Zimbabwe v Bangladesh, 4th ODI, Bulawayo August 19, 2011

'We played good cricket today' - Shakib

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A change of venue brought a change of luck for Bangladesh as they picked up their first win of the tour, at the Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo. It was their fifth win in seven completed matches at the ground, but their captain Shakib Al Hasan played down the role of the conditions, saying it was a good performance that brought the change in fortune.

"I think this suits us more than the Harare ground," Shakib said. "The wicket had some spin, enough for our bowlers to do something. I don't think we always win here because it suits us; we played good cricket today. The spinners were steady and Rubel [Hossain] bowled brilliantly. Today all the three parts clicked, though we can still improve our game and be more consistent."

Bangladesh came into the ODI series as favourites, having dominated Zimbabwe in recent years - they had won the last six bilateral ODI series between the two countries before this one. Shakib admitted that now that they had lost the series there was less pressure, which helped, but pointed to the team's lack of cricket in recent months as one of the main reasons for the 3-1 scoreline in favour of Zimbabwe.

Before this tour Bangladesh had not played since April, and apart from Shakib, who played in the IPL and then for Worcestershire, and Tamim Iqbal, who played for Nottinghamshire in the Friends life T20, the rest of the Bangladesh players have not had much cricket since then.

"There was individual pressure on players; plus we haven't played competitive cricket for three months, except for me and Tamim," Shakib said. "It was difficult to adjust for the others. I and Tamim had the mindset, but the rest felt some pressure. If we could have adjusted a bit earlier, it would have helped."

Though the win will not affect the series result, Shakib said there were positives to take from it, and was particularly happy with the new players in the Bangladesh team. Nasir Hossain and Shuvagoto Hom have both made impressive starts to their careers, and Shuvagoto helped steer Bangladesh to victory today in the company of Shakib. "I am very satisfied with them. The way Shuvagoto batted, I really liked it. It didn't seem as if he was someone new to international cricket.

"I still think we should have finished today's game better. We needed 70-odd and we had lost four wickets. If I had got out suddenly, there would have been a lot of pressure on the new batsmen. Senior players should take the responsibility of finishing the game. But I liked the way our top-order batsmen showed a positive mindset, something that we wanted from the beginning. We still have one more game to go and if we can finish that on a high note, there'll be some positives we can take back home."

Alan Butcher, Zimbabwe's coach, said his side had not become complacent and were determined to stop Bangladesh from winning the last game, on August 21 in Bulawayo.

"We spoke a lot about not getting complacent because we have already won the series," Butcher said. "We wanted to win the series 5-0. But on the day we've played poorly and Bangladesh deserve to win. We had a good wicket to bat on and ended up 60-80 runs short of a competitive target. There were soft dismissals, a silly run-out and a collapse at the end. Apart from [Brendan] Taylor, who was excellent, the rest of the batting was ordinary."

Zimbabwe were without their star bowler of this tour, Brian Vitori, in Bulawayo because of an injury, but Butcher said he could be back for the last game.

"Vitori was having problems with his calf muscle during the last game in Harare so we decided it was better to rest him before it got worse. Hopefully he'll be ready for Sunday. But we won't play him if he's not 100% fit."

Butcher said he was aware Bangladesh were improving as the series went on but said the defeat was more due to their own mistakes. "We saw in the last game in Harare that Bangladesh were improving, but we expected more of ourselves than what we produced today. We need to turn that around on Sunday."

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  • Muhammad Rakibul on August 20, 2011, 11:45 GMT

    @plmx99: Mustafa kamal's is an exception in history of BCB. Before him none of BCB officials comfessed about Board's failure. It's a positive mindset & if he & co. turned his realizations in positive actions then BD will as competitive as SL of 95/96 within 5/6 years. Otherwise, BD will b as Zim of 05/06 within nxt few years!

  • Dummy4 on August 20, 2011, 10:22 GMT

    @Cpt.Meanster: Bangladesh is already above Zim in ranking for few years and not too far away from WI. And Bangladesh is wining matches regularly though this win come after 7 match but that happen. If u forget: Bangladesh narrowly missed chance to qualify for Q. final of this years world cup (for low run rate). Its clear Bangladesh is much improved side now. Still I agree with you except these facts, Bangladeshi players should change their mindset and BCB should become more professional to build infrastructure and arrange competitive cricket at national level.

  • Shaifuzzaman on August 20, 2011, 7:40 GMT

    I dont think Zimbabwe played some extra ordinary cricket. They played just what was required. But BD played awful. Thats why we are thinking Zim has gone far up than BD. We need to wait for at least one year to judge that. BD bowlers were really rusty and took some times to come to rythme. Remember they didnot play any cricket from Apr. Zim need to prove in BD that they have improved.I dont think Zimbabwe played some extra ordinary cricket. They played just what was required. But BD played awful. Thats why we are thinking Zim has gone far up than BD. We need to wait for at least one year to judge that. BD bowlers were really rusty and took some times to come to rythme. Remember they didnot play any cricket from Apr. Zim need to prove in BD that they have improved.

  • Dummy4 on August 20, 2011, 7:32 GMT

    This is no excuse. Shakib says his team hadnt been playing? What about Zimbabwe? For how many years did they not play test before this again? 6. Did Zimbabwe play that many ODI matches after the World Cup? No. Our team has been completely outplayed.

  • Dummy4 on August 20, 2011, 1:26 GMT

    It was an awesome performance by Bangladesh.The batting was dominant as they reached the target well within 40 overs.The bowling has been good in the last two games especially when it came to power play.The bowlers are more aware now in what kind of balls to bowl and they have a good plan by saving Rubel Hossain's overs to the end,where he is a better bowler with the old ball.Fielding,batting and bowling came altogether also Nasir Hossain and Shuvogoto Hom are an excellent find.Good to see that Stuart Law is installing firm self- believe in the Bangladeshi players and setting them out with a game plan.It is also good for Bangladesh cricket when the BCB president is honest and even the players need to be honest with themselves to rectify the problems.

  • Hasib on August 19, 2011, 22:00 GMT

    I have a feeling Stewart Law is going to have much more success than the previous coaches. I liked seeing some actions taken after bad results!! Players performed bad in the first 2 ODI's, he dropped the bad performers. As soon as they dropped Ashraful, they started playing goor cricket. This is the winnig combination, and I hope they keep the combination until they start losing again, but not until then.

  • Jay on August 19, 2011, 19:03 GMT

    It is time Bangladeshi cricket takes all defeats seriously. It's no longer a joke now. Bangladesh have been an international team for more than a decade and it's time they start to win match at a decent ratio. This is exactly the time length when Sri Lanka started to turn tables and became a major world force. I hope to see a strong Bangladesh in all formats and not just another no.9 or no.10 team looking to "Stay" with the big boys. If Bangladesh can really work hard and play as a unit they can topple WI, ZIM, NZ and move to the middle of the ICC table in tests and ODIs. These words are from a neutral.

  • khalid on August 19, 2011, 18:55 GMT

    Zimbabwe Cricket should be pleased with what the Bangladesh Cricket Board President AHM Mustafa Kamal had to say last Thursday in a local BD newspaper and the ICC should take note of his comments on the state of Bangladesh Cricket.

    This is what he is quoted as saying...

    "...We should understand that Zimbabwe is not the same team against whom we won matches regularly over the last six years. Zimbabwe went back to that position when they beat teams like England, Australia. While Zimbabwe has improved lot we have stayed at the same level."

    "...the wickets and first-class structure are the main problem of our cricket. We don't have any first-class cricket in real sense because the competitiveness was missing in our first-class competition and it's simply picnic cricket,"

  • Dummy4 on August 19, 2011, 18:25 GMT

    Good luck Bangladesh. We want another victory on Sunday.

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