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Shai Chayun      

Full name Shai Chayun

Born November 16, 1989, Israel

Current age 30 years 134 days

Major teams Israel

Batting style Right-hand bat

Fielding position Wicketkeeper

Shai Chayun

Shai started playing cricket in May last year. Three months later he was one of the stars of the Israel U13 team in Italy. He was an instant success as wicketkeeper, and hard work and a fair share of natural talent now mean he is a top order batsman as well. He plays straight, within his limitations and has an excellent temperament. Whether behind the stumps or batting, Shai is a thinking cricketer who has developed a vast knowledge about the game.

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Aug 4, 2003

Shai Chayun

Shai Chayun

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