1st ODI, Bristol, May 5 2017, Ireland tour of England
(20/50 ov, target 127)
England won by 7 wickets (with 180 balls remaining)
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end of over 203 runs
ENG: 127/3CRR: 6.35 
Jonny Bairstow10 (15)
Joe Root49 (52)
Peter Chase8-0-44-3
Stuart Thompson3-0-30-0

3.05pm: It's been short and sweet, from an English perspective; a sour lolly to suck on for Ireland. But take heart, because there's Lord's on Sunday and the chance for redemption in one of the cathedrals of sport... Join us again for the second ODI, and enjoy your Friday afternoon. International cricket is back - we'll be here all summer. Cheerio!

2.55pm: Here we go with the presentations... Ireland captain William Porterfield: "The first five or six overs with the bat we looked like we could put a score on the board but we were in trouble once we lost Stirlo and Joyce. We knew there would be a bit of nibble [batting first] but we thought we could build a platform for the lads at the end. When it comes to this stage, games come thick and fast, it's more of a mental thing, to put yourself back on track. We've had a lot of support here today and they'll be there at Lord's, so we've got to out in a performance for them."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Very pleased, pretty convincing, we bowled one or two bad balls in the first ten overs but it was a good wicket, probably the best Bristol wicket we've played on, so losing the toss wasn't a bad thing. Adil today, it shows the threat legspin poses, turning it both ways, he's very threatening. [Mark Wood?] First game back it's important to get overs under your belt, manage the expectation, important he builds up momentum to the CT. [Rashid?] He's had a tough winter playing against high-calibre opposition, so to come back and show calmness and composure was great. I think we have a stiffer test with the SA series coming up, it's part and parcel of our preparation. Take nothing away from Ireland, they have the ability to beat any side, so we need to start again at Lord's. I think on any given day we probably do [know best XI], given one or two changes for conditions, that's important going into a competition."

Adil Rashid is Man of the Match for his career-best ODI figures: "I feel quite confident at the moment, feel pretty good. It's come from hard work in the nets and practice, knowing my fields, knowing how you feel on a good day and when you don't feel so good. [Favourite ball?] Sometimes it's the googly, sometimes the leggie, I just try and bowl my variations and feel comfortable with that."

2.45pm: That's what you call doing a professional number on the oppo. England wouldn't get much credit for anything other than a thumping - and that's what they have served up, Ireland dismissed for a paltry score in 33 overs and the chase mopped up before lunch. The whole match lasted just a wee bit beyond 50 overs, and Ireland have some work to do if they are going to save face in the second match of the series at Lord's on Sunday. We knew the Old Boys in Green were facing a transition period but they would have hoped to provide a stiffer challenge in their first match on English soil than this.

Chase to Bairstow, 1 run
pitched up and driven wide of mid-on - that's it, England win by seven wickets and there's not even time for an interval
Chase to Bairstow, no run
full in the channel, YJB pushes at it and gets an inside edge on to his front pad... Root stops him from doing something silly as Porterfield races in from backward point
Chase to Bairstow, no run
fired in full down the leg side, 83mph and thudding into the pads as Bairstow aims a glance unsuccessfully

One to go...

Chase to Root, 1 run
short ball, Root swivels to swipe another single through square leg
Chase to Root, no run
there's a dot, back of a length and defended on off stump

Two required from 11 balls

Chase to Bairstow, 1 run
length on the stumps and swished through midwicket on the pull
end of over 1918 runs
ENG: 124/3CRR: 6.52 • RRR: 0.09 • Need 3 runs from 30 overs
Joe Root48 (50)
Jonny Bairstow8 (11)
Stuart Thompson3-0-30-0
Peter Chase7-0-41-3

"Lunch with 6 to win someone said...I'm going with scores level after YJB gets out trying to end it in the grand manner," declares Andy

Thompson to Root, FOUR runs
oh, lovely shot, a back-foot square drive, on top of the bounce and that's the third boundary of the over, bringing England to within touching distance of victory
Thompson to Bairstow, 1 run
back of a length, clubbed out towards deep midwicket, off the toe of the bat for a single
Thompson to Bairstow, 1 no ball
chopped square from the crease... but Thompson had overstepped, so that'll be a free hit
Thompson to Bairstow, FOUR runs
full outside off, YJB steps into a princely straight drive, fine of mid-off and that's four more - target being reeled in, single figures now
Thompson to Root, 3 runs
more runs, overpitched and threaded through the covers, holds up just short of the rope
Thompson to Root, FOUR runs
slides on to the pads and Root just needs a tickle of bat on it to pick up four to fine leg
Thompson to Bairstow, 1 run
tip and run into the covers, beats the throw at the non-striker's end

Stuart Thompson back on. England have three overs to score 21 runs and avoid putting everyone into 45 minutes of limbo... Or Ireland could take seven wickets, I suppose

end of over 187 runs
ENG: 106/3CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 0.65 • Need 21 runs from 30 overs
Jonny Bairstow2 (7)
Joe Root37 (47)
Peter Chase7-0-41-3
Tim Murtagh6-1-33-0

"TV saying they're extending by four overs in case of a result. Presumably it's also to make sure they get the minimum of 20 overs in, in case somehow the weather forecasters get it horribly wrong." I don't think it's anywhere near that joined up, Joel... But we'll give them the benefit of the doubt

Chase to Bairstow, 1 run
bouncer from Chase, doesn't get up that high and it's swatted to deep square leg for one more
Chase to Bairstow, no run
back of a length and tapped down short into the off side
Chase to Root, 1 run
short outside off, Root is up on his toes to cut down and in front of point
Chase to Root, FOUR runs
edged but short of slip and it runs away for four! Decent bowling from Chase, in the corridor and Root was a little flat-footed but he played softly and it scuttled away low through the hands for four
Chase to Bairstow, 1 run
short delivery, Bairstow pulls firmly and picks up his first run to deep midwicket - that's the England 100, too
Chase to Bairstow, no run
length ball on the stumps, pushed towards mid-on

On we go, England have four overs to try and wrap this up

end of over 17Maiden
ENG: 99/3CRR: 5.82 • RRR: 0.84 • Need 28 runs from 30 overs
Joe Root32 (45)
Jonny Bairstow0 (3)
Tim Murtagh6-1-33-0
Peter Chase6-0-34-3

"Billy Root outdoing this brother. On 82 with 8 balls of the innings remaining and finished on 107*." There's more than one Root to victory in this game, Stefan...

Murtagh to Root, no run
pitched up and clipped into the leg side, midwicket cuts it off - that's a maiden, with England stuck on 99
Murtagh to Root, no run
touch short, drops back on off, clips to mid-on... another dot, Root in no hurry. Maybe he just fancies some scoff?
Murtagh to Root, no run
Murtagh nagging away around off stump, 76mph and punched on the up, this time he finds mid-off
Murtagh to Root, no run
short outside off, Root sits back and stabs the ball to cover