Player of the Match
Player of the Match

David Warner, Man of the Match: It's the home crowd, absolutely love playing here. I was quite slow tonight, but it's always special to put the boys in a great position. I probably made the catch look better. It is always good to take a great catch in the outfield.

Azhar Ali: Always tough to chase 354. In the field we missed the opportunities. It was below par, and that allowed Australia to score that amount of runs. David Warner started well. If we would have held our chances, we would have restricted them to lesser. It was a good pitch, 300 was chaseable. Against the new ball is the best way to score runs. Around 300 was chaseable, we leaked too many runs in the first half. We have a lot to play for Adelaide. We will come hard try to win the game, and finish the series on a high.

Steven Smith: Yeah, it was a good performance. We started well with the bat. David Warner was outstanding with the bat, Maxwell was outstanding, as was Head. The bowlers then backed it up. The wicket did not change much. Probably winning four tosses at a wrong time, I hope I have some luck in India as well. Australia Day is an exciting time of the year; that was almost a complete package barring a couple of errors in the field. Hopefully, we can back it up on Australia Day.

Maxwell: It was very much a convincing performance. With bat and ball we were outstanding. It wasn't a great wicket, it was slow and low. We batted on a similar wicket in the World Cup two years ago. I just hit the gaps, and I know my game is to chip the infield and hit boundaries. That partnership with Head was special and we have done it a few times together. I just wanted to get it [reverse slog-sweep] over the infield. Luckily I got it off the middle and it went for a six. I just wanted to clear 30 metres.

That is all we have for you from this game. Looking forward to your company on Australia Day for the last ODI. Goodbye and good night from myself, Varun, and Raghav.

9.50pm The celebrations begin in Australia's camp. Sharjeel Khan set off like a freight train, but the spinners - Zampa and Head - derailed him and Pakistan. Zampa showed off his range: donkey drops, quick arm-balls, and straighter ones among others. Malik and Hafeez mounted a fightback, but Pakistan did not have enough firepower in their lower middle order.

Australia's win though was set up by their batsmen - Warner hammered a hundred off 98 balls, his first against Pakistan in ODIs, Head and Maxwell then shellacked half-centuries to supercharge their team to 353. Pakistan's multiple goof-ups in the field allowed Australia to rack up a hefty total. Ultimately, it proved 86 too many for the visitors.

Hazlewood to Junaid Khan, OUT, Australia beat Pakistan by 86 runs and sew up the series. Junaid bags a first-ball duck. Full and swerves in slightly, breaches Junaid's defences and hits the off stump

Junaid Khan b Hazlewood 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Hazlewood to Imad Wasim, OUT, Imad shuffles a long way across the off stump, Hazlewood follows him with a very full ball. Imad aims to scoop it away over the keeper. Does not get enough bat on ball and ends up tickling a catch behind to Wade

Imad Wasim c †Wade b Hazlewood 25 (34m 17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 147.05

Hazlewood to Hasan Ali, 1 run, length ball on off, opens the face and taps through point
Hazlewood to Hasan Ali, 2 runs, full and just outside off, scooped in the air to the left of extra cover
Hazlewood to Hasan Ali, 2 runs, full and angled in, defended back down the pitch to mid-on, Cummins runs in, he is too eager to grab the ball and throw it onto the stumps. Does not collect cleanly


43 | 9 Runs | PAK: 262/8 (92 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 6.09, RRR: 13.14)

  • Hasan Ali3 (4b)
  • Imad Wasim25 (16b)
  • Adam Zampa10-0-55-3
  • Pat Cummins8-0-45-1
Zampa to Hasan Ali, 1 run, another googly, slower and spins in, pulled over square leg on the back foot
Zampa to Imad Wasim, 1 run, skids on middle and leg, poked to midwicket
Zampa to Imad Wasim, 2 runs, googly, sits back and whips through midwicket for two
Zampa to Imad Wasim, FOUR runs, Imad reverse-sweeps it, top-edges it, eludes the reach of a diving Cummins at point
Zampa to Hasan Ali, 1 run, quick change-up. Fast and flat on middle, hit down the ground
Zampa to Hasan Ali, no run, donkey drop from Zampa, tossed-up wrong'un, spins in, bursts through the gate, tantalisngly misses the off stump, and Wade misses the stumping. He did not even attempt it

42 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | PAK: 253/8 (101 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 6.02, RRR: 12.62)

  • Hasan Ali1 (1b)
  • Imad Wasim18 (13b)
  • Pat Cummins8-0-45-1
  • Adam Zampa9-0-46-3
Cummins to Hasan Ali, 1 run, very full on middle, 142ks, nudged through midwicket


Cummins to Mohammad Amir, OUT, back of a length and outside off, 141ks, Amir, having backed away, slashes again, this time edging it behind to Wade at a comfortable height

Mohammad Amir c †Wade b Cummins 5 (7m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 83.33

Cummins to Mohammad Amir, no run, Amir backs away outside leg stump, slashes and misses outside off
Cummins to Mohammad Amir, FOUR runs, shortish and outside off, skips back and crashes it to the cover boundary
Cummins to Mohammad Amir, no run, offcutter, shoots low outside off, and sneaks under the bat
Cummins to Imad Wasim, 1 run, Imad shuffles a long way across off, instead of targetting the stumps Cummins follows the batsman. Deflected behind square

Pakistan fall behind


Pakistan's scoring rate in overs 21 to 30. They had scored at 6.9 runs an over in the first-20 overs.

Warner's fifth


Centuries by David Warner in ODIs this season in just 13 inns. Equals Matthew Hayden's record for most hundreds by an Australia batsman in any season.

Pak rein in Warner


Balls it took David Warner to get his fifty (6 fours, 1 six) in this innings. He scored only 20 runs (1 four) off his next 35 balls.

So close, yet


Century opening stands for AUS in their last 17 ODI innings at the SCG. The last one came against Pakistan, in 2010.