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How to distil over a century of cricket literature into half a bookshelf's worth? A recap of our series on recommended cricket literature

The Fast Men

Speed read

Frith's history of fast bowling is encyclopaedic, but also fittingly brisk and concise

Don Bradman walks out to bat during the tour opener at Worcester

Sir Donald Bradman: A Biography

The first word

Rosenwater's books lacks Bradman's input - maybe that's why it's the best of the biographies of the great man

Anyone but England

The old order yieldeth

Marqusee places cricket's evolution in a historical perspective and reveals the inevitability of the changes the sport has gone through in recent times

Scyld Berry


Flawless and felicitous

Cardus may not have been the best cricket writer ever, but his autobiography certainly is the best-written cricket book of them all

Cricket Beyond the Bazaar

Embracing the East

Coward's book played a significant part in demystifying the subcontinent for Australian cricketers and cricket watchers

Mystery Spinner


Gideon Haigh's biography of Iverson painstakingly unearths the story of a talented misfit

Beyond Bat and Ball

Player pages

Reading David Foot's warm, conversational profiles of cricketers is like sharing in the camaraderie of a dressing room

The Development of West Indies Cricket

Caribbean context

A perceptive, prescient look at West Indies cricket and its decline