Full Name

Egbert Moore


1904, Trinidad



Lord Beginner (born Egbert Moore) was at the heart of the expansion of calypso music immediately after WW2. Originally from Trinidad, Beginner recorded and toured in New York with other leading members of the Trinidad's "Old Brigade" of calypsonians, but his cricket credentials were already established. In 1937 he wrote "Les Ames he played fine/Till he was bowled by the quicker ball from Constantine". In 1948 he emigrated to England on the Windrush, the first boat from the Caribbean bringing a new generation of immigrants to the UK. Also on the boat was the legendary calypsonian Lord Kitchener.

Beginner began playing clubs throughout London - primarily the Caribbean and the Paramount - and was a success, signing for Parlophone in 1950. Two of Lord Beginner's more well known calypsos were Victory Test Match - penned immediately after the 1950 Lord's Test won by West Indies and opening with the line "Cricket, lovely cricket" - and General Election, inspired by Clement Atlee's victory in the 1950 general election.
Martin Williamson


Record label of <I>Cricket, Lovely Cricket</I> by Lord Beginner
Lord Beginner