Full Name

George Parr


May 22, 1826, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire


June 23, 1891, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, (aged 65y 32d)

Batting Style

Right hand Bat


S Parr



George Parr who was born at Radcliffe-on-Trent, in Nottinghamshire, May 22, 1826, made his first-class debut in 1844. Within a few seasons he developed into the finest batsman in England-taking the title from the ageing Fuller Pilch - and he held that proud position for several years. Parr was a great scientific batsman with a splendid defence, being extremely strong on the leg-side. He was an excellent runner between the wickets and a good judge of a short single, rarely running himself or his partner out. He was also a very fine fielder with a long throw, and once in a contest with a soldier at Lord's sent the ball about 109 yards. He joined Clarke's All-England XI soon after its formation in 1846 making many big scores-100 at Leicester, 78 not out at York and 64 at Manchester, each against teams of eighteen or more. His scoring feats soon earned him the title of `Lion of the North'. Upon the death of Clarke in 1856, Parr took control of the XI and soon excelled himself as captain, being popular both with his team and the spectators. In 1846 Parr also appeared for the first of his twenty-two Gentlemen v. Players matches. He obtained an average of over 22 runs per innings in these matches, which was one of the highest obtained by the early cricketers. In 1859 he, with the assistance of John Wisden, led the first touring team abroad. The team, which comprised of six of the All-England XI and six of the United England XI, was victorious in every match. Four years later, in 1863, George Parr captained the second touring team from England to venture to Australia also returning unbeaten. He died in 1891, at the age of sixty-five, in his native village where he had lived all his life. His elder brother, Samuel, also played for Nottinghamshire for some years.
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George Parr
George Parr
The England cricket team assembled at Lord's in London before leaving for the 1863 tour of Australia
England's 12 Champion Cricketers on board a ship at Liverpool bound for America in September 1859
George Parr