Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it from us for this game then. Australia have been clinical with bat and ball throughout the series and deservedly end with a 3-0 scoreline that is a fairly accurate representation of the teams' performances. Meanwhile, India are going strong in their reply to England's 400 in the fourth Test in Mumbai. Just about half an hour left in the day, so stay tuned. Until next time!

Steven Smith - The catch wasn't a bad one. It was a nice way to finish. We have put up a pretty complete performance in all three games. We needed to improve after South Africa. The bowlers put in good performances. The guys from the top four going and getting hundreds and bowers sticking to plans has helped us turn it around. All three quicks bowled beautifully throughout the series. It was good to see Pat Cummins coming back and bowling fast and Starc too is returning after a while.

Kane Williamson - There has been a player in the Aussie side who has contributed in every game. Pretty disappointing. We did want to show signs of improvement, which is why today's performance was especially disappointing. We would have had to bat well to chase down 264, but it was pretty gettable. I don't think we were smart enough with the bat today. Australia thoroughly deserved to win. I would also like to thank the support the Kiwis have had. We would definitely like to improve and we now look forward to the return series.

Warner - It's a team performance. Credit to the bowlers for coming out and executing the plans. Us as batsmen, we had to relay the message and they did extremely well. My first coach of cricket until I was about 16 or 17 passed away, my condolences to his family. I would like to hope my form is getting better, but I need to keep hitting the nets and work harder.

David Warner is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series.

So the final assessment reads like this - David Warner - 156; New Zealand - 147. Little else needs to be said. Australia complete a 3-0 sweep, and given how rough the last few months have been, this win must taste especially sweet. David Warner made all the difference between the two sides. On a pitch where the rest of Australia and all of New Zealand's batsmen struggled, Warner was on a different plane and struck at 121.87. Seventh ODI century of the year, second only to Tendulkar's nine in 1998 as far as most ODI centuries in a calendar year go. Unfortunately, he will not get a chance to try and break that record as Australia are done with ODIs for the year. But what a way to finish off 2016!

Pat Cummins - Absolutely, it was actually a little tougher today. David Warner played an unbelievable innings and it feels great to finish 3-0. Can't wait to get out there and bowl a few deliveries. I think on a wicket like this, it's a bit slow and there is not going to be much boundaries, so we had to stop the singles, which is something we pride ourselves in doing. It seems like I am learning something every game. Each week is different and it feels great.

Travis Head - Fantastic. Great opportunity, the last three games. We've played fantastically, especially after the last couple of months we've had, it feels great to win. I feel in good touch. Probably did not sum up the conditions as well as I would have liked to. It was a slow wicket. Happy that I was able to help win the game with the ball as well.

Geoff Hoar: "What another disappointing batting performance, yet another display of block bash batting with no attempt to rotate strike or play themselves in and build partnerships. Can we clone more Kane Williamsons and get an Aussie batting coach?"

Cummins to Boult, OUT, oh, what a way to finish! It's Smith again. Took a stunner in the previous game. This one's as good if not better than the one in the previous ODI. He dived to his left on that occasion; this time, flings himself full-length to his right to snaffle a blinder at second slip. It was a slower back of a length ball from Cummins and Boult backs away and looks to open the face of his bat to steer it. Gets himself into an awkward position and skews it off a healthy outside edge

TA Boult c Smith b Cummins 1 (13m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28

Here's Cummins..

36 | 2 Runs | NZ: 147/9 (118 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.08, RRR: 8.42)

  • Trent Boult1 (6b)
  • Lockie Ferguson4 (15b)
  • James Faulkner7-0-26-2
  • Mitchell Starc10-3-34-3
Faulkner to Boult, 1 run, full and on the pads, Boult backs away and whips it to midwicket
Faulkner to Boult, no run, good length outside off, comes forward and defends it to point
Faulkner to Ferguson, 1 run, short of a length, tucked with the inward angle to fine leg
Faulkner to Ferguson, no run, fuller ball, driven uppishly to covers and it drops short of the fielder there
Faulkner to Ferguson, no run, similar delivery and this time Ferguson skips down the track and tries to cut, again misses
Faulkner to Ferguson, no run, back-of-the-hand slower ball that's angled across on a length outside off, Ferguson tries to cut and misses

35 | 1 Run | NZ: 145/9 (120 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.14, RRR: 8.00)

  • Trent Boult0 (4b)
  • Lockie Ferguson3 (11b)
  • Mitchell Starc10-3-34-3
  • James Faulkner6-0-24-2

Anwar: "NZ need only 12 more runs to win... against David Warner "

Starc to Boult, no run, fuller ball, Boult awkwardly keeps it out to covers. Again, no feet
Starc to Boult, no run, yorker on the stumps, Boult jams his bat down and squeezes it out. The bat face opens as it makes contact with the ball and it goes to the off side
Starc to Boult, no run, fuller ball outside off, sticks his bat out without feet and knocks it to the off side
Starc to Ferguson, 1 run, sprayed down leg, clipped away to fine leg
Starc to Ferguson, no run, fuller ball, angled in on middle from around the wicket, pushed to mid-on
Starc to Ferguson, no run, fuller ball, chips the drive to cover-point where Cummins dives forward and takes it on the bounce

34 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 144/9 (121 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.23, RRR: 7.56)

  • Trent Boult0 (1b)
  • Lockie Ferguson2 (8b)
  • James Faulkner6-0-24-2
  • Mitchell Starc9-3-33-3
Faulkner to Boult, no run, very full ball outside off, squeezed out to cover
Faulkner to Ferguson, 1 run, runs it down to third man with an open face

Trent Boult is the last man in. Australia one strike away from a clean sweep. But it's Ferguson on strike.

Sunny: "Callum Ferguson is playing for NZ?? got that wrong again mate" Thanks and apologies.

Faulkner to Southee, OUT, Southee's chancy stay comes to and end with a miscue to extra cover. It was the slower ball and Southee was forward looking for a big hit over long-off. The lack of pace means he does not get the timing right and he skews it off the high end of the bat to Warner who settles under it at extra cover

TG Southee c Warner b Faulkner 4 (23m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

Faulkner to Ferguson, 1 run, short of a length ball, back-of-the-hand slower variation. Ferguson dabs it uppishly into the vacant region around forward short leg
Faulkner to Southee, 1 run, fetches it awkwardly from outside off and swats it to long-on
Faulkner to Southee, no run, comes down the track and looks to slog but the bowler follows him by firing it on leg stump channel and Southee ends up getting cramped for room as he makes no contact

33 | (maiden) | NZ: 141/8 (124 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.27, RRR: 7.29)

  • Lockie Ferguson0 (6b)
  • Tim Southee3 (11b)
  • Mitchell Starc9-3-33-3
  • James Faulkner5-0-21-1

arun: "Southee is No.9" Thanks, has been corrected.

Starc to Ferguson, no run, fuller ball outside off, swing and a miss from the batsman

Warner comes in for a third slip. Proper Test-match field now.

Starc to Ferguson, no run, fullish ball outside off. Ferguson awkwardly shuffles across and keeps it out off the backfoot

Warner's show


Percent of runs by Warner in this inns - the second-highest for Australia in a completed ODI inns. Highest is 60.73% by Martyn (116* in 191) v NZ, Auckland, 2000.

A record year


No. of 100s for Warner in ODIs this year - the joint second-most by any batsman. Only Tendulkar (9 in 1998) had more; Ganguly also made 7 in 2000.

Bad start


Score at which Aus lost their first 2 wickets - the second-lowest for them at MCG in 40 ODIs since 2000. They were 2-down for 2 vs WI in 2012-13 here.