20 | 9 Runs | HKG: 169/5 | RR: 8.45

  • Ehsan Khan29 (22b)
  • Shahid Wasif2 (4b)
  • Kevin O'Brien4-0-39-1
  • Craig Young4-0-56-1

With that Hong Kong's innings comes to an end. Built on the clean hitting of Nizakat Khan and Babar Hayat. With a little flourish in the end from Ehsan Khan. They have set Ireland a target which you would have to say is above par for this ground. Nizakat Khan is having a fantastic series over here and his fifty today was very well deserved again.

For Ireland this new bowlers, Little and Mulder did very well. It was the experienced Young and O'Brien that took the brunt of the punishment. With Young's four overs going for 56.

This is going to be a target that you would think would be a real stretch for this Ireland side. Looks like we are going to have some big hitting to look forward to. So join me again in 15 minutes for the Ireland Innings.

Match State: Innings Break

Welcome back, the players are ready to return to the field. The bell has rung. So here they come.

O'Brien to Ehsan Khan, 2 runs, Ehsan drives the ball through the covers and Porterfield manages to get a hand to the ball. It allows the long-off fielder to catch up with the ball and stop the boundary.
O'Brien to Ehsan Khan, 1 wide, O'Brien is trying to keep the ball out of the batsman's reach and its too wide for the Umpires liking
O'Brien to Ehsan Khan, no run, wide outside off-stump and Ehsan stumbles over as he looks to clip the ball into the legside. Tucker takes off the baails but Ehsan was still in the crease

Ireland 2nd innings Partnerships

5WTS PorterfieldDA Rankin
5DA RankinSP Terry
14DA RankinJNK Shannon
0KJ O'BrienJNK Shannon
59GJ ThompsonKJ O'Brien
31GJ ThompsonAR McBrine
8GJ ThompsonLJ Tucker
3LJ TuckerJ Mulder
2JB LittleJ Mulder
2CA YoungJB Little