2nd T20I (N), Geelong, Feb 19 2017, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(20 ov, target 174)
Sri Lanka won by 2 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
SL Innings
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end of over 2016 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 176/8CRR: 8.8 
Asela Gunaratne84 (46)
Lasith Malinga1 (1)
Andrew Tye4-0-37-3
Moises Henriques4-0-38-0

11pm Phew, look the celebrations in the Sri Lanka camp. Asela sets off on a celebratory sprint. His team-mates finally track him down and mob him. SL slid to 40 for 5. They needed 79 off the last seven overs, and 48 off the last three. Asela said no problem and caught fire, lacing three successive sixes off Henriques and then muscling three boundaries in the last over off Tye to seal a stunning last-ball win for the visitors.

Asela Gunaratne, Man of the Match [he is really shy to talk]: It is a very happy moment.

Finch: When you got an in-batter in it is tough. That was one hell of an innings. I thought the way we bowled in the middle was outstanding. When you have a good player in good form, they hurt you. Sri Lanka played very well there. Take nothing away from them. We have been on the receiving end again. The series is gone, hopefully we can salvage something in Adelaide.

Tharanga: Asela's was an amazing innings. Even in South Africa he has done well. We lost too many wickets early but Asela finished the game for us. Winning in Australia is a huge achievement. This is Asela's first tour to Australia and we are happy.

Uwaisul Karnain: "Very well Played Asela, now sit back and watch the IPL Auction tomorrow!"

HSR: "Right before IPL auction, AG Presenting his strong case."

Karthik: "Two nail bitters in one day #NZvsSA #AUSvsSL. Can't take anymore. "

Must Hamid: "Highest Scorer with the Bat and Most Expensive with the Bowl for His Team... What a day it was for Henriques !!"

Silva: "one should not forget Kapu's contribution at a-run-a-ball which helped stabilise the innings!"

SamSL: "Asela's inning can be one of the best T20I innings from a Sri Lankan ever...."

That is all we have for you from this thriller. Hope you enjoyed this game as much as we did bringing it to you. Thanks for tuning in. Do comeback for the final T20 in Adelaide. Until next time, ciao.

Tye to Gunaratne, FOUR runs
Asela Gunaratne wins it for Sri Lanka. He does it in style! For the second time in three days Sri Lanka secure a last-ball win. They secure their third successive T20 series win in Australia. Seam-up length ball outside off, Asela backs away outside leg and hammers it over cover to spark wild celebrations in the Sri Lankan camp

SL need 2 off the last ball

Tye to Malinga, 1 run
short of a length on middle, seam-up ball, Malinga hangs back and shovel-pulls over midwicket. There is protection in the deep. There was probably two on offer, SL settle with one. Over to Asela
Tye to Gunaratne, 1 run
very full and on off, whipped away to deep square leg. Sri Lanka settle with one

Qaaid: "Gunaratne you beauty! "

Tye to Gunaratne, SIX runs
Asela clears mid-off, again. Goes all the way. Good length and outside off, hoisted flat over the fielder. What a key strike
Tye to Gunaratne, FOUR runs
full-toss on off stump, Asela lifts it over mid-off who is inside the circle. Tye erred in length and was punished

Kula has crossed over. Asela on strike

Tye to Kulasekara, OUT
Kulasekara holes out. Has he crossed over to the other end? Knuckle ball, slow and outside off, Kula aims to go over cover. He only toe-ends it into the air. Klinger completes a fine overhead catch at extra-cover
KMDN Kulasekara c Klinger b Tye 12 (19m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

SL need 14 off the last over. Tye to bowl it. Kula on strike

end of over 1922 runs
SL: 160/7CRR: 8.42 • RRR: 14.00
Asela Gunaratne69 (42)
Nuwan Kulasekara12 (7)
Moises Henriques4-0-38-0
James Faulkner4-0-32-2

SL FAN: "One man Army, Guneratne!!"

Henriques to Gunaratne, FOUR runs
back of a length and outside off, Asela makes sweet connection again. Lofts it flat over cover now. 22 runs off the over
Henriques to Gunaratne, no run
slower offcutter outside off, Asela swipes early and misses. Beaten by the change of pace
Henriques to Gunaratne, SIX runs
three sixes in a row for Asela. Length ball on off stump, Asela short-arm swats it over square leg now. The exploded from the middle of the bat. He is keeping SL alive in the chase
Henriques to Gunaratne, SIX runs
back of a length and outside off, wrong length again. Asela clears his front leg again, slamming it high over midwicket
Henriques to Gunaratne, SIX runs
pretty full and outside off, Asela lines this up, clears his front leg, and lofts it over cover for a six. Clean swing, back-to-back fifties for Asela
Henriques to Gunaratne, no run
very full on off, Asela wants to smite this over midwicket. He only manages an inside edge onto the pad. The shot was on, the execution was bad with Asela losing his shape

Varun Reja: "Can Gunaratne do a KP here?"

end of over 1812 runs
SL: 138/7CRR: 7.66 • RRR: 18.00
Asela Gunaratne47 (36)
Nuwan Kulasekara12 (7)
James Faulkner4-0-32-2
Andrew Tye3-0-21-2
Faulkner to Gunaratne, 1 run
slower ball outside leg following the batsman, gloved behind to the keeper
Faulkner to Kulasekara, 1 run
dropped short and outside off, Kulasekara hammers it away to deep cover
Faulkner to Kulasekara, FOUR runs
Kulasekara backs away outside leg, Faulkner follows him with a fullish ball. Deflected fine on the leg side for four
Faulkner to Kulasekara, FOUR runs
Kulasekara sits back deep in the crease, this is really full on off. Kulasekara gets under it and lofts it over cover
Faulkner to Gunaratne, 1 run
Asela ventures across off stump, takes a back of a length ball on the leg stump and swats it away to deep square leg
Faulkner to Kulasekara, 1 run
slower yorker on the leg stump, back of the hand ball, the batsman backs away, and jams to cover
end of over 174 runs
SL: 126/7CRR: 7.41 • RRR: 16.00
Nuwan Kulasekara2 (3)
Asela Gunaratne45 (34)
Andrew Tye3-0-21-2
James Faulkner3-0-20-2
Tye to Kulasekara, 1 run
full-toss on off stump, Kulasekara aims a loft but toe-ends it in front of long-on
Tye to Kulasekara, no run
110ks very slow and outside off, Kula is through with the big shot well before the ball arrived
Tye to Gunaratne, 1 run
fullish and on off, Asela eyes up the leg side with a big swipe, the ball takes the bottom edge and wanders away to fine leg
Tye to Gunaratne, 2 runs
full offcutter outside off or the knuckle ball, sliced it off the outside half over backward point
Tye to Gunaratne, no run
short and wide outside off past the tramline, not called a wide. Faulkner gets away. That was left alone by Asela
Tye to Gunaratne, no run
full, a yorker in fact on off, jammed onto the pitch