Tony Hill

Tony Hill

New Zealand
Tony Hill
Career Statistics
Career Averages
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
In Host Country
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
in Australia2007-201411560
in Bangladesh2010-20102200
in England2005-201310730
in India2008-20127700
in New Zealand2000-2009121110
in South Africa2006-20103300
in Sri Lanka2005-20114310
in U.A.E.2011-20112200
in West Indies2009-201311830
in Zimbabwe2013-20132200
in Continent
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
in Africa2006-20135500
in Americas2009-201311830
in Asia2005-2012151410
in Europe2005-201310730
in Oceania2000-2014236170
Home vs Away
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
By Year
TitleMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
year 20001010
year 20012110
year 20021010
year 20031010
year 20041010
year 20054220
year 20063120
year 20071100
year 20083210
year 20097610
year 201011920
year 20119630
year 20128620
year 201311650
year 20141010
In Tournament Type
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
2 team series2000-20146440240
In Match Number per Series
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
only match in series2000-20001010
1st match in series2001-2013211470
2nd match in series2001-20132313100
3rd match in series2002-201312930
4th match in series2010-20134400
5th match in series2011-20143030
In Major Trophies
TitleSpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
Basil D'Oliveira2010-20102200
Frank Worrell Trophy2012-20123210
The Ashes2010-201411470
The Wisden Trophy2009-20123300
Trans-Tasman Trophy2005-20051010