Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 4 Runs | SA: 328/5 (3 runs required, RR: 6.56)

  • Chris Morris35 (22b)
  • David Miller71 (51b)
  • Mark Wood10-0-47-0
  • Jake Ball10-0-81-0

England win by two runs and go 2-0 up in the series. What a finish! South Africa will wonder how they did get over the line after Miller and Morris did so well. But England - Ball and Wood - did not concede more than a single off the last 10 balls of the innings. There are bigger fish to fry over the next few weeks, but South Africa have head in hands and England are lapping up the applause from the crowd.

John: "Hey Andrew,just wondering how many comments you've got with 'C' word in them in the last 5 minutes" Oh, a few.

Let's just recap: England made 330, based around Ben Stokes' century and Jos Buttler finished things off. As at Headingley, South Africa were well placed in the chase but England managed to get AB de Villiers and Quinton de Kock close together. While Morris and Miller cut loose, it appeared the wicket of Farhaan Behardien might have done more harm than good for England.

Imran: "Hey Andrew, and how many comments you've about Behardien's selection or his inning in them in the last 5 minutes ??" Almost as many as the 'c' word!

JT: "Bravo, Woody. Ice cool."

I'll bring you the presentation in a moment...AB de Villiers "I thought the boys played so well at the end, England got their plans well at the end. Unfortunate we didn't get across the line, but proud of the effort. We lost myself and Quinny together so it could have been easier, but we batted very deep. We were a little careless [in the field] and there was a bit of faulty thinking. There were probably four or five overs that went too big and cost us the game. I can't be unhappy, we fought right to end and probably had it in the back for most of that last half hour."

Eoin Morgan "Those are the sorts of games you really want to win. You learn a lot more. The game got away from us quite a lot. Woody was awesome. The tournament is bound to be pretty tight so this sort of prep is ideal. We are always trying to improve, Wood and Ball were using different skills than they usually would. The conditions we batted under this morning it was pretty difficult to get going."

Man of the Match is Ben Stokes "It just shows what a bit of pace on the ball can do. Rabada and Morris show it as well, hard to strike 90mph cleanly. You want to be in those situations. Woody, the nerve he showed, to defend seven was an amazing effort. A massive confidence booster. The bowling is getting effected by the knee, got a few more scans coming up, batting and fielding is fine. It's nice to hit the ball well, to have form behind you. Hopefully we can continue this form."

Phew! Well, that just about wraps things up for today. A fantastic all-round game of cricket. Thanks for joining us and we'll be back for the final ODI at Lord's on Monday - we'll also have coverage of India's warm-up match against New Zealand tomorrow. For now, from Andrew Miller and Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye.

Wood to Morris, 1 leg bye, England have done it! What a final over from Wood. It's back of a length, Morris heaves across the line and it rebounds off his back leg to the off side

Goodness me. South Africa need four off the last ball to win. What an effort from Wood

Wood to Morris, no run, dot ball! And an appeal for a gloved pull. Was a short ball, very well directed, not called wide. Oh, the drama. Did it clip the arm?

Wood has done very well here...4 off 2 needed. Still one blow for Morris

Wood to Miller, 1 run, that's out of the screws, but only a single as the pull shot races to deep square...nearly took the square leg umpire

5 off 3

Wood to Miller, no run, dot ball! Short of a length, follows the batsman as he moves outside leg, beats the top edge

Still in hand for South Africa

Wood to Morris, 1 run, short again, pulled to long leg...was struck sweetly but almost straight at the fielder
Wood to Miller, 1 run, short, down the leg side, pulled to long leg...fielder quickly on it, so just the single

So, 7 off 6 needed. Any late drama?

49 | 13 Runs | SA: 324/5 (7 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.61, RRR: 7.00)

  • Chris Morris34 (19b)
  • David Miller69 (48b)
  • Jake Ball10-0-81-0
  • Mark Wood9-0-44-0
Ball to Morris, no run, full, swings across the line, an appeal for lbw as he scuttles through to the keeper...inside edge
Ball to Miller, 1 leg bye, fuller, swings across the line, takes the back leg and deflects towards backward point and, in fact, England are reviewing for the lbw. High on the back leg, heading leg side. Going over leg stump
Ball to Morris, 1 run, another short ball, Morris takes his eyes of it but manages to pull to long leg

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st56HM AmlaQ de Kock
2nd37F du PlessisQ de Kock
3rd96AB de VilliersQ de Kock
4th22DA MillerQ de Kock
5th55F BehardienDA Miller
6th62DA MillerCH Morris