Zimbabwe v Bangladesh, 3rd ODI, Harare August 16, 2011

Alan Butcher hails 'significant' win

ESPNcricinfo staff

Alan Butcher, the Zimbabwe coach, has said the ODI series triumph over Bangladesh is a major boost to the confidence of a team that experienced tough times in the past, adding that winning 5-0 was the next aim for his side. Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh in the one-off Test prior to this series, marking a victorious return to the five-day format after five years of self-imposed exclusion, and have won three ODIs in a row - their first ODI series win against a Test-playing nation in five years.

"It is pretty significant for everybody. From the players' point of view, they've had a tough time, getting better and to win a series, it helps boost your confidence," Butcher said after his team's tense five-run win in Harare. "We won a Test and three ODIs but there are areas of improvement. We knew that from the first two games that Bangladesh were capable of playing better than they did. And they showed it. We'd really love to have a 5-0 win."

Zimbabwe were helped by the consistency of Hamilton Masakadza, who made 74 today to follow up on his century in the Test, and Tatenda Taibu, who top-scored with 83. The finds, however, for Zimbabwe this season have been the seamers Kyle Jarvis and Brian Vitori. Jarvis was impressive in the Tests and picked up two wickets today while filling in for Ray Price. Vitori has had a sensational start to his ODI career, picking up five-fors in his first two ODIs.

"A year ago we never heard of Brian Vitori. He wasn't getting any franchise. Kyle was struggling with an injury, we weren't sure when he's coming back. Those two have really come forward."

Bangladesh put up a strong fight in the third ODI, falling just five short of Zimbabwe's 250. Brendan Taylor, the Zimbabwe captain, praised his bowlers for retaining their calm during the tense finish. "I thought we had done about enough, the ball doesn't do much in the afternoon, but we had the bowlers, the guys kept their heads together and pulled it off.

"I just thought I would keep changing my bowlers around. With no Price to contain the bowlers, Jarvis showed a mature head. [We will have] a bit of celebration tonight."

The final two games will be played in Bulawayo.

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  • raymond on August 18, 2011, 16:37 GMT

    I am reliably informed that Zimbabwes franchise structure has a good crop of young professionals( ok- semi) all in their 20s few are over 30. Some have over 50-100 first class games under their belt- a number have played u19 world cup cricket - methinks this decade bodes much promise for the Zimbabweans - if only they can get to play more against good competition- nz- wi- pak-SA-ind-aus and less with Kenya the Dutch - who's players are English county veterans having mo first class competition at home or the scotish or Irish who seem only here to be a feeder to the REAL English team. One feels zimbabwe is fast approaching a watershed- will they cross the rubicon and conquer rome? Taylor is definatelt the capt they never had and flower and streak the nurses in waiting - good luck Zimbabwe!

  • mahjut on August 18, 2011, 11:54 GMT

    PP78...the Franchises - good as they appear to be - are in their infancy. Will they be sustainable? I happen to think so [but the amount of positive thought i've had about Zim that turned sour are too many to mention]!! I think the management has been good - even really good - to think that we have quite a large pool of players who have been tested internationally and are waiting for their chance. I think the A team games have been VERY useful and some more of that and we'll certainly be on the up. on the other hand - we have still not been genuinely tested is all i was saying - we were beaten by SA A and OZ A just prior to this tourny so we know there's a lot to do! BUT, things are looking very good and i think the first building blocks are in place - i don't think PK or NZ will absolutely trash us in the way WI did last tour and if they don't we'll be better informed...

  • Andrew on August 18, 2011, 8:20 GMT

    @simba_chi - I agree totally that only time will tell and that far sterner tests lie ahead for Taylor's captaincy. But I was not trying to compare Taylor to Campbell and Streak. When I said Taylor was the most convincing for a long time I was referring to the last 7 years in which the captaincy has almost been vacant in my opinion. If you did not know who was the captain, you might not even be able to guess while watching the game. I really like Prosper and Elton as players, but I was not convinced by their captaincy, so I think that Taylor has already shown more natural captaincy skills than they were able to. Good luck to him with all the challenges ahead.

  • raymond on August 18, 2011, 8:00 GMT

    I have read with intrest the many comments , accolades and criticisms levelled against both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The facts as they stand are-Zimbabwe beat bangladesh in both the test and the ODI series. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh found themselves in tricky situations during their innings in the test and ODI series-only Zimbabwe sustained the pressure and dragged themselves out of it. Yes one can argue that Bangladesh did not have adequate practice before-but whose fault is that, and honestly speaking at this international that's just a ridiculous excuse to even profer. A 14 month hietus can surely not be compared to a six year lay off-if not to mean that Zimbabwes domestic competition is of such standard as to be comparable to the county, Australian and south african leagues. Surely even a layman can deduce that Zim have a better side and better structure to sustain test and odi cricket and in the long term their future looks brighter.they just need to play stronger outfits regularly

  • Arnold on August 18, 2011, 7:42 GMT

    Been a Zim fan since the early days of Dave Hougton, Malcom Jarvis, Guy Whittal etc. What I can say about this current team is that at least they now have a positive mindset ad are starting to believe in themselves BUT its wayyyyy too early to be harping about how good we are etc coz for starteres BD havent played any real meaningful criket for the past 14 or so months and our batsmen need to be tested against real pace attack (which will definitely happen with the upcoming Pakistan tour). I must say Vitori has been a revelation but again he's only been tested agains BD batsmen who havent been positive in their application for whatever reasons best known to themselves. I for starters will only make my final judgement of Vitori once he's gone against the likes of Ross Taylor, Stuart Watson, Pietersen, Cook and Strauss etc otherwise well done Zimbabwe, keep it up and stay positive. By the way whatever happened to Friday Kasteni. Now that was real talent waiting to be nurtered.

  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2011, 7:40 GMT

    Both the teams played wonderful cricket.... cricket won here....A brave innings by Rahim.. All the best for future!

  • Gary on August 18, 2011, 4:57 GMT

    @Nduru, I think comparing Taylor to the other past Zim captains is rather unfair at this point. I agree he has started well, but remember all the other past captains had to prove themselves against much better sides. Streak and Campbell were positive captains during their time though Campbell's own game dropped a bit especially in the Tests. We can only see how well Taylor and the team deliver in the next two games. We dont expect miracles here, but we want to see progress and at least the competitive fighting spirit that we are renowned for.

  • Tatai on August 18, 2011, 3:11 GMT

    Poor Bangladesh! What excuse would they give now? 10 years are too little? Politics in the board? India and Pakistan do not want us to win? Shameful for them; laughable for the neutrals and trust us, we are laughing.

  • mahjut on August 17, 2011, 14:12 GMT

    Zim needed a little luck, and unearthing Vitori is the first piece in a while. Realistically though - will this series (with BD seemingly at their lowest ebb) tell us anything about where Zim cricket is? What it will do either way is give them some confidence going into their next series...

  • Dummy4 on August 17, 2011, 8:45 GMT

    i think zim cricket is there now if we ca white wash bangladesh we can beat other big teams in the cricket fratenity

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