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The eliminator


A tie is not a tie - not in Twenty20. And this is how it is resolved

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The carrom-ball

Giving 'em the finger

The newest addition to cricket's lexicon is derived from a non-contact sport

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X-ray vision

Among the recent innovations in use in cricket broadcasting is a system that claims 100% accuracy in catching the thinnest of edges

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The Spirit of Cricket Lecture

Talking Cricket

The annual forum where the great and good put forward ideas on the game for discussion

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Number of balls in an over

That's the over

Six, eight, five, four - why has cricket not been able to make up its mind about how long a bowling unit should last?

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The bowling machine

Robot McGrath

The automaton that aims to put net bowlers out of business

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The light rule

Wait until dark

When and how can play be stopped if light is an issue?

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The runner

Fresh legs

How the on-field dynamics change when an injured batsman gets a team-mate to run for him

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Stay grounded

A form of dismissal named after a legendary Indian allrounder

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Wonder overs

What field restrictions became after 2005