Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 244/4 (2 runs required, RR: 12.20)

  • KL Rahul110 (51b)
  • Dwayne Bravo4-0-37-2
  • Andre Russell4-0-53-1

Knackered, folks, but these are the kind of games that give you an ultimate kick. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Do join us on Sunday for what we hope would be another cracker in Lauderhill. Until then, be well. Cheers!

Not often do you see MS Dhoni so upset on the field, but his body language tells you a story. Spare a thought for KL Rahul, who did everything one could possibly do bring the chase back into the realms of possibility. West Indies have stolen this from under India's nose. They looked dead and buried going into the last over, but it simply reiterated how the tide can turn very quickly. Couple of dots were enough to build pressure and eventually force a mistake. Six years ago, this situation could have perhaps been a walk in the park for Dhoni. Irrespective, we couldn't have asked for a better contest to kick off India's tryst with America. Hats off to the fans for making this a contest to remember. Amidst the end-result and Rahul's glorious century, we must not forget Evin Lewis and Johnson Charles, who set this up so beautifully with a blitzkrieg of their own.

Carlos Brathwaite: When Bravo said he was bowling a slower ball at the end, I told him that he had my backing. But in my mind I was thinking 'really?'. We never do things easy, but we held our nerve. We couldn't quite tell who was the home team. It was a great game of cricket.

Evin Lewis is the Player of the Match for his 49-ball 100.

MS Dhoni: It was an amazing game. We couldn't have expected more from the batting unit. The last ball, the thinking was right but the execution was wrong. Everything is judged by execution. We did most things right. Whenever there was a partnership, we kept the asking rate at just 12. I felt Rahul was outstanding throughout. The others too were superb because it's not always easy to chase down 250. A win would have been perfect, but there were so many things we did right today.

"With nine runs to go, I said we didn't have anything to lose. I'd like to test my skills in these kinds of situations," says a triumphant Dwayne Bravo. "We know what MS can do. He can finish off the game with one hit. I wanted to ensure the first ball didn't go for a boundary. I wanted to keep my composure and back my skills with the two balls: the slower one and the yorker. We wanted to keep midwicket in to prevent him from just hitting it towards that region. I was a touch apprehensive to bowl the slower delivery, but then I saw MS walking across and so bowled it and it worked out."

Bravo to Dhoni, OUT, would you believe it? A tame dismissal for Dhoni as he slices a slower deliver to short third man. It looked like Dhoni tried to bunt the ball into the off side for two, but the ball gripped, which meant there was that much more bounce as the ball lobbed off the edge to the fielder. What a game we've had. Marlon Samuels put down a sitter off the first ball of this over, redeems himself this time under pressure. Bravo takes off on his champion dance

MS Dhoni c Samuels b Bravo 43 (53m 25b 2x4 2x6) SR: 172.00

Is a Super Over on the cards? Rahul has done his bit. Can Dhoni finish off? Bravo is taking his time. Chants of 'Dhoni, Dhoni'. Midwicket has come in to prevent Dhoni from turning it off his pads and steal two. Pollard and Brathwaite are in a mid-pitch conference

Bravo to Dhoni, 2 runs, two is the call, two it will be. Perfectly speared yorker on off stump, Dhoni looks to drill it back past the bowler, but just manages to get underneath it. Bravo puts his hand out and in the process deflects the ball, which meant the long-on fielder had that much more distance to run forward before cutting it off
Bravo to Rahul, 1 run, low full toss on middle and leg, Rahul mistimes a wild slog towards long-on, but the fielder is on the ball as he sprints in to keep it down to a single
Bravo to Dhoni, 1 leg bye, swings leg side, but the ball deflects off the pad to the leg side and they take a run. It's not over yet
Bravo to Rahul, 1 run, backs away and drills a full-length delivery on middle towards sweeper cover
Bravo to Dhoni, 1 run, what have I just seen? Fair to term it a sitter of sitters. Dhoni swings wildly but gets a thick edge towards Marlon Samuels, who fails to account for the swirling ball and grasses the opportunity. What should have been a dot and a wicket is now a run that gets the in-form batsman on strike

Can Bravo bowl a Champion over? Dhoni on strike

19 | 16 Runs | INDIA: 238/3 (8 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 12.52, RRR: 8.00)

  • KL Rahul108 (49b)
  • MS Dhoni40 (21b)
  • Andre Russell4-0-53-1
  • Dwayne Bravo3-0-32-1
Russell to Rahul, 2 runs, angles a yorker-length delivery on the pads, worked behind square on the leg side. There was no way Dhoni was settling for anything but a single there
Russell to Rahul, 2 runs, Rahul is in a bit of a hurry to rest his toes, it looks like. Backs away and squeezes him towards deep cover, comfortably back or the second
Russell to Rahul, 1 wide, banged in short, but well down the leg side. Rahul takes him on but misses. Russell is disgusted with that call from the umpire
Russell to Rahul, FOUR runs, wow! What power, what timing. Make no mistake, this was a proper cricketing shot. Backed away to hit that length ball inside-out over extra cover, one bounce into the ropes. Sublime, sensational
Russell to Rahul, SIX runs, what a way to bring up your century! KL Rahul, take a bow. The confidence with which he has played his shots has been astounding. Backs away, and opens the bat face late to carve it over the infield. Third man had no chance. Maiden T20I century
Russell to Rahul, no run, excellent short ball outside off, Rahul sways out of the way thinking it'd be called wide. Fair call from the umpire

Two quiet deliveries and this could get interesting

Russell to Dhoni, 1 run, called two even as he hit it, deep midwicket comes around swiftly to keep that down to a single.

18 | 9 Runs | INDIA: 222/3 (24 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 12.33, RRR: 12.00)

  • MS Dhoni39 (20b)
  • KL Rahul94 (44b)
  • Dwayne Bravo3-0-32-1
  • Andre Russell3-0-37-1
Bravo to Dhoni, 1 run, slower and fuller outside off, squeezed to the right of point for a single. Excellent over under the circumstances
Bravo to Rahul, 1 leg bye, that is an outstanding yorker that has jammed Rahul flush on his toe as he is thrown off balance. Rahul's bat flies elsewhere as he falls on the turf, but they somehow get across for a leg bye. Rahul was flat on his face. Bravo appealed but the impact was outside off. He was also a couple of strides down the pitch.
Bravo to Dhoni, 1 run, slower length ball on off stump, bunted wide of point
Bravo to Dhoni, 2 runs, slower delivery on middle and leg, Dhoni works it towards deep midwicket and scampers back for the second. Mere eye contact was enough for them to take the chance and complete the second quite easily

Devendra: "Doubt many yanks are going to confuse this with a baseball match. These guys have hit more "home runs" than in a complete baseball season!"

Bravo to Dhoni, no run, drilled straight to the man at the edge of the circle at cover
Bravo to Dhoni, FOUR runs, why would you want to try something away from the norm at this situation? Looks to spear in a yorker, but it ends up turning out to be a full toss on the pads which is flicked nonchalantly into the fine leg boundary

India favourites now. How the table has turned. Two key overs from Bravo coming up. A six off his next delivery could give Rahul the record for the fastest T20I ton

17 | 20 Runs | INDIA: 213/3 (33 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 12.52, RRR: 11.00)

  • KL Rahul94 (43b)
  • MS Dhoni31 (15b)
  • Andre Russell3-0-37-1
  • Kieron Pollard3-0-30-1
Russell to Rahul, SIX runs, bye bye ball! Rahul gives Russell a taste of his own medicine. Once again he errs by bowling a length ball outside off and Rahul swipes him across the line to send that soaring over deep midwicket. Magnificent
Russell to Dhoni, 1 run, full ball that tails back into middle, worked towards long-on, a tired Rahul doesn't want to risk the second

The time it has taken for them to retrieve the ball is enough for both batsmen to have a quick sip of energy drink

Russell to Dhoni, SIX runs, magnificent MS! He clearly saw this coming, or so it seemed. Walks across the stumps to fetch Russell's wide length delivery and dispatch it over the stands at deep midwicket. Wow, what a hit that. The ball bounced off the stands into the car park.
Russell to Dhoni, no run, hit hard, but on the bounce to Simmons at the edge of the circle at cover
Russell to Dhoni, SIX runs, vintage MSD! Length ball on off stump, the bat speed Dhoni generated with that swung could have turned turbines to produce electricity! Wow. The ball simply sailed way into the stands at long-on. He was swinging across the line, but if you can do it like Dhoni, you have to have strong muscles

Runs, runs and more runs


The match aggregate, the highest in any T20 game; the previous best was 469, in a Super Kings v Royals game in IPL 2010

Super-quick Rahul


Balls for KL Rahul's century, the second fastest in T20Is, just one ball behind the record of 45, by South Africa's Richard Levi

Quick ton


Balls for Lewis' century, the 5th fastest in T20Is; the quickest is off 45 balls, by Richard Levi, while Gayle's 47-ball ton v Eng is fastest for WI

When Lewis walloped Binny


Runs conceded by Binny in the 11th over, the joint 2nd highest in any T20I, after Broad's 36 v India in 2007

A 10-over high


WI's score after 10 overs, the highest by any team batting first in T20I history. The previous best was 131, by SA v Eng, Centurion, 2009

Windies' Powerplay


WI's total after six overs, the most runs ever conceded by India in a T20I Powerplay. WI's highest is 86, v SA in Jo'burg in 2015

All change for T20


Players from the current WI XI who also played the Test series - Samuels and Brathwaite

The bat-first advantage


Win-loss record for teams batting first in the 4 previous T20Is at Lauderhill. The average for teams batting first is 151