Full Name

Noah Mann


November 15, 1756, Northchapel, Sussex


December 1789, Northchapel, Sussex

Batting Style

Left hand bat

Bowling Style

Left arm bowler




Noah Mann was an outstanding allrounder - a left-hand batsman and fast-medium bowler - who made 55 known first-class appearances from 1777 to 1789. Mann, short and swarthy, was extremely athletic and Haygarth recounts how he "could cover an immense deal of ground, darting about like lightning". He could also perform extraordinary feats of agility on horseback, being able to pick up from the ground handkerchiefs while going at full speed. He was said to ride 20 miles each way on horseback to practice on Tuesdays.

Mann's early death was through a bizarre accident. Haygarth recounts that: "he had been out shooting, and on his return to the Half Moon Inn, at Northchapel, wet and tired, he had a free carouse with his companions; refusing to go to bed, he persisted in sleeping all night in his chair in front of the fire. It was and still is the custom in that part of the country to heap together all the ashes on the hearth, for the purpose of keeping the fire in till the next day. During the night, having fallen asleep, the sparks ignited his clothes (or, as stated in Nyren's book, he fell upon the embers), and he was so severely burnt that he died the next day, not surviving 24 hours. His death took place at the early age of 33, in December, 1789". A verdict of accidental death was returned at the inquest.
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