Batting Most Runs From Fours Sixes Innings

Records in Caribbean Premier League, 2014

Most runs from fours and sixes in an innings
Match Date
106-5210888203.84Hawksbillsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
111-6351080176.19Tallawahsv ZouksSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
110-697876159.42Tridentsv ZouksBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
104-678668155.22Tridentsv AmazonBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
97-605868161.66Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
90-517664176.47Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
90-495762183.67Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
84-456660186.66Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
77-4512260171.11Red Steelv ZouksPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
72-432856167.44Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
81-435656188.37Tridentsv TallawahsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
84-547452155.55Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
69-495550140.81Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
78-495550159.18Zouksv AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
58-243648241.66Tallawahsv AmazonKingston02 Aug 2014T20
67-454546148.88Hawksbillsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
63-364546175.00Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
70-447346159.09Red Steelv TallawahsBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
71-437346165.11Amazonv TallawahsBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
64-405444160.00Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
59-362644163.88Tallawahsv HawksbillsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
62-275444229.62Tallawahsv Red SteelBasseterre13 Aug 2014T20
67-426342159.52Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
59-393542151.28Red Steelv ZouksGros Islet02 Aug 2014T20
59-526342113.46Tridentsv AmazonBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
72-504440144.00Tridentsv HawksbillsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
66-554440120.00Hawksbillsv TridentsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
60-465338130.43Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
65-415338158.53Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
48-332538145.45Tallawahsv ZouksBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
50-19-636263.15Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
66-476236140.42Amazonv ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
66-466236143.47Amazonv TallawahsBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
40-171534235.29Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
50-404334125.00Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
38-215232180.95Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
56-385232147.36Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
48-305232160.00Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
51-345232150.00Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
51-366130141.66Amazonv HawksbillsSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
62-516130121.56Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
54-423330128.57Red Steelv TridentsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
37-313330119.35Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
53-426130126.19Tallawahsv AmazonProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
50-386130131.57Zouksv TridentsBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
55-443330125.00Red Steelv ZouksPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
49-353330140.00Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
62-463330134.78Zouksv AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
38-181428211.11Zouksv TridentsBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
46-351428131.42Zouksv Red SteelPort of Spain27 Jul 2014T20
37-201428185.00Amazonv HawksbillsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
34-154228226.66Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
55-424228130.95Tridentsv AmazonBasseterre16 Aug 2014T20
43-342326126.47Tallawahsv HawksbillsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
37-172326217.64Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
50-472326106.38Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
30-102326300.00Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
37-222326168.18Tridentsv ZouksGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
32-163224200.00Hawksbillsv TridentsNorth Sound19 Jul 2014T20
36-273224133.33Amazonv ZouksProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
68-613224111.47Amazonv TallawahsProvidence20 Jul 2014T20
32-213224152.38Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
42-363224116.66Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
47-403224117.50Tallawahsv TridentsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
38-384122100.00Hawksbillsv Red SteelNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
55-514122107.84Amazonv TridentsBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
34-341322100.00Amazonv TallawahsKingston02 Aug 2014T20
25-244122104.16Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
24-124122200.00Tridentsv Red SteelBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
33-231322143.47Red Steelv TridentsBasseterre07 Aug 2014T20
29-174122170.58Zouksv TallawahsBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
32-274122118.51Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
37-385-2097.36Tridentsv Red SteelSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
27-262220103.84Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
24-215-20114.28Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
35-345-20102.94Tridentsv HawksbillsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
28-262220107.69Tallawahsv Red SteelPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
50-395-20128.20Tridentsv AmazonBridgetown26 Jul 2014T20
39-382220102.63Tallawahsv TridentsKingston03 Aug 2014T20
23-275-2085.18Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
36-322220112.50Tridentsv TallawahsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
36-333118109.09Hawksbillsv AmazonSt George's11 Jul 2014T20
23-123118191.66Tallawahsv ZouksSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
32-253118128.00Amazonv Red SteelProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
32-253118128.00Zouksv AmazonProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
26-173118152.94Hawksbillsv Red SteelNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
51-463118110.86Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
43-353118122.85Zouksv HawksbillsGros Islet03 Aug 2014T20
20-4-318500.00Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
22-13-318169.23Zouksv AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
34-35311897.14Tallawahsv AmazonBasseterre14 Aug 2014T20
27-234-16117.39Zouksv TallawahsSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
39-51121676.47Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
21-101216210.00Zouksv AmazonProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
49-374-16132.43Tridentsv ZouksBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
23-81216287.50Amazonv Red SteelPort of Spain24 Jul 2014T20
24-181216133.33Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Jul 2014T20
33-394-1684.61Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
18-84-16225.00Tallawahsv ZouksBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
19-121216158.33Tallawahsv ZouksBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
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