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Lou Vincent watches his team's innings

The Vincent punishment

What incentive do other players have of confessing their involvement in fixing if a lifetime ban is all that they can expect?

Lou Vincent watches his team's innings

I feel sad for cricket

The integrity of the game is taking a massive, but necessary, hit with the Lou Vincent revelations

Todd Astle took 4 for 26 to help Canterbury lift the State Championship

Trusting a man with two first names

New Zealand's selectors have taken a punt on 27-year-old offspinner Mark Craig, highlighting the anaemic state of spin bowling in the land

The Beige Brigade at the Wellington Test

The Basin bucket list

Visit the museum, frolic on the grass, and watch the game from a special, er, urinal

A fan takes a catch during bushfire appeal charity match

Blood and orange

Expect spectators to arrive at New Zealand grounds prepared to put their bodies on the line for a six-figure sum

An off-balance Chris Gayle tries to regain his footing

Where the hell is Henry?

They love Gayle down in New Zealand, but they've got to see precisely nothing of him this season

Mathew Sinclair pulled off a sensational catch to dismiss Matthew Hayden at Melbourne

A quintet of screamers

Where does Trent Boult's stunning catch stack up in the annals of ripper catches by New Zealanders?