Zimbabwe v Bangladesh, 1st Test, Harare, 1st day April 17, 2013

Bangladesh's fielding angst

Plays from the first day of the first Test between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh in Harare

Drop of the day
Timycen Maruma must have been nervous. Not only was he making his Test debut, he was required to do it out of position. Usually a middle-order man, he was asked to front up first. After defending the first five balls of the opening over, he fished for a short, wide one and got a thick edge to first slip. Luckily for him, Shahriar Nafees was more anxious and spilled a simple chance. Zimbabwe did not have a run on the board then and the dropped catch would have come as a relief.

Ball of the day
Robiul Islam got good movement in the first hour and troubled the openers regularly. At the start of his fifth over, he hit yorker length perfectly and Sibanda was a fraction of a second late in getting his bat down to defend. It was good enough for the ball to sneak through and uproot middle stump, which cartwheeled behind him in perfect sync with Robiul's round-arm action.

Chance of the day
Bangladesh had plenty of opportunities to dismiss the Zimbabwe batsmen, but the one they would have rued the most was Brendan Taylor's chance. As frustration built in the afternoon session, the Zimbabwe captain lashed out. In the 50th over, Taylor stepped out against Enamul Haque jnr and lofted him over long-off. Nafees did well to cover ground and stretch out but he could not hold on. Taylor was on 35 at the time and Zimbabwe did not even have 100 on the board.

Crawl of the day
For the most part, it was the scoring rate but there was a literal instance too. When Malcom Waller drove the ball off Robiul Islam and called for a run, he didn't get as much on it as he expected. Taylor responded from the non-striker's end but Waller could soon see the risk was too great. He sent Taylor back and as the captain turned, he fell over his own feet and landed on all fours. With the Bangladesh fielders closing in, Taylor had to make quick ground and crawled his way back into the crease to ensure there was no chance of a run-out.

Guest of the day
Despite it being school holidays, very few people turned up to watch the first day's play but there was someone notable in attendance. Zimbabwe's new coach Andy Waller, who has yet to be unveiled by Zimbabwe Cricket, was at the Maiden pub to see his future team and his son, Malcolm, battle their way through a testing day.

Celebration of the day
At the start of the series, it looked as though Zimbabwe had little to celebrate. But, they had an occasion to do so by the end of the first day. Taylor reached his third Test century and the Harare Sports Club erupted. While he punched the air, the spectators rose to their feet. Everyone from the players in the dressing room to the officials in the president's suite, often at loggerheads with each other, and the regulars in the Maiden pub applauded. Taylor soaked it in for as long as he could with raised arms and, finally, a smile.

Firdose Moonda is ESPNcricinfo's South Africa correspondent