England Players

Bobby Abel

Abel, R

Bobby Abel

Born 1857 | Died 1936

Charlie Absolom

Absolom, CA

Charlie Absolom

Born 1846 | Died 1889

Chris Adams portrait

Adams, CJ

Chris Adams

Age: 51y 79d

Jimmy Adams headshot

Adams, JHK

Jimmy Adams

Age: 40y 304d

Addison, JP

Jonathan Addison

Age: 55y 252d

Usman Afzaal portrait

Afzaal, U

Usman Afzaal

Age: 44y 45d

Jonathan Agnew portrait

Agnew, JP

Jonathan Agnew

Age: 61y 111d

Kasey Aldridge


Kasey Aldridge

Age: 20y 212d

Kabir Ali portrait

Ali, Kabir

Kabir Ali

Age: 40y 242d

Portrait of Kadeer Ali

Ali, Kadeer

Kadeer Ali

Age: 38y 139d

Moeen Ali player portrait

Ali, MM

Moeen Ali

Age: 34y 36d

Shozair Ali

Ali, SA

Shozair Ali

Age: 28y 208d

Allbrook, ME

Mark Allbrook

Age: 66y 251d

David Allen portrait

Allen, DA

David Allen

Born 1935 | Died 2014

Gubby Allen (Middlesex and England)

Allen, GOB

Gubby Allen

Born 1902 | Died 1989

Mark Alleyne portrait

Alleyne, MW

Mark Alleyne

Age: 53y 62d

Allison, BMJ

Ben Allison

Age: 21y 218d

Maurice Allom, MCC secretary, after meeting James Callaghan

Allom, MJC

Maurice Allom

Born 1906 | Died 1995

Paul Allott portrait

Allott, PJW

Paul Allott

Age: 64y 313d

Tom Alsop player profile

Alsop, TP

Tom Alsop

Age: 25y 240d

Tim Ambrose portrait

Ambrose, TR

Tim Ambrose

Age: 38y 235d

Les Ames (Kent & England)

Ames, LEG

Les Ames

Born 1905 | Died 1990

Dennis Amiss portrait

Amiss, DL

Dennis Amiss

Age: 78y 108d

Anderson, IS

Iain Anderson

Age: 61y 91d

James Anderson, player portrait

Anderson, JM

James Anderson

Age: 38y 359d

Gareth Andrew

Andrew, GM

Gareth Andrew

Age: 37y 209d

Keith Andrew

Andrew, KV

Keith Andrew

Born 1929 | Died 2010

Steven Andrew

Andrew, SJW

Steve Andrew

Age: 55y 178d

Zafar Ansari portrait

Ansari, ZS

Zafar Ansari

Age: 29y 226d

Bob Appleyard portrait

Appleyard, R

Bob Appleyard

Born 1924 | Died 2015

Betty Archdale

Archdale, HE

Betty Archdale

Born 1907 | Died 2000

Archer, AG

Alfred Archer

Born 1871 | Died 1935

Jofra Archer portrait

Archer, JC

Jofra Archer

Age: 26y 114d

Armitage, T

Tom Armitage

Born 1848 | Died 1922

England and Worcestershire bowler Ted Arnold

Arnold, EG

Ted Arnold

Born 1876 | Died 1942

Geoff Arnold portrait

Arnold, GG

Geoff Arnold

Age: 76y 324d

Arnold, J

John Arnold

Born 1907 | Died 1984

Arundell, AP

Andrew Arundell

Age: 60y 264d

Lynsey Askew portrait

Askew, LRF

Lynsey Askew

Age: 34y 324d

Ewart Astill

Astill, WE

Ewart Astill

Born 1888 | Died 1948