Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.34pm So, that'll do for tonight. Cheers for your comments, see you on Thursday for the second ODI at Trent Bridge.

No surprises, the man of the match is Jonny Bairstow. "I said to Stokesy halfway down, not again," after getting 99 here in the Test match. "It seems a long time ago I made my debut in one-day cricket, but with the strength in depth of the England side, opportunities are so few and far between. It's why we've gone on to make scores of 400."

8.28pm Time for some presentations. Here's Jason Holder to talk through his defeat. "We were probably 30-40 runs, but we didn't bowl as well as we should. We leaked boundaries. We needed to rotate the strike, it's been an area of concern for a while. We lost wickets at crucial stages, and that doesn't help with momentum. But with runs on the board we should have given a better account of ourselves."

Eoin Morgan: "We adapted well to the conditions, we executed exceptionally well to give us a relatively easy target. Adil, he bowled exceptionally well today, the unit as a whole put in a good benchmark for the series.

On Bairstow: "Being there at the end epitomises how hungry he is to be a part of the eleven."

8.24pm West Indies, of course, have now missed their final opportunity to secure automatic qualification for the World Cup. The show's not over, of course, but they'll now need to battle with the likes of Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Only two can make it all the way... dicey times for the two-times champions.

8.16pm So, that is that. England win by seven wickets, with oodles to spare. Not a lot for West Indies to take away from that beating, to be honest. Some signs of life from Gayle at the top of the order, and Holder at the death. But they never really threatened to defend a mediocre total.

Akshit: "A hundred by Bairstow against weakest of bowling attacks wont close doors for Roy right away, right?" No, but it's not exactly going to open them in a hurry either

Amogh K: "Not Root, but YJB is the run-machine in this team. Plays at any position, keeps wickets, performs in all 3 formats, always smiles. Take a bow mate"

Nurse to Stokes, SIX runs, tonk! Into the stands to win the match! Stokes had been itching to cut loose, and finally has full licence. High and mighty over mid-on, and England have cruised to a crushing win
Nurse to Stokes, 2 runs, flicked to leg, a fumble at midwicket, and this game is all but cooked
Nurse to Bairstow, 3 runs, crashed through the covers, is this it? They run one, turn for two, there's a slip, but yes, back he comes, it's a century for Jonny Bairstow! He had to earn his opportunity and how he has seized it!
Nurse to Bairstow, no run, leans back for a swipe through the covers. Could have taken the single, but not sure he trusts his team-mate's intentions!
Nurse to Bairstow, no run, forward, punched to cover

30 | 13 Runs | ENG: 199/3 (6 runs required from 11.1 overs, RR: 6.63, RRR: 0.50)

  • Ben Stokes15 (8b)
  • Jonny Bairstow97 (94b)
  • Kesrick Williams6-0-50-2
  • Ashley Nurse8-0-37-0

Alex Sterba: "No 6's in the entire match. Could have got pretty good odds on that before the match I'd say..." Lucky you didn't!

Williams to Stokes, SIX runs, panned down the ground! Stokes is bored now, and thunks a wide one mightily over long-off! The onus on Bairstow to get a wriggle on now!
Williams to Bairstow, 1 run, uppercut! Delicately played, but not quite fine enough to beat third man. Didn't carry to him either, mind you ...

JH: "Is it me or does Malan in this side instead of one of the bowlers make this a much stronger side?" It's just you. Next!

Williams to Stokes, 1 run, full length, full face of the bat, and they scamper the single to mid-off. Stokes wears the shy on his leg as he hustles through the crease too

Yoel: "The only way to get this match interesting now is to have Samuels bowl" Valid

Williams to Bairstow, 1 run, on the pads, whittled into the leg side
Williams to Bairstow, FOUR runs, outside off, a squirty drive, and it's squirted all the way to the third man boundary! That'll help!

Rajindra: "I am a frustrated Sri Lanka fan. Windies are my favorites other than Sri Lanka since 1970s. I always wished Windies when they play others except Sri Lanka. Today, first time in my life I am praying Windies be lost to England. But if they lose this, then I will pray for for their victory in all other 4 matches. " Defeat here, and Sri Lanka confirm their automatic place in the World Cup. West Indies head for the qualifiers

Williams to Bairstow, no run, outside off, punched to cover

29 | 3 Runs | ENG: 186/3 (19 runs required from 11.1 overs, RR: 6.41, RRR: 1.46)

  • Jonny Bairstow91 (90b)
  • Ben Stokes8 (6b)
  • Ashley Nurse8-0-37-0
  • Kesrick Williams5-0-37-2
Nurse to Bairstow, 1 run, a hoick down the ground, dragged from outside off to long-on, Bairstow keeps the strike

Arthur: "Re. 24.4 - "a few fewer wides". Isn't "a few fewer", "more"?" Err... yes, no, maybe. I'm confused now

Nurse to Stokes, 1 run, inside-edged defence into the leg side, they jog the single

Bairstow's first


Previous highest score for Bairstow in ODIs. He scored his maiden hundred in this match.

Bairstow opening


No. of times Bairstow has opened in his International career, including today. He had opened v Pak CT as well and scored 43. He scored 174 (113) opening in Royal London One-Day Cup this season.

Stokes' show


No. of better bowling figures for Stokes in ODIs than the 3 for 43 in today's game. He dismissed Hope and Samuels in his first spell.

Chris' comeback


Last time Chis Gayle appeared for West Indies in ODIs, which was in the World Cup.