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David Bairstow at Lord's

Bluey the indomitable

The embodiment of doughty Yorkshire spirit, David Bairstow made the county's cricket watchable through its most dysfunctional era

Harold Larwood bowls

The outlaw I adored

Harold Larwood was a great who was made out to be a villain - the perfect replacement for Robin Hood in the eyes of a young ten-year-old

Jack Russell flashes a thumbs up

Top dog of the underdogs

Jack Russell brought brazen, cartoonish villainy to the game, and a neatness to the keeper's art that was matched by his meticulous scruffiness in other regards

Greg Baum

Sachin Tendulkar waves his bat in joy after hitting the winning runs

The saint

His purity of technique and image make him an icon with more than a touch of the divine

Curtly Ambrose and Steve Waugh eye each other

The responsible Mr Wog

Steve Waugh always fulfilled his duties, and managed to never be crushed by them: he was the kind of man any bookish 11-year-old would aspire to be