plessis, no run, just back of a length, its the cutter again and Du Plessis is coming forward, that bounces on him and he can't fend it off the handle


Mpofu to du Plessis, 1 run, nudged into the leg-side as Du Plessis breaks the run of dot balls in this over


Mpofu to Ingram, no run, comes from wide of the crease, full and straight and defended away


Mpofu to Ingram, no run

South Africa XI 16/2   CB Mpofu 2-0-9-1

Mpofu to Morkel, 1 run, short and put away on the off-side, Du Plessis got on top of that but ended up not hitting it hard enough and there's only one run because of the fielder down on the rope


Mpofu to du Plessis, 2 runs, cutter again and turned on the leg-side, Du Plessis uses the wrists well and Waller is quick to field that


Mpofu to du Plessis, 1 run, pulled on the leg-side, kept down to one


Mpofu to Morkel, 1 run, carved into the covers, quick running again


Mpofu to du Plessis, 1 run, pushed to mid-off, Du Plessis concentrating on strike rotation more than anything else


Mpofu to Morkel, FOUR, lovely shot from Morkel but a really poor ball from Mpofu, short and on the pads, Morkel pulls one-legged to fine leg, free runs that

South Africa XI 96/5   CB Mpofu 3-0-19-1





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Hours of play (local time) 13.00 start, First Session 13.00-14.15, Interval 14.15-14.30, Second Session 14.30-15.45

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