Player of the Match
Player of the Match
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Uganda ready to fight in Division Three - Mukasa

Uganda captain Roger Mukasa explains how his team's motto of 'Fight until the last ball' helped them emerge winners of the WCL Division Four tournament

Jersey 2nd innings Partnerships

1st3NAT WatkinsJW Jenner
2nd5BDH StevensJW Jenner
3rd7NJ FerrabyBDH Stevens
4th13PW GoughBDH Stevens
5th3AW Hawkins-KayBDH Stevens
6th16AW Hawkins-KayJSE Dunford
7th33AW Hawkins-KayHL Carlyon
8th0CJ BodensteinHL Carlyon
9th0CW PerchardHL Carlyon
10th3EJB MilesHL Carlyon