Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's all we have from this game. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. The second ODI takes place on Sunday, but there is plenty of cricket to look forward to before that. Afghanistan and Bangladesh face off in the series finale. And of course, there's the India-New Zealand Test from Kolkata. Hope to see you soon, Cheers!

Azhar Ali: It was a wonderful team effort. The last few games have been good for us. The ball wasn't coming on well in the afternoon, but Sarfaraz and Babar batted gave us a good score. 287 was a good score on this pitch. We are trying to find the right combination and trying to bat deep as well, which is very important in one-day cricket. Fitness levels are also going up, so we are starting to tick the boxes. Limited-overs cricket is always a young man's game, so the way they (the youngsters) are absorbing pressure and delivering is heartening to see. Every game, we talk about needing to come out with the right attitude, hopefully we can keep doing that. We are focusing on improving ourselves and playing good cricket. We know what areas we need to improve and the coaching staff is working on it. If we can keep improving, we can win more games and our ranking will also improve.

Jason Holder: We struggled to build any momentum. I think it is difficult for them to just come out and hit, they are always under pressure. We need to set it up well and of the top four batsmen, at least two of them need to bat deep. It was a good pitch to bat on, Babar Azam showed that. It was unfortunate, the way we batted, I thought we bowled pretty well. We need to put things right with the bat. Definitely, Benn and Sunil Narine are two seasoned spinners for us, they are top-class spinners who not only bowled well, they chipped in with the bat as well.

Babar Azam is the Player of the Match for his maiden ODI century: He's clearly a man of few words. "I had the confidence and I had planned on playing all 50 overs. I kept myself calm and told myself I should go till the end."

10.55pm Pakistan put together a perfect all-round performance. They were given the first shot at batting on a dry track and Babar Azam razed them with his first international century. Pakistan did lose some ground after Azam's dismissal and a floodlight failure that led to a brief stoppage. But as it turned out, it proved to be more than enough. West Indies' response was tame and they were tied up in knots by the Pakistan spinners. Mohammad Amir and Hasan Ali opened the gates by dismissing the openers and Mohammad Nawaz scythed through their line-up with three quick wickets. From there, it was always uphill for West Indies, and as it turned out, they couldn't come anywhere close to the target. They showed poor application, but that's not to take anything away from Pakistan's bowlers. With the win, Pakistan have moved ahead of India and have the second most number of ODI wins for any country, behind Australia.

Hasan Ali to Gabriel, OUT, slower ball does it. Good length and Hasan rolled his fingers over the seam. Gabriel doesn't move his feet and tentatively sticks his bat out. The ball keeps a bit low and goes through the gate

ST Gabriel b Hasan Ali 2 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Hasan Ali to Gabriel, no run, teases him with a fuller ball on the fourth or fifth stump channel, Gabriel responds with a big swipe across the line and doesn't connect
Hasan Ali to Gabriel, no run, short of a length outside off, flat-bats it to mid-on where Nawaz dives to make the save. Jars his knee into the turf and hurts himself in the process
Hasan Ali to Benn, 1 run, fired on the leg stump, goes for the big slog but can't make any decent connection, inside-edges it to the pads

38 | 2 Runs | WI: 174/9 (113 runs required from 10.2 overs, RR: 4.57, RRR: 10.27)

  • Sulieman Benn15 (18b)
  • Shannon Gabriel2 (5b)
  • Mohammad Nawaz10-0-42-4
  • Hasan Ali5-0-13-2
Mohammad Nawaz to Benn, 1 run, goes for the pull again but it isn't short enough, he can only miscue it to long-on on the bounce
Mohammad Nawaz to Benn, no run, flatter again and short in length also. Benn shapes up for a pull but inside-edges it to his leg
Mohammad Nawaz to Benn, no run, flatter ball on the stumps, defends and the ball goes to the leg side, thinks of the single but decides against it
Mohammad Nawaz to Gabriel, 1 run, flatter ball, tucked behind square
Mohammad Nawaz to Gabriel, no run, gives it too much flight and bowls a full toss, Gabriel attempts a big slog but it's too slow and he can't make good connection, gets it to midwicket on the bounce
Mohammad Nawaz to Gabriel, no run, full and outside off, pushed back to the bowler

Nawaz back into the attack.. Can he get a five-for? Two slips in place..

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

27J CharlesKC Brathwaite
14DM BravoKC Brathwaite
13MN SamuelsDM Bravo
35MN SamuelsD Ramdin
10MN SamuelsKA Pollard
4MN SamuelsJO Holder
22MN SamuelsCR Brathwaite
10MN SamuelsSP Narine
31SJ BennSP Narine
9SJ BennST Gabriel