Michael Hussey: 'I'm doing everything I can at the end to try and get out' © Getty Images

Michael Hussey will have to think twice about taking sharp singles in the near future, with dark plans afoot in his team to bring his phenomenal one-day average down. His unbeaten 88 during Saturday's match against New Zealand lifted his mark from 129 to 151, a world record for any player in his first 15 one-day innings.

The next best is England's Kevin Pietersen, who reached 87.33 after 15 innings, which came up in his 24th match. In 21 games and 15 innings Hussey has scored 604 runs and been dismissed only four times. "A few of the boys are talking about running him out, actually," Ricky Ponting joked after his side's two-wicket loss at Christchurch.

The highest batting average for any player to have played 30 games or more is 53.58, which is held by Michael Bevan. "I'm copping a bit of stick about it from the boys," Hussey said. "But I can assure you I'm doing everything I can at the end to try and get out, but at the moment it seems to be going my way.

"It's amazing really, I can't really understand it. But I guess batting where I do [No. 7] there are going to be opportunities to get the big not out at the end of the innings."

Rather than batting cautiously to build up his average, Hussey has racked up the runs in rapid style with his 88 against New Zealand coming off 56 balls. He has now returned to Australia for the first Test against South Africa starting on Friday. And his average from six Test match innings? It is 120.33.