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Best performances - Batsmen

J Charles
43(25) 5x4 - 2x6
Control %52%
  • Productive Shot
  • pull
  • 20 runs
  • 3x4 - 1x6
2 12 1 0 2 4 6 16
LMP Simmons
LMP Simmons
19(19) 3x4 - 0x6
Control %85%
  • Productive Shot
  • cut shot
  • 8 runs
  • 2x4 - 0x6
0 0 1 4 10 2 0 2

Best performances - Bowlers

A Mishra
R Ashwin
R Ashwin

Match Details


India , elected to field first

Series result

West Indies won the 2-match series 1-0

Match number


Hours of play (local time)

10.00 start, First Session 10.00-11.25, Interval 11.25-11.45, Second Session 11.45-13.10

Match days

28 August 2016 (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Commentator: Shashank Kishore

2 | 7 Runs | INDIA: 15/0 (129 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 7.50, RRR: 7.16)

  • Rohit Sharma10 (8b)
  • Ajinkya Rahane4 (4b)
  • Samuel Badree1-0-7-0
  • Andre Russell1-0-7-0

Cracker yesterday, dampener today. That ends India's tour of West Indies and the United States of America. We're hearing some of players will be back to play in the Duleep Trophy final or perhaps even before that to gear up for a long home season that starts with the Tests against New Zealand in Kanpur on September 22. We, of course, will bring you unmatched coverage from there. Until next time, this is Shashank Kishore saying goodbye. Cheers!

MS Dhoni on the match: If you compare the two games, you'd wonder if we were playing on the same wicket. I'm not saying we would have definitely won, but a good batting effort would have seen us through after 140 odd. We took a bit of risk bringing Mishra in for Stuart Binny, and it paid off well. Mishra bowled exceedingly well and he was well supported by Ashwin.

Dhoni on playing in America: This is one place where we can come back and play cricket. A triangular or four-nation series. A tournament like that can give us more time to spend in the US. Yes, it will be a cramped schedule, but modern-day cricketers won't mind it. This is one place where spectators will come. The timing suits us. So it's a win-win situation. So it's a good venue to continue cricket.

Carlos Brathwaite: Indian bowlers executed their plans really well. We tried our best, but didn't get the score we wanted. But we always had full confidence in defending our total. For me as a young leader to know and lead the players is an exciting experience. We want to remain champions and entertain the West Indies crowd. Most definitely we would love to come here back again.

2.00pm It's all over. The match has been called off. "They're setting up the post-match presentation ads," says our man Peter. "Captains shaking hands. Still nothing has been communicated over the PA system to fans in the ground, but they've taken the hint and are leaving."

You could have almost seen this coming when they started this game 40 minutes late, when the conditions were totally perfect to play in, all because of satellite issues.

Ven: "I don't get this. Had the technical glitch happened after the start of play at 10AM EST would they have still stopped the play because the satellite feed and broadcasting are having issues? Play should never be stopped because of a technical broadcasting glitches. Very disappointed."

1.50pm The latest concern now is one of the painted/nailed-in advertising logos on the grass at the pavilion end behind bowlers run-ups. It looks too slick to be able to run across without risking injury so there is some concern being shown by officials looking over it now. The pitch itself is ready for play to resume, it's these problem areas in the outfield that are still holding things up.

1.40pm "MS Dhoni is now taking a stroll with Kumble around the 30-yard circle perimeter to test the footing," Peter pings. "The boundaries are totally dry but the 30-yard circle area is slow draining on this ground. Now both are joined in discussion by BCCI official Dr Sridhar. West Indies captain Carlos Brathwaite having a chat with the umpires right around the bowlers run-ups from the pavilion end. That area is what will prevent play if they can't restart"

1.30pm Peter is back with an update from Lauderhill. "Rain stopped about 30 minutes ago, but they're being very cautious taking off the covers for run-ups. There are no super soppers here. Only covers for the pitch and run-ups. Umpires are walking around the run-ups now twirling umbrellas and sticking them in and out of the ground to see how dry it is or isn't.

