Player of the Match
Player of the Match

9.05pm And that is that. Australia go 1-0 up in the series, and showed they have what it takes to win even when their powerful top order fails to click. How will Pakistan respond? Join us day after tomorrow at the MCG to find out. Until then, goodbye!

Presentation time. Matthew Wade is, as expected, the Player of the Match. "Feels great," he says. "It was challenging at the top, it was swinging and seaming around. Maxi took the pressure off me, and I was just looking to get him on strike. I was absolutely cooked (by the last over). They were taking the pace off, I was swinging way too hard. If the spinners bowled into the wicket it was hard to hit them down the ground."

Azhar Ali: "It's a bit sore, but hopefully it will recover soon. The physio will have a better look and see how far I can get. Hopefully I can take part in the next game. I think full credit to the bowlers, first half it was very good, but obviously credit goes to Matthew Wade the way he batted. We thought from five down for 78 we can get them out early, but unfortunately it didn't happen. It was still chaseable but we needed to have good partnerships up front."

Steven Smith: "It was a pretty average start. We were in a bit of a hurry, to be fair. I thought Matthew Wade played an exceptional innings. 270 was around par, it was a bit of a slow wicket. We bat all the way down. Starcy is batting at No. 10 at the moment. We've got a long order. If we come off we're going to make some big scores. We need to be a bit smarter at the top. We bowled good areas all night, took the pace off well, got the job done."

Stuart: "Faulkner didn't do his magic with the bat but has done very well with the ball."

Crickfan: "If Malik and Sarfraz were there, they would be rebuilding the innings instead of giving their wicket away" -- Unfortunate for Pakistan that neither was available today.

Hamza: "Its high time for azhar ali to go....It was a pathetic selection...getting hafeez in place of malik when you already have to off spinners..." -- Shoaib Malik was ill. That's why Pakistan couldn't pick him today. I'm guessing Nawaz wouldn't have played had Malik been fit.

8.50pm Pakistan started fairly okay, and were hamstrung (literally) by Azhar Ali retiring hurt just after he had lost his opening partner. They still seemed reasonably on course when Babar Azam and Umar Akmal were at the crease, but they simply stagnated after that partnership came to an end. Australia's various pace options bowled skillfully, used the slower balls excellently against the lower order, but by then the match was done. Australia, remember, were 5 for 78 at one stage. Thanks to Matthew Wade, and Glenn Maxwell before him, they set a target of 269.

Cummins to Wahab Riaz, OUT, length ball, slower ball, wide of off stump. Wahab slogs, he has to. Wants to hit over mid-off, but again, can't get any power into it. Mid-off moves a few steps to his left and backwards, and takes a comfortable catch to wrap up a 92-run win

Wahab Riaz c Starc b Cummins 6 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Cummins to Hasan Ali, 1 run, slower ball, fairly full and straight, clipped with the angle through midwicket
Cummins to Wahab Riaz, 1 run, low full-toss on middle stump, swiped to long-on
Cummins to Wahab Riaz, no run, yorker, angling down leg. Wahab looks to get his feet out of the way and flick, but can't put bat to ball

42 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | PAK: 174/9 (95 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 4.14, RRR: 11.87)

  • Wahab Riaz5 (5b)
  • Hasan Ali0 (0b)
  • James Faulkner7-1-32-4
  • Pat Cummins8-0-31-2
Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 1 run, another slower ball, worked into the leg side
Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs, Wahab's on strike, though. Faulkner continues from over the wicket, slants a slower ball across him. Looks to drive it over extra-cover, doesn't get any power on it, and it just eludes the fingertips of the leaping, backtracking Smith

Hasan Ali is in at No. 11.

Faulkner to Mohammad Amir, OUT, another slower ball, another swipe from Amir, wanting to hit over the covers. He manages to hit it in the intended direction, but without the intended power, and extra-cover takes a couple of steps back and lets the ball fall into his cupped hands

Mohammad Amir c Maxwell b Faulkner 8 (14m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

Faulkner to Mohammad Amir, 2 runs, full and wide, another slower ball. Amir slices underneath the ball again and sends it looping over point
Faulkner to Wahab Riaz, 1 run, interesting shot. Slower ball, full, on off stump, and he gets down on his knee and sweeps to long-on

Around the wicket to Wahab.

Faulkner to Mohammad Amir, 1 run, slower ball, shortish outside off. No pace on it at all. Amir wanted to flat-bat through point, only manages to chop it into the ground and send it rolling into the covers

41 | 4 Runs | PAK: 167/8 (102 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 4.07, RRR: 11.33)

  • Wahab Riaz1 (2b)
  • Mohammad Amir5 (7b)
  • Pat Cummins8-0-31-2
  • James Faulkner6-1-25-3
Cummins to Wahab Riaz, no run, yorker on middle stump. Wahab does well to dig it out, inside-edges into his pad

Nine in a row


No. of consecutive ODIs won by Australia at home against Pakistan. Their last defeat had come in 2005. This is also their sixth straight win versus Pakistan in any ODI.

only the second


Centuries by Australia keepers at the Gabba before Matthew Wade. Adam Gilchrist had made 122 v SL in 2006.

Deja vu


Last time before this Australia lost half their side for a lower score in ODIs v Pakistan - also at the Gabba. They were 65/5 on that occasion

Three in Five


No. of ducks for Smith in his last-five ODI innings. He had two in 86 innings before that. His first-two ducks had come in 2011.

A first at the Gabba


Instances of spinners opening the bowling in ODIs at the Gabba before this. Mohammad Hafeez is the first spinner to do so.