South Africa Players

Lackay, S

Stacy Lackay

Age: 27y 117d

Kerri Laing portrait

Laing, KA

Kerri Laing

Age: 52y 338d

Lambert, E

Eleanor Lambert

Lance, HR

Tiger Lance

Born 1940 | Died 2010

Lang, B

Beverly Lang

Charl Langeveldt

Langeveldt, CK

Charl Langeveldt

Age: 46y 277d

Chud Langton

Langton, ACB

Chud Langton

Born 1912 | Died 1942

Lawrence, GB

Goofy Lawrence

Age: 89y 173d

Alexis le Breton portrait

le Breton, A

Alexis le Breton

Age: 36y 37d

le Roux, FL

Fred le Roux

Born 1882 | Died 1963

Portrait of Heinrich le Roux

le Roux, HW

Heinrich le Roux

Age: 37y 118d

Lizelle Lee portrait

Lee, L

Lizelle Lee

Age: 29y 171d

Lees, J

Jack Lees

Age: 20y 45d

Leie player portrait

Leie, E

Eddie Leie

Age: 34y 308d

Marcia Letsoalo portrait

Letsoalo, MM

Marcia Letsoalo

Age: 37y 162d

Richard Levi

Levi, RE

Richard Levi

Age: 33y 249d

Lewis, LP

Levona Lewis

Age: 48y 309d

Lewis, PT

Plum Lewis

Born 1884 | Died 1976

Gerhardus Liebenberg

Liebenberg, GFJ

Gerhardus Liebenberg

Age: 49y 166d

George Linde portrait

Linde, GF

George Linde

Age: 29y 290d

Denis Lindsay portrait

Lindsay, DT

Denis Lindsay

Born 1939 | Died 2005

Lindsay, JD

Johnny Lindsay

Born 1908 | Died 1990

Lindsay, NV

Neville Lindsay

Born 1886 | Died 1976

Ling, WVS

William Ling

Born 1891 | Died 1960

CB Llewellyn , a South African and  a great servant of Accrington Cricket Club

Llewellyn, CB

Charlie Llewellyn

Born 1876 | Died 1964

Johmari Logtenberg on her way to 23

Logtenberg, J

Johmari Logtenberg

Age: 32y 210d

Lotter, M

Madelein Lotter

Age: 49y 302d

Sunette Loubser portrait

Loubser, S

Sunette Loubser

Age: 38y 359d

Louw, A

Andrew Louw

Age: 21y 2d

Johann Louw portrait

Louw, J

Johann Louw

Age: 42y 161d

Lubbe, WJ

Wihan Lubbe

Age: 28y 302d

Ludick, WC

Willem Ludick

Age: 24y 184d

Lundie, EB

Bill Lundie

Born 1888 | Died 1917

Sune Luus portrait

Luus, S

Sune Luus

Age: 25y 258d