Ed Cowan

Top-order batsman with Tasmania and Australia

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Michael Clarke (left), and Michael Hussey (first from right) speak to team-mates at a training session

What does good team culture consist of?

Team spirit is defined not by words but by deeds, although these might not be obvious. And the advent of the T20 mercenary has complicated things somewhat

A real test? Not in your backyard

Playing Test cricket overseas is the greatest examination of skill a cricketer must pass. Despite the increasing uniformity of the touring experience, playing abroad hasn't really got easier

When cricket is like being in love

The heady feeling of playing in a Test match, which can lay bare your every emotion, is in some ways similar to the early days of a blooming romance

The Australians rush towards Nathan Hauritz after the final wicket

Why Australia needs spicy pitches

There has been comment about result wickets in Shield cricket, but those aren't as bad as they're being made out to be