Clearly there's lot of anger and frustration among fans in the US, especially those who've bought tickets today. Sahil Prakash says: "If your target was the US market, then you shouldn't have delayed the start by 40 mins due to technical glitch. Your market clearly was the Indian market, as you didn't start the match if we couldn't watch the match. Not a good advertising in the US market for cricket. As much as the first T20 was so good to promote cricket in the US, this match has just negated all the good work done in the last match."

12.45pm Coming down steadily, I'm told. Ground staff can't move unless the rain relents. Overs will start getting reduced from here on.

Gurinder: "That 40 mins delay before the start is really hurting the spectators in the stadium. Unacceptable"

12.40pm Not looking good. The rain is coming, folks. The ground staff are ready on all sides to rush the covers in at the first droplet of rain. DLS par-score for India if they don't lose a wicket after five overs is 27. Indians are reluctantly walking off the field. This is just as a precaution, it looks like. They're not exactly rushing off the ground, but it has gotten really dark. The good thing tough is there is strong breeze blowing across. Overs will start getting reduced if we have a delay of more than 15 minutes. Very much a possibility given where the weather is coming from.

Rohan: "Great way to try and get a share of the US market: exorbitantly priced tickets, match not starting on time, no finish because of poor planning and artificial time constraints. Yes, that will surely lock in the American fans, NOT."

Peter Della Penna from the ground: "Bored fans now shouting at Mrs Dhoni behind me wanting her to pose for photos."

We would have comfortably got in the required numbers of overs and more had the start not been delayed. End result, if this is rained-off, would point to the weather. I'd say the satellite issues would have played a major part too. If we do have a washout, the fans who paid big money, upwards of USD 200 for certain sections of the stadium, would have every reason to be upset.

Arnab Kumar: "Feel sorry for those who had to pay through their nose for the tickets, but if not for big bucks from global broadcasting rights, these matches wouldn't have happened in the first place. So, lets stop complaining and move on P.S. A bunch of us had flown from NY to Port of Spain for the Test match last weekend, and were stuck in the hotel with the team for 2 days straight"

Kumar : "With regards to the day-night game argument , the recent CPL had matches extending to 3am in the morning for completing the game and overs reduction didn't come into play hours after the match was scheduled to end. "

MLB Advanced Media data miners are in Lauderhill hoping to bring sabermetrics from baseball to cricket. Will they have enough data to work with? Or will this end in a no-result to leave them short-changed?

Praveen: "Just shows if the match was not delayed for technical glitch we would have had a result!"

Jig: "Never understood the concept of reduced overs in T20. You have a whole day. Why not let two teams test their skills rather than allowing a some mathematical calculation finish off the game?"

Hammad Irshad: "People paid 200 USD for tickets?! That's more than any other sport here!" 250 in some cases.

Badree to Sharma, no run, too short but is lucky to get away with that as Rohit bunts it straight to cover
Badree to Rahane, 1 run, too short and drifting in to middle and leg, whipped wide of midwicket
Badree to Rahane, 2 runs, worked across the line towards wide long-on, once again both batsmen were keen to put pressure on the fielder and got back for the second without being stretched
Badree to Sharma, 1 run, once again leans forward and punches it with the spin to sweeper cover
Badree to Sharma, 2 runs, eased with the spin to deep cover, Rohit was alert to the possibility of the second as Dwayne Beavo was late to get off the blocks. Superb running

Dark. Really dark now. Badree is taking his time

Badree to Rahane, 1 run, drifts in full on middle, squeezed back past the bowler to mid-on

Badree from the other end

200 for Ashwin


Wickets by R Ashwin in T20s - the most by an India bowler. Keiron Pollard was his 200th dismissal in all T20s

Fifth time


No. of times R Ashwin has dismissed Lendl Simmons in T20s - equals the most he has dismissed any batsman. He's dismissed AB de Villiers also 5 times.



Runs conceded by Ravindra Jadeja off India's seventh over - the least in an over in this series so far.

Head to Head


India's win-loss record against West Indies in T20Is. They have a worse record only against NZ against whom they have lost all their five matches.