India tour of Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI: Zimbabwe v India at Harare, Jul 26, 2013
India won by 58 runs
Played at Harare Sports Club
26 July 2013 (50-over match)

Jarvis to Kohli, FOUR, pitched full and outside off stump. Kohli eases onto the front foot and plays an exquisite cover drive which beats the inner field. Great shot!

India 7/1   V Kohli 5* (4b 1x4)   KM Jarvis 1.3-0-6-0

Jarvis to Kohli, FOUR, bad delivery from Jarvis. He strays onto the leg stump with a fuller delivery, and Kohli waits on it before helping it along to the fine leg boundary

India 11/1   V Kohli 9* (7b 2x4)   KM Jarvis 2-0-10-0

Jarvis to Dhawan, FOUR, Jarvis, trying to compensate, ends up pitching a full toss outside off and Dhawan helps himself with a sumptuous cover drive for four

India 24/1   S Dhawan 7* (10b 1x4)   KM Jarvis 2.2-0-20-0

Jarvis to Dhawan, FOUR, pitches full and on off stump, right in the slot, and Dhawan obliges with another cover drive through the gap. Jarvis losing the plot here

India 28/1   S Dhawan 11* (12b 2x4)   KM Jarvis 2.4-0-24-0

Jarvis to Dhawan, FOUR, on a length and pitched outside off stump. Dhawan shuffles down the track and plays through the gap in extra-cover

India 48/2   S Dhawan 19* (26b 3x4)   KM Jarvis 5.5-0-39-1

Chatara to Dhawan, FOUR, short ball on leg stump, a fierce pull from Dhawan sends that in the air just behind square leg and a dive from the man at long leg can't stop that from reaching the rope

India 85/4   S Dhawan 36* (61b 4x4)   TL Chatara 5.1-0-17-1

Chatara to Dhawan, FOUR, back of a length and outside off, helped towards point, batsmen think of a tight single but there isn't time, fielder fires in the throw and the man backing up can't collect, four overthrows there

India 91/4   S Dhawan 41* (64b 5x4)   TL Chatara 5.5-0-23-1

Chatara to Dhawan, FOUR, very expensive over this, full and on the pads, easy to help that down to the fine-leg boundary

India 95/4   S Dhawan 45* (65b 6x4)   TL Chatara 6-0-27-1

Chigumbura to Karthik, FOUR, a low full toss outside off stump, and that is easy for Karthik, he gets well forward and drives past extra cover, makes sure he gets the placement right and doesn't try to muscle the ball though

India 105/4   KD Karthik 13* (25b 1x4)   E Chigumbura 4.5-0-21-0

Chigumbura to Dhawan, FOUR, pitched up and on the pads, Dhawan whips that away towards square leg for a boundary to bring up his half-century, a chancy knock but he has stuck it out

India 116/4   S Dhawan 52* (70b 7x4)   E Chigumbura 5.1-0-26-0

Utseya to Karthik, FOUR, reverse-sweep from Karthik, picks that fullish ball from outside leg and sends that behind point for four

India 124/4   KD Karthik 24* (34b 2x4)   P Utseya 2.2-0-11-0

Utseya to Dhawan, FOUR, What are Zimbabwe doing! Bowls this full and on off stump. Dhawan goes for a lofted sweep and luckily misses the boundary rider on the square boundary for a four. Went right through his hands.

India 163/4   S Dhawan 74* (98b 8x4)   P Utseya 6.2-0-32-0

Utseya to Dhawan, FOUR

India 167/4   S Dhawan 78* (99b 9x4)   P Utseya 6.3-0-36-0

Jarvis to Karthik, FOUR, short of a length on off and middle. Karthik hooks this to the fine leg , and manages to beat the fielder to the boundary.

India 175/4   KD Karthik 44* (60b 3x4)   KM Jarvis 7.3-0-50-1

Utseya to Karthik, FOUR, full delivery on the pads and Karthik gets forward to sweep this to fine leg for a boundary. Karthik also gets his 50 off 64 balls. Good innings from the Tamil Nadu bat. His second fifty since his return to the ODI fold

India 194/4   KD Karthik 52* (64b 4x4)   P Utseya 8-0-50-0

Utseya to Karthik, FOUR, short and outside off, turning in. Karthik dances down and heaves this over the midwicket region for a boundary.

India 202/4   KD Karthik 58* (68b 5x4)   P Utseya 8.1-0-54-0

Utseya to Karthik, FOUR, played to to deep extra cover

India 206/4   KD Karthik 62* (69b 6x4)   P Utseya 8.2-0-58-0

Utseya to Dhawan, FOUR, a touch short from Utseya and too far outside off, slapped hard for four by Dhawan

India 211/4   S Dhawan 98* (112b 10x4 1x6)   P Utseya 8.5-0-63-0

Vitori to Dhawan, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump. Dhawan pulls this fiercely through midwicket for another boundary. Dhawan opening up here.

India 229/4   S Dhawan 113* (122b 11x4 2x6)   BV Vitori 8-0-27-2

Chatara to Mishra, FOUR, another wide delivery, and Mishra steps into it and plays a ramp shot over short fine leg for an improvised boundary.

India 248/6   A Mishra 7* (4b 1x4)   TL Chatara 9-0-46-1

Williams to Jadeja, FOUR, what a hit that is, serious power from Jadeja as he hammers that along the ground, back past the bowler

India 259/7   RA Jadeja 11* (15b 1x4)   SC Williams 1.1-0-7-0

Jarvis to Vinay Kumar, FOUR, here's the boundary India were searching for, Vinay makes room and carves that inside out towards sweeper cover for four

India 271/7   R Vinay Kumar 10* (8b 1x4)   KM Jarvis 10-0-70-1

Williams to Vinay Kumar, FOUR, another boundary for Vinay here, a length ball that is crashed to the deep extra cover boundary

India 281/8   R Vinay Kumar 20* (10b 2x4 1x6)   SC Williams 2.3-0-21-1





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