Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.30pm: England were apparently having a team meeting, after all that has gone on over the last few days, so we won't be hearing from them. It's been an eventful night in south London, as Miller's match report sets out. Thanks for tuning in, we'll be back for one last time (this summer) on Friday. Stay away from students bars in the meantime... Bye!

8.25pm: Some soggy presentations on the balcony at The Oval, with Evin Lewis confirmed as Man of the Match for his 176 - although he can't be there to collect it, since he has fractured his ankle. Jason Holder, West Indies' captain, picks it up his Lewis' behalf: "It was outstanding by Evin, he set the tone and kept the momentum, it was unfortunate we lost him when we did but it was an outstanding innings. He had to adjust, the situation asked him to. He's one of those players that when he gets in he goes big, he showed that today. [Joseph five-for] We always knew the potential of Alzarri, he bowled well today, got us back in with wickets, he had the impact we needed. Hopefully we can get some good things from him in future. [Fancied chances?] It's difficult to say, it's not often a guy scores 170, a guy gets five wickets and you lose. Jos Buttler and Moeen Aliu really hurt us at the end. [Knew DLS calculations?] We were aware but we weren't able to stem the blow of runs and that dropped catch by Marlon was crucial."

8.13pm: Play abandoned - England win by six runs (DLS) and seal the series. The umpires have unfortunately decided they won't be getting back out tonight, which means West Indies won't get a chance to finish off the job. They had England by the short-and-curlies at 181 for 5 but couldn't stop Jos Buttler and Moeen Ali rattling off like a couple of charioteers before the forecast rain arrived at The Oval. A big, fat One That Got Away for Jason Holder's side, who are now 3-0 down with one to play, at the Ageas Bowl on Friday.

"What a shame it was well set up by Butler and Ali with West Indies always in with a chance to make it interesting getting a wicket or two. It's mid night in India, shall I sleep though I'm not working tomorrow? What say Mr. Gardner?" Help yourself to a root beer and stick around for the presentations, Kaushik. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere

8.10pm: The umpires are heading out at The Oval, we could be in for a final call. "Still mizzling," says Miller. Rod Tucker and Rob Bailey have the brollies up...

Here's Rajiv Guliani: "I am surprised by WI tactics, knowing that it would rain, why didn't they continue with Joseph to bowl 2 more of his remaining overs, he was bowling beautifully." Indeed, another wicket could have been crucial

"What a star Moeen has been with the bat," opines James. "150 off 82 balls in the last 2 games for one wicket. "

8pm: Still pelting down in Kennington. But we do have an update on Evin Lewis, who has suffered a hairline fracture of his right ankle and will, needless to say, miss the final match of the series on Friday. I guess, weirdly, that another endorsement of just how hard he hits the ball...

Anyway, while we await further news, some recommended reading: It's been a year since he was dropped from the Test side, so James Vince's Ashes recall has taken him by surprise.

"Actually Andy, meteorologically, it has been Autumn for almost 4 weeks," pipes up Mark, "Astronomically it's been Autumn for several days now too. Don't blame the English summer!"

7.45pm: "Steady mizzle here," reports Miller from the ground. "The crowd are doing one, more covers coming on." Sorry to say it, West Indies fans, but this looks like the series down the gurgler, despite the heroics of Evin and Alzarri

"If the weather is anything like Manchester the rain has set in for the evening I'm afraid. This was boiling up nicely too." Thanks for confirming it's grim up north, James. Pretty grim dahn saarf Lahndan, too

Here's Dez: "Despite being English, and a fan of Roy - Lewis has to be MOM whatever the result!" I don't think anyone would argue with that

7.40pm: The weather has set in, from the looks of it, with a cut-off of 8.45pm. It would be a great shame if rain has the final say - though, unfortunately, there doesn't seem much optimism around for things clearing up. If England squeak it on DLS, West Indies will be only the third team to have a centurion and a player take five-for and lose in the history of ODIs.

Here's Andy J: "Followed commentary all the way home after work. Just sat down to watch the conclusion and bam, off they go. Gotta love the English 'summer'!"

And now the umpires take them off! England have edged their way in front thanks to a stand of 77 in eight overs between Buttler and Moeen, the covers are coming on and we will have to wait and see whether this match is going to suffer a watery fate

"Brilliant batting by England - now DON'T LOSE A WICKET," yells Burli. Yes, that would change the equation... If England are six down, the DLS par score at the end of the 36th over shoots up to 272

Joseph to Buttler, 2 runs, slower ball, Buttler moves across and tickles it off his pads

Looks fairly persistent rainfall, but on we go, Alzarri Joseph to bowl

35 | 11 Runs | ENG: 256/5 | RR: 7.31

  • Moeen Ali48 (25b)
  • Jos Buttler41 (34b)
  • Jerome Taylor7-0-48-0
  • Miguel Cummins6-0-49-0

England are now ahead on DLS, the par score five down at this stage is 252. The rain is falling at the ground, but not heavy enbough for the umpires to take them off. DLS at the end of the next over is 255, by the way

Taylor to Ali, FOUR runs, low full toss, swinging a touch, 86mph and Moeen whups it through the covers, the crowd cheers for the single... and it skids all the way for four!
Taylor to Ali, no run, full outside off, 85mph and Moeen squirts it straight to backward point

The DLS par score at the end of the over is 252... and it has started to rain!

Taylor to Buttler, 1 run, fired in full, Buttler again plinks a single into the leg side
Taylor to Ali, 1 run, pitched up and this time Moeen tips and runs towards mid-off

"Please bring back Joseph, these two can hurt them seriously," pleads Kunal

Taylor to Ali, FOUR runs, full and wide of off, in the slot and Moeen drills it over mid-off, Holder throwing himself in vain! England are flying here, got the Big Mo on their side again!
Taylor to Buttler, 1 run, pitched up and turned off the pads into the leg side for another single

Holder knows England's game... WI need a wicket, here. Jerome Taylor on

34 | 15 Runs | ENG: 245/5 (8 runs required from 7 balls, RR: 7.20, RRR: 6.85)

  • Moeen Ali39 (21b)
  • Jos Buttler39 (32b)
  • Miguel Cummins6-0-49-0
  • Jason Holder9-0-52-0

England are only three runs behind the DLS par score of 248

Cummins to Ali, FOUR runs, pitched up and flayed through the covers for four more! Moeen crunches a half-volley to the cover fence
Cummins to Buttler, 1 run, angled in, turned to the leg side for one
Cummins to Buttler, FOUR runs, full and straight, Buttler shimmies and ramps - and sends it fine for four! Takes the yorker and sticks a flake it in
Cummins to Ali, 1 run, pitched up and Moeen slugs hard again, thick-edges down to third man for one
Cummins to Ali, FOUR runs, full outside off, Moeen flashes hard and Samuels can't grab it at backward point! Not sure he even got a hand on it, the ball was travelling... Tecnically a drop, though
Cummins to Buttler, 1 run, short ball, 84mph as Buttler walks down and pulls, gets a glove into the leg side

Hello again... This one's going all the way. Isn't it? Although rain might well be near. Miguel Cummins returns to bowl

33 | 6 Runs | ENG: 230/5 (23 runs required from 13 balls, RR: 6.96, RRR: 10.61)

  • Moeen Ali30 (18b)
  • Jos Buttler33 (29b)
  • Jason Holder9-0-52-0
  • Ashley Nurse3-0-39-0

Right, to take you to the end of this, however it comes, here's Alan

Holder to Ali, no run, well bowled, angled in at Moeen who can only push it back to Holder...good over
Holder to Ali, no run, a loopy full toss slower ball, gets away with it as Moeen drives to cover

Simon: "Argh, just about to get on a plane, can you tell these two to get on with it? Boarding has started."

Holder to Buttler, 1 run, excellent delivery, an off-stump yorker, can only dig it out to backward point

Unleashing sixes


No. of sixes hit by Evin Lewis, all coming after the completion of century, in just 36 balls. He had hit no sixes till his century in 94 balls.

Record stand


Previous biggest 5th wicket partnership for West Indies in ODIs, between Darren Bravo and Pollard v SA last year. Lewis and Holder have went past that stand.