Zimbabwe v Bangladesh, 2nd T20, Bulawayo May 12, 2013

Mahmudullah fumes at umpire

Plays of the day for the second T20 between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh

The sequel
Mahmudullah got into a heated argument with umpire Jeremiah Matibiri in the ninth over, about what appeared to be regarding the non-striker Sean Williams. He started off with a one-word reply, before yelling at the umpire. Mushfiqur Rahim entered the scene quickly, but Matibiri stood firm. There's a YouTube video of Mahmudullah having a quiet word with Brendan Taylor that has gained popularity as one of the tamer sledges circulated on the internet.

The attempt
Vusimuzi Sibanda has had a mixed four weeks in terms of catching, taking some tough catches and dropping a sitter too. Shakib Al Hasan's slash towards deep cover was heading towards him, where he jumped up, tried to pluck it one-handed but failed. He tipped it over the rope for a six, an unfair outcome of such a remarkable attempt.

The refusal
There's no bigger squeal in world cricket than Mushfiqur Rahim's. Williams survived an lbw appeal to a straight Sohag Gazi delivery that was going to hit middle. The umpire gave a loud call of 'no', and the only replay showed that the bat was also nowhere near the ball. Mushfiqur was left disappointed.

The follow-up
Nasir was run out in the dramatic collapse in the first Twenty20, and his innings ended the same way in the second game. This time he made 27 and helped Bangladesh get out of a rut, but just when he looked like cutting loose, it happened again. Gazi bunted the ball towards mid-on, from where Sibanda swooped on the ball but the batsmen were still uncertain whether to take the run. Nasir turned back late, and Sibanda scored a direct-hit with the batsman a few inches short.

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  • maruf on May 15, 2013, 7:25 GMT

    its a big show of poor umpiring against bd............

  • Reza on May 14, 2013, 20:52 GMT

    @CricTimer, when you see the umpire acting as if he is a Zim player and advising the batsman, then its hard to control your emotion as a competitive player. However, Mahmudullah should have been more professional have he reported the incidence with ICC and match referee. Though I doubt what would happen, as they are keeping their eyes closed so far despite repeatedly Bangladesh team being hammered by bad umpiring decisions series after series, no action is being taken from ICC,s point of view.

  • Inam on May 14, 2013, 2:26 GMT

    overall umpiring is standard is poor across all format, apart for Dar, Taufel most umpires make too many mistakes. now Taufel is gone too. may be umpiring was poor all along, people are more aware of rules maybe due to DRS, certain umpires are making same mistakes over and over again, i am not sure what is the solution, i was big supporter of DRS but how it is implemented is laughable, i could live with bad decision with poor umpiring but knowing all the rules and have time to review and still wrong is utter nonsense. at least with poor decision the tempo of game is not lost you celebrate when umpires finger goes up.

  • Tapa on May 14, 2013, 1:57 GMT

    Shame on you Mahmudullah, for your on field anger act. There is something called request to review, which you could appeal to ICC after match. Verbal arguments on field never brought any good for any team. Skip such act, think what you need to do to avoid those wide balls, act professional and prove that you have the consistency to generate dot and wicket taking balls while bowling and score big while batting. Umpires are never 100% and some of them are below standard. ICC is there to look while you formally approach against them. When you play bad, as an expectator whom should we appeal to?????????.......BD team, please form a strong opener in batting format. Long gone we did not see they are accumulating… sad to say but Bd tour to zim this year is full of dissatisfaction. We never mind BD team loose after playing a good innings.

  • Reza on May 13, 2013, 16:27 GMT

    @Rezaul. Spot ON. Umpiring circus in this series crossed all the limit. ICC must act now to protect cricket, the gentlemen's game.

  • David on May 13, 2013, 14:40 GMT

    I am very disappointed to see only comments on the quality of the umpiring & the commentary, faults and problems of the BCB & ICC, & nothing about the CRICKET.

    All on field umpires make mistakes. It is incredibly difficult to accurately judge the flight path of a small, high speed projectile that bowlers are doing all in their power to move, bend, twist, turn, spin, swing, etc. It is so easy to make claims, sitting at home watching slow motion replays on television.

    Umpiring is always questionable. Television shows that batsmen would have been out, but there was no appeal -the players did not see it, yet players appeal for anything possible. This is the way cricket has ALWAYS been. TV & DRS are attempts to improve umpiring, to make it fair.

    Good cricket will always overcome bad decisions. A ball hit for 6 is not an umpire's bad call. Complaining about umpiring never put the ball over the boundary. To win a team needs to outplay their opponent, to be clearly better.

  • Rezaul on May 13, 2013, 14:30 GMT

    Just to clear the air, the followings happened. Mahmudullah bowled couple of wide deliveries. Sean Williams said something to Mahmudullah (sledging!) and they communicated quiet words as seen, Then umpire (Zimb local umpire) took Sean William's side and told something which Mahmudullah heard and he felt offended. Thats why he asked repeatedly to the umpire "What did you say to him, What did you say to him?" in an angry manner. Then Mushfiq came in and joined the conversation/arguments. Here umpire was seen acting as if he was a playing member of Zim team which defeinitely was offending. Just hope ICC and match refree watches all these umpiring circus in this series.

  • Dummy4 on May 13, 2013, 11:17 GMT

    Both the commentators and the umpires on and off field were utterly unprofessional and not acceptable for international levels of cricket. One of the reasons for team Bangladesh to lose was due to bad umpiring and not because of Zimb were exceptionally good! Sorry but congrats to Zimb for leveling Test and T20 and winning the ODI series.

  • Shashanka on May 13, 2013, 4:52 GMT

    Well done Bangladesh Team. I haven't seen such a poor umpiring in the era of neutral umpires. It's look like i was watching games of India-Pakistan match in one of their home ground in 70s and 80s. I think boys need to control their emotions when things are not going in right way. Nasir needs to adjust to the situation - not only aggression, but good 1&2s also win matches, at the end people remember the wins. Mushfiq is doing a very good job, all others need to support him, especially Tanim and Shakib. We need also one more good spinner and one good pacer. Robiul did well in the test but he is still not a good one-day player. he needs to learn to bowl straight balls - 6 in a over, when pitch is flat with a mix of good yorker what Shafiul has tried. Ashraful should decide how he wants to keep his place in the team when other promising young players are knocking the door. He makes a good innings and then!!!! Mahmudullah should give more time to batting practice and lifts his confident.

  • Shah on May 13, 2013, 4:52 GMT

    Goodness me! Again & again & again umpiring going against BD & yet another huff & in this match now the skipper Mushfiqur Rahim was given out LBW which was really going down leg & here from the otherside two plum LBW was not given to both Zim batsman Sean Williams & Shingi Masakadza which was hitting middle stump in both occassion, just look at that again...! so everyone must know well why BD fans kept complainig about poor umpiring here through out the tour, though other issues i am not mentioning at the moment...anyway see i am not saying only when BD loses but also when BD wins because we can't avoid the fact what happened but you will have to digest the reality :)... & finally this time even poor umpiring was not enough to beat BD! sorry!

